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Claymore - Anime Series

Article By: Secret Solace

Tribute to the hit Anime Series "Claymore"

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I really love this Anime Series. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend watching it!

The story revolves mainly around a female claymore named "Clare" but I was more intrigued and fascinated by Teresa, her mentor. From what I've seen, Teresa is the ONLY claymore to never change, other than making her eyes turn yellow... just once. If that wasn't impressive enough, she was also the #1 rank in the organization. And if that wasn't enough, she was also the ONLY claymore to openly defy/rebel against the organization without fear. She literally didn't even blink when they were trying to execute her! And if that STILL wasn't enough, she even took on the top 4 claymores at the SAME TIME... without changing! Her independent spirit and will to face ANY opposition without turning evil was just amazing. Oh, did I mention she even showed compasion when she could have easily killed them?

Let me clarify what I mean by changing. For those familiar with japanese anime, they have this thing were a character can increase their "power level" by changing. Sometimes it's a small change like eye color or hair color... similar to Dragon Ball Z. In claymore... there are 3 levels of change before they hit their yoki (power) limit and end up "awakening." When a claymore awakens they become evil and turn into a monster, the one thing they are created to kill!

Level 1 = Eyes turn yellow.

Level 2 = Yellow Eyes + Veins show on face.

Level 3 = Yellow Cat Eyes + Veins + Blue Flaming Aura

Level 4 = Body Changes into monster form.

Clare is VERY unique. But I don't want to spoil any plot if you haven't see it yet. So I won't go into detail about Clare. Here's a pic of Clare.




Strange Rules about Claymores

1. For some reason they're all blonde.

2. They're all female.

3. They're humans combined with the blood of a yoma (demon), turning them into a hybrid human/demon.

4. They all have silver eyes, probably due to being changed.

5. Most people hate/fear them even though they are sworn to protect humans.

6. They all carry claymores, a very large 2-handed sword.

7. They all work for the organization, a secretive sect/faction, devoted to exterminating yoma (demons).

Strange Rules about Yoma (Demons)

1. It's never explained where they come from.

2. They love to eat human flesh, cannibals.

3. They can take the form of a human, appearing and blending in a town.

4. High ranked yoma can fly.

5. The highest ranked Yoma are called "awakened beings" which is a claymore gone bad.

6. The godlike Yoma are called "creatures of the abyss." They really are godlike.

7. They play a chess game, using lower class yoma against the organization's claymores.

Aside from the standard Anime culture, I really enjoyed this series. It was so well done and didn't bore me with the same old stuff repeated over and over. Another great anime series is Death Note. But that is for another article.

Thanks for reading!


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