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Sign up for: 'Back to the Victorian Age'

Article By: ShreyaSen11

Sign up for my very first sign up novel! haha, yeah, I know, cliche. I promise you won't be disappointed! Summary will be provided later.

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I am accepting no more characters except for Twinkletoeslover's and Fresh Spirit's coz they told me before hand

Sign up for 'Back to the Victorian Age'

Okay, this is my first 'sign up' novel so I'm really excited!! I'm putting 'The Curse of the Dina doll' on hold cause I'm having writer's block with that. Anyway, basically, the idea is that (no. of people who sign up, lets say5). Okay, there will be 5 girls/boys/both who are extremely rich and can afford everything and anything. Now, since they were so rich, they had butlers who functioned as butler-cum-bodyguard-cum-caretaker since all of them are ORPHANS (the butlers play a very important role so make sure you create yours well). If you have read or watched Black Butler, the anime, you will know what I am talking about. Now, all of them take care of some industry or business of some kind that has been passed down to them by their fathers (like Ciel in BB). All of them are extremely interested in the Victorian era, so much that they would risk anything to go to that era, even once( all of them live in the 21st century ). Okay, slowly, the main character meets them all and becomes friends(duh..) and they all share their discoveries regarding their favourite subject, the Victorian Age. They decide to travel back in the past (with their butlers), just out of curiosity and something dreadful happens there (not revealing that!).

Okay, rules are simple, they are:

· You must create ONE girl and ONE boy. It is compulsory. The reason is that I have figured that even if you hate romance(like me), no novel is a good novel without a teeny tiny bit of romance. I will be the one to decide a pair for your character by mixing the girls and boys created by others.

· Your character must be a girl or a boy, the character of the opposite gender that was created will be considered as 'side character' during sign up.

· Your butler must be male.

· You will have powers but not very powerful ones. They will be elemental and nothing else. The elements are as follows: Fire, water, ice, nature, light, healing ( I know, not an element, but I need someone to do healing), wind. There are 7 in all. I will choose one of them so that leaves you 6 to choose from. You may only choose ONE element. If I don't get 6 entries then I will decide which character/s I like best and notify them by a comment on their page as to which left over element they have received. There should be no repetitions so please check what element the others have entered before entering your own.

· Your Butler may or may not be a mythological creature, he will however, look human. NO DRAGONS PLEASE.

· Your butler MUST wear the clothes compulsory for a butler to wear.

· You may sign up for the antagonist side if you want but then you will not have a butler.

· You will need to make TWO outfits in all, for both your characters. One for the 21st century (for your main character ONLY) and one for the Victorian Era (you know, frilly frocks and gowns. This is for your main AND side character)

· You and your side character must be aged between 13-15

If you choose the 15 year old section, you must wear a gown in the Victorian age, not a frock.

· You must wear stockings if you are wearing a frock.

· Look up some Victorian age dresses before you make your choice of dress and hair.

· You will have a mark of contract on any part of your body (ex: an eye) marking your contract with your butler (like in BB).

· Please describe the shape of your mark very specifically.

· In the Victorian Era, you will be having a title, like duke, earl, viscount etc (yes, you can choose these titles even if you are female). PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE QUEEN OR KING.

· Your side character will also have a position in society like you and have a butler. Unlike you, he/she will not have powers and have butlers who have powers.

· You MUST MUST MUST enjoy yourself!! I had been planning this for ages and so it should turn out great if you are willing to follow the rules and create your characters accordingly!

Okay!! The sign up form!

Main Character

Name: (you may have a short first name but you must have a long last name. No middle names please)



Side: (protagonist or antagonist)

Outfit 1 (21st century):

Outfit 2 (Victorian Era):

Hair 1:

Hair 2:

Eye colour:


Mark of contract area:

Mark of contract shape:


How you met the main character:

Title in the Victorian Era:

Name of the company/business you take care of:

How you became an orphan:

Main Character Butler


Outfit: (will remain same throughout)


Eye colour:


Mark of contract area: (can be different from his master/mistress's contract area)

What mythological creature he is:

How his master/mistress treats him:

How his master/mistress claimed him: (it van be vice versa if you like)

Side Character






Eye colour:



What business they take care of:

Side Character Butler


Outfit: (will remain same throughout)



How his master/mistress treats him:

Here is an example, this is my character by the way. I will only be creating a side character if needed.

Main Character

Name: Alira Phantomhive

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Side: Protagonist

Outfit 1 (21st century): Jean shorts with an off shoulder white long top with ankle length black boots

Outfit 2 (Victorian Era): A blue and white frilly frock with full sleeves with white stockings and blue knee length boots.

Hair 1: Long Brown hair tied in two ponytails with white rubber bands. Bangs are side parted.

Hair 2: Same as Hair 1 except that now they are tied with white ribbons

Eye colour: Green

Personality: Very talkative, gets angry very quickly, tomboyish, but with a small girly side and loves parties and sweet things!!

Mark of contract area: On the top side of her right palm.

Mark of contract shape: a beautiful burning rose encircled by vines with thorns on them.

Power: Fire

Title in the Victorian Era: Earl

Name of the company/business you take care of: The Phantomhive Company which makes the largest and best hotels in the world.

How you became an orphan: Her father had made a contract with a devil to ask for his company to become a very profitable thing in return for his life span to be decreased to only 3 months. When her father died, her mother could not control her sadness and had committed suicide.....in front of her. All of this happened when she was 6 years old.

Main Character Butler

Name: Sebastian

Outfit: Black tailcoat with a black waistcoat underneath and a white dress shirt under the waist coat. He also wears white gloves and black shoes.

Hair: Black with bangs side parted.

Eye colour: Red

Personality: Very kind and sarcastic at times. Is a very good cook and loves Alira very much. Knows just what she needs and when.

Mark of contract area: Neck

What mythological creature he is: Devil/ fallen angel

How his master/mistress treats him: Like her big brother

How his master/mistress claimed him: When Alira's mother died, she had cried so much that Sebastian had taken pity on her and had come to soothe her. When she could not be consoled, he had offered to grant her a wish. She had asked for someone to protect her from her father's enemies and her relatives who were after her father's vast wealth. Sebastian had chosen to do the job himself.

Well, thats it! Sign up now!! and don't forget to follow the rules while doing so!


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