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My Darling...

Book By: Alana0

My imaginary friend just came to my life,my real life,taking me away from everything without my desire.He takes me to live with him in Upacco as his queen,but I dont feel happy.And he does everything to keep me happy,showing me how much he loves me.
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And there I was,talking to my childhood friend...again.I really didnt know I would feel like that for an imaginary friend I used to have when i was 5.Seriously,he exists in my head...At least he used to.As the years passed,I forgot him and the Imaginary world I created as a child.My life was...random,just like everyone elses.School,home,friends,painting...I loved painting.He learned me to paint.Anyway,I was confused,how did he come at the real world?Why? And he was standing right in front of me.I felt confused.

Hey babe,did you miss me?-And came closer to me.He knew me better than anyone else did.-I even came to real world for you,I mean youre 16 now,so I am..

I looked at him confused.What did he mean...I remember he used to talk me about a kingdom,about his kingdom...-What do you want Kevin? You exist in my head only.You used to exist there anyway.-And blinked my eyes fast hoping he would disappear.But nothing,he was still there,not moving,just there,

-I came here to take you,and im not leaving without you !We grew up together,we did everything together,my queen.I fell in love with you since then.-He grabbed my hands and kissed them. Every girl would like a gentleman like him,a handsome guy like him,blonde,blue eyes,an awesome body...It seems like he knew everything about my life,my world...And I wanted to be his queen,i used to dream about that,when we watched the stars or the moonlight.But i wasnt sure if i wanted to give up from my life,my friends,my family,my hamster.They would suffer if I just leave the place like that,without saying anything to anyone,without any reason.Kevin looked deep in my eyes with his blue eyes,and for a moment I lost the sense of everything.His blue eyes hypnotised me...And I actually knew that he had a solution for that...An imaginary friend,my imaginary love...Everything would be perfect if he just would stay with me,in my world.

Our place is in war,in a month or so i have to marry someone or ill lose the throne.-He said-Youre the only girl in both of our worlds that can be the real Queen of Upacco.

He even offered me to lose the memory of me in this world,my world...The hardest decision of all.I knew he wouldnt let me go,but I couldnt just leave my world like that...I just got furious at how someone could ask for that,to leave everything I had,everything I loved for a selfish reason like the throne.I just let the went at the door and pulled it.-Get out,now Kevin- Yelled at him... He whispered ''Ill be back for you babe'' and left the room. Suddenly I felt that something hit me in the neck,and everything became dark.I dont remember anything else...



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