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Love, because you love them.

Article By: Livebecauseyoucan

"I will always love you" are her last words.

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"Freaking hell" I screamed, voice high pitched and rough in need of water, As I stormed around on his chest listening out for his pulse. It never came. I reluctantly pulled myself away, face pouring with tears as I knew it was too late. His hair was straight, layered and was flicked around messily with dirt and gravel partying in it, his mouth was slightly ajar where I wished the only tiniest air particle would whoosh through and whoosh out bringing his body alive. I caressed his cheek, dry and crumbling off with brown wet, dirt. His eyes were still open, a mouthful of shock gazed from his eyes into mine, and I blinked away knowing he was never going to let that look of shock in his eyes disappear. Why me? I mean, he was fine a hour ago, a few months ago, years ago, ever since I had met him he was perfect. Oh, I couldn't think about it anymore, I forced my hands to move over to his eyes and flip them shut. They flittered above for a few moments before hand like I know longer had a meaning with this boy. Now he was dead, I didn't know him anymore. NO I wouldn't think that.

I nodded my head telling myself he was happy in that peacefully world they called heaven. Why did they have to take him? I loved him. I hesitantly shook myself from my crouch, as I stood up, breathing fast and hard. I had to go now, or I would never leave.

I silently whispered out the words I love you to him, knowing only hoping he could still hear me.

I jumped, no I ran for my life when I saw him bounce to his feet like there was no danger in the world. He was changed within a single second; his gentle calm appearance was turned fierily."You better run" His spat out the words the same time I could feel the wind pushing me back towards him, a leering feel directing me over. It would be so easy to let go of the grudge, too run towards him. No, I told myself no.

It didn't matter though he had me, one arm bound around my neck securely but lightly. His tense fingers restrained as they ran along my pulse in my throat. "Hey, I remember you" he gave me a wicked smile showing fierce teeth. "You're the girl I used to love" I swallowed a mouthful of spit,, telling myself that whatever had happened to him- he was going to be alright, we both were. "Well guess what, I'm a vampire" he bellowed and bought his lips closer to my neck. Circling where he was going to bite. "I will always love you, no matter what" I whispered to him, capturing his eyes, the one thing that had never changed. I held onto them as I felt the almighty sting of a bite, the burning starting at the tips of my toes growing up to my head. "NOW DO YOU" I felt his words faintly as I drifted away. Not wanting to come back.


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