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An outline of my main character Suta Seiun.

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Name : Suta Seiun (Star Nebula)

Age : 14

Race : Angel and UTAULOID

Eye colour : Grey

Hair colour : White

Height : 5' 1"

Weight : 165lbs.

Favourite colours : Black, silver, white, and grey

Favourite drink : Monster

Favourite food : Sushi or Chicken Nuggets

Occupation : Soul Protector\

Weapon : Angel's Sycthe

Personality : Smart-ass, caring, worrier, intelligent, positive.

Catchphrase : "Love is a lie. That's why we have life."

Love Intrest : Kurai Honoo (Dark Blaze)

----Storyline ~~

Suta Seiun was a genetically enhanced girl, built for singing purposes and fighting. The person who created her, Maku (Mark), was pleased as Suta was his first robot. He eventually gave her an update, making her more technical and agressive, to help fight off demons and soul reapers. Maku gave her grey wings, the had thin tube-like veins that glowed blue if she was charged. The more she is hit or attacked the dimmer her glow gets, meaning if her veins stop glowing, she'd be vunerable to anything until fully charged again. He programmed her to be a Soul Protecting Angel Robot (SPAR), to try and help America's failing economy with so many offenders.

Once Suta was matured anough to be realesed Maku sent her off with a pair of angel winged earrings. Suta's wings only come out in dangers or purposes of fighting, meaning she looked pretty normal from the outside. Her oringinal fighting outfit was part of the "Energy Protection Collection". It was a thigh-long black armored shirt, which also had the tube-like blue veins that made a circle on her chest. It was sleeve-less but she had some type of black arm sleeves that started right above her elblow and flarred out at her wrists, also veined. All of her outfit had veins on it, showing her overral health, meaning if her shirt was dimmed then her upper-abdomen was vuneralable,ect. She had long flarred out black pants, that flarred at her ankles onto the floor. For shoes she had simple black DCs.

Suta is in the 9th grade, freshmen at Middonaitohaisukuru de no shibo (Death At Midnight High School). She portrays as a simple 9th grader, who accelerates in every class, including band. Suta plays the trigger trombone, only available to the best trombonist at Middonaitohaisukuru de no shibo. Her friend/love intrest/ enemy Kurai Honoo is a 10th grader at the same school. He tries to get Suta to see how important humans' lives are to them.

Suta has soul reapers and demons she has to fight against, to protect her main soul, Karu Hato (Light Heart). The main demon who Suta must fight against is Sekushi. Sekushi likes to flirt with any living male whoever tweaks at her intrest, including Kurai. Sekushi's assistance partner is a young soul reaper known as Shi (Death). Kurai is the most important soul reaper, but since he fights alongside Suta, he's been infamous for being a "traitor".

Suta has to complete her mission of protecting Karu as best as she can. That is until he dies and she claims his soul and gives it to God to put him in the paradise for completed souls. Karu has no idea that that's what Suta follows him and protects him no matter what, he thinks she has a "thing" for him. Suta and Kurai fight alongside one another, knowing that it's wrong for Kurai to do so, they fight against all personelle from the Shi No Kage Association (Death's Shadow Association).


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