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Character Type List

Article By: SuperLoveMonkey12

Check it out and you'll see. It's really just how i decide character traits of my characters.

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At some point in my life recently I fell in love with THE VAMPIRE DIARIES the TV series. There is just something about it. Maybe it's the vampires. Who knows. Anywho I thought I would describe my ideal character for a few different categories: male, female, vampire, werewolf, zombie, mutant, superhero, young girl and boy.
There is no specific reason I wanted to do this, I just felt like being spontaneous and I wanted to give you, my readers, a better idea at how I decide my characters and what they are like. Some of these categories I already have characters in my stories for so you will get to learn more about them and I will make special character pages for my two novels really soon.
For this character I am going to use Marcel from T.E.O.T.L.A.D.
Hair: Golden brown and wavy to the top of his ears and in the back below his ears
Skin: light tan
Eyes: deep gorgeous yellow blue
Body: muscular and smoking hot
Face: slender but fits the look of his body and a strong facial structure; soft lips
Clothing: well he lives in the year 6000, so something similar to the style of now only with the ability to morph into anything you want it to with limits. So you really only need one set of clothes.
Personality: he has a special crush on Tamryn and he is very stubborn; he has the charm to make people agree with him and get him what he wants
No one in particular here
Hair: I tend to shy away from my own looks because I don't consider myself beautiful though many other people do. So I like to go for unnatural sometimes. For this character I will go with dark silky black hair in a pixie cut.
Skin: olive toned
Eyes: olive green
Body: short, tiny, but muscular in the abdomen, and curvy
Face: thin and heart shaped and can see bone structure but not scary thin like
Clothing: I'm not much one for skirts or dresses, but I'll say a summer dress with spaghetti straps and a lacey hem; blue and green stripes
Personality: bubbly but hiding a strong, defensive deadly side where her father taught her how to protect herself.
I'm only going to describe male because I am a female and I just don't want to make this too long.
Hair: short, spiky, and burgundy brown
Skin: obviously white, but tanish white (so basically not pale white)
Eyes: yellowish goldish brown (similar to Cullen's, but yellower)
Body: muscular, but not too muscular; thin and handsome
Face: smooth, sharp yet soft
Clothing: the clothing of the era he is in (because he obviously wants to lay low and fit in)
Personality: badass but kind and understanding; doesn't get into trouble by trying to; caring for humans
Just female because I made a male vampire
Hair: to the shoulders; white
Skin: light sandy color
Eyes: violet (I love me violet eyes)
Body: stable frame and slightly muscular, but curvy and not stick thin
Face: soft features and stern looking
Clothing: white blue shorts and pink tank top; no shoes
Personality: outgoing and tough; doesn't let anyone get in her way or push her around
I like me some 28 Days Later zombies.
Hair: dirty, bloody, and matted but was brown
Skin: milk chocolate and dirty from eating humans
Eyes: crazed maroon red
Body: hunched over and creaky limbs that are strong from anger
Face: teeth constantly showing and bloody
Clothing: torn and ripped clothing
Personality: angered and out for blood and thrill of kill
Hair: can be changed at thought
Skin: Dark Chocolate
Eyes: gray, but can be changed
Body: tall, slender, and curved
Face: harsh features, yet beautiful
Clothing: anything that looks badass
Personality: tough and clever; hates the government
Hair: blondish brown
Skin: uh whatever you call normal skin color
Eyes: glowing blue
Body: muscular and impenetrable
Face: strong and stern
Clothing: blue superhero outfit with a green cape
Personality: angry at the world, but constantly defending it from danger
Hair: short orange
Skin: olive tan
Eyes: orangish yellow
Body: small and petite, long legs
Face: cute and oval shaped
Clothing: pink overalls and a green t-shirt with black sandals
Personality: adorable and sweet, but hides a quick temper
Hair: black and curly
Skin: white
Eyes: hazel
Body: tall, thin, but slightly muscular
Face: cute and oval shaped
Clothing: jeans and a t-shirt with Nikes
Personality: shy and timid; keeps to himself


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