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THere IS No NEveR EveR: Character List and Info

Article By: SuperLoveMonkey12

This is just so ya'll can understand the story better and get to know the characters better. Hope you enjoy. :)

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Believe it or not, There is None Ever Ever, takes place in an actual town in an actual state. It is mainly in a small town in Montana called Whitewater. Whitewater, Montana has a population of 448 people as of July 2007. Of that population, 52% are male and 48% are female. The most common industry there is Agriculture and you can probably guess why, but I am going to tell you. The people in Whitewater live far away from the main cities and since it is a small town, it doesn't have to produce all the other industries.

Most people that live there are farmers.

Cassie's family lives on farmland and they do take care of it, but her parents are one of the few who travel to different places to help the needy on mission trips and things like that. Therefore they won't necessarily be in the story a lot. In case some of you were confused, the story begins near the end of school at the end of May, early June which is why I am not talking about snow being on the ground. Temperatures get anywhere from 45-80 degrees during these months.

The most rain they get is two inches. The nearest hospital is Phillips County Medical Center and it is about 34 miles away from Whitewater. This is obviously a problem, but it ties well into my story as you will eventually see. What this basically means is that people need to be extra careful so as not to get hurt. There are three different schools: Whitewater School, Whitewater 7-8, and Whitewater High School. Whitewater School is Prekindergarten - sixth grade and consists of 27 students. Whitewater 7-8 is the middle school for 7th and 8th graders and consists of 6 students. Whitewater High School is 9th-12th grade and consists of 34 students.

That is not a lot of students so when it comes to my story I may (might not) exaggerate the number of high school students. I don't know if I will yet, but I might. The schedule in chapter six of There is None Ever Ever is an actual schedule for the Juniors of Whitewater High School from off their website so I didn't make it up.



Isuppose you could call her a rebel, but the only people she really is rebelling against at the moment is her parents. She has purple hair because she never really enjoyed the drab normal hair colors. Her original hair color, if you are curious, was a dark brown. The purple really isn't all that big of a statement because it is a dark purple close to black. She is a normal small town girl. She is seventeen.


Ok this guy is cute. Not hot or sexy, but cute. He has muscles, but not so much that he looks like John Cena. He has brown hair that is straight and short. When he gets angry, he tends to stay angry. Bad temper. I suppose you all are wondering this so I will hint you on. He isn't human and that is all I am going to say. He is about to turn eighteen.

Cassie's parents:

Not really ever around, but you will see them at some point. They think Cassie is a trouble child and like to get away on their trips.


This guy is definitely hot and sexy. He has muscle and sandy blonde hair which is also straight. He can be described as the calm and sensitive guy. But he is also a clown at times cracking a smile whenever things get too heated. He is the leader of the foursome. He is twenty-two years old and has blue eyes. Oh and in case you haven't guessed, he is a werewolf. These werewolves are slightly larger than normal wolves, but not as big as the ones in Twilight.


My main man. (lol) Anyways, he is hot too and has muscle. He has sleek black hair. His eyes are green. Mmmm. He is a werewolf and second in command. He didn't want to come on this mission, but did it for Seren who is an old friend. He is nineteen years old.

Cayjo and Corey:

You may think this is a weird name so I will tell you how to pronounce it: (K-ai-yo) NOT (K-ai-jo) or any other strange way. He is twin brother to Corey. These two are really quite interesting because you'd think they were clowns, but really they are serious and mature. Cayjo and Corey are twins and I originally wanted them to be identical twins, but now I think I just want them to look slightly similar, but not the same. They both have red hair which is of the longer type of guy hair and Cayjo has yellow-green eyes while Corey has brownish-gold.


Well I actually was thinking about Steven Tyler when I gave the vampire dude his name so it came out Tyven. He is dark and mysterious and has blonde hair which has some black in it. His eyes are deep burgundy to seem normal, but when he wants blood or gets excited, he has red eyes. Yes he does actually have fangs and he can move fast and no, he is not the only vampire in this story. He is twenty-six.


I made this poster especially for you fans so i hope you like it. :0)


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