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The 15 Youtubers That Would Be Best Suited To Own A TV Channel

Article By: sosnh

This is a list, with reasons, on why 15 of my favourite Youtubers should (if they could) own a TV Channel. Remember, these are in my opinion, if you have a different list, I would like you to comment with your 15. You cannot include yourself.

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The 15 Youtubers I Would Pick To Have Their Own TV Channels.

These are in no particular order. Some names may be wrong, but the channel names will most likely be correct.

1. Max (ConstellationLCD): I love watching his videos. He makes great Easter Egg videos, and is quite funny. However, as of late, he has been lacking that sensation that made me like his channel in the first place. I hope that he continues Youtubing for years to come. If he had a TV channel, I could picture a lot of Easter Egg videos, with a lot of movies being shown, as well as updates/vlogs all the time on what is to come on the channel.

2. Laura Vitalie (LauraVitaliesKitchen/LaurasTopics): I love a lot of cooking shows on Youtube. One of my favourites would have to be Laura. She uploads a video nearly every day. I sit there and watch her cook them to perfection. If she had a TV channel, I can easily see her having segements like Laura's Topics, and Entree', Main & Dessert shows.

3. Nicko (Nicko's Kitchen etc.): Nicko is one famous Youtuber. He has a whole range of channels that have stuff like Nicko's Classic's, Budget Meal Mondays etc. I could easily see him applying all his Youtube Channels to his TV Channel. I also see him working closely with CookingWithKarma, as they are friends in real life. I also see his family being a big part of the channel, like they are in his series of channels that he has on Youtube.

4. Kharma (CookingWithKarma): I love what she makes. Like Niko, she is Australian. She is an inspiration to thousands of people to cook. Though she only has one channel, she uploads fairly often. She cooks a lot of desserts. I have been luckily enough to talk to Kharma through Youtube, and she told me that she uses iMovie from the Mac to create her videos, which I now believe a lot of Youtubers use, as the effects eg. are the same.

5. John Luc (Chonyday/Chonnygame/MyChonny): Once again, another Australian. Chonny is one person who get hundreds and thousands of views per video. He swears a lot, but makes a joke out of it. He is VERY entertaining, and watching him play games is even funnier. I see his TV Channel being a M+ rated channel, where he would play games like Left 4 Dead 2 and CatMario.

6. Ray William Johnson (RayWilliamJohnson): I love how entertaining this guy is. He shows us viewers videos that score millions of hits in a number of days. They are usually very entertaining. If he had his own TV Channel, I would see him branching out, keeping that show, and making gaming and news segments, as well as a display of good TV Shows.

7. Mgoiter (Mgioter/Mgoiter2/YourMamma): I love how many voices he can do. I have seen him do around 500 different voices, including ones like Mario, Crash bandicoot, and others. He also is the voice behind Brody in the "Your Mamma" series. You know the Jokes that go "Your mamma is so _____ that she ______ over a _______." (for example). I think that if he had his own TV Channel, I could see him doing animations, and doing "Brock's Dubs" on a whole range of topics.

8. Champchong (Champchong/Chongshow): An Australian Gamer. He puts videos of him playing various video games (mostly CoD) on the Chongshow channel. On Champchong, he tells the fans the "Big News", "Fail Clip of the week", "Sad News", "Epic Clip of the week". He also gives away various prizes such as consoles and gift cards. If he had his own TV Channel, I could see him doing News, and having game shows on his channel. I could also picture Action/Adventure Movies being shown.

9. Jack Douglas (JacksFilms/JackIsANerd etc.): Jack is a friend of many of my favourite YouTubers. He is funny, and could easily pull of having his own TV Channel. He has segments such as "Your Grammer Sucks", "PMS" & he sings and does parodies. These would make great segments for his channel on TV. I could see him putting Comedy shows and movies on the channel as well.

10. Toby Turner (Tobuscus/TobyGames/TobyTurner): Toby, undoubtly is one of my favourite YouTubers. He brings tears to my eyes laughing. One of my favourite things he has done is the Minecraft playthrough on TobyGames. He makes watching gameplay fun, and usually it is kind of boring. I love how he does "CUTE!WIN!FAIL!" as well. I think this would be one of the channel's I would be watching all the time. I could see him puting all his segments into this channel, and adding Comedy movies and shows.

11. Ryan Higa (Nigahiga/HigaTV): One of the very first channels I seen on YouTube. I love how he makes parodies/advertisements on things. I really think that if he had a TV Channel, he would take full advantage of it, doing a similar approach to what Toby would do.

12. Dodger Leigh (PressHeartToContinue/DexterityBonus): Dodger is truly an inspiration. She is a gamer in America. She Vlogs every day, and tells her fans what has happened. It is fun to listen to her talk about what goes on (DexterityBonus). On PressHeartToContinue, Dodger gives us the latest Gaming News. I believe that if she had a channel on TV, it would contain a lot of old shows like Dr. Who and Sherlock Holmes (she is a HUGE fan), and she would give us news and updates as well.

13. Danaboe (Danaboe/AnnoyingOrange): I love how funny and popular the Annoying Orange is. Dan also vlogs a lot. If he had his own TV Channel (which is quite possible for the Annoying Orange) I think it would include comedy sketches, an Annoying Orange show, updates and news.

14. Bebopvox (Bebopvox): This channel is mostly centered by Minecraft. Every Monday, there is the Minecraft Monday Show. They give away a seed, mods, maps and skins. They also release valuable information on topics like "when does the next version of Minecraft come out" and stuff like that. They also have interviews and give away prizes. If this were a TV Channel I could see it kind of being the same, but with some Minecraft Animations, and it would have shows like The Big Bang Theory on it.

15. Grace (DailyGrace): Grace is one of the funniest YouTuber's out there. She has segments she does every day (therefore the word-Daily). She also made the popular "Grace Face" that people do. She would have a TV Channel that would have updates and segments relating to the day, as well as Romantic and Reality TV shows and movies.

That is my list, and there were a lot of other people I could have chosen, but for now, these are the ones I have chosen. Remember that this is in my opinion.


By Shane O'Sullivan


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