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Souls of Elixinaire// Prologue

Book By: Amy Winters

Princess Meruba Xanthos finds herself banished to Lower Earth to live among the humans there, after she is accused of killing her father. She must survive if she wants to regain her Kingdom and prove that she is innocent.

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A Banished Soul
I do not know how this could have happened to me. I stood there in the center of the Garden of Whispers
with my Guardian standing before me, the man who was to execute me. We both gazed into the others
matching pale gold eyes, the color of eyes that all Laraynian's possessed. His expression was that of
confusion, and mine that of sorrow and fear. Yes, I did not understand how this could have happened.
But here we were, I killed my father The King of Laraynia, and so I must die for my actions.
My eyes followed my Guardians figure as he turned and knelt down in front of The Great Statue of Elixinaire,
our ancestor and father of our Race. He bowed his head in respect and then whispered softly to himself, the
prayer of Elixinaire, before standing up once more. He turned to face me, his pure white hair framing his face
and falling down to the middle of his back in a silk curtain. I could sense the sorrow in his heart. I knew that
he did not want to do this to me. We were friends, even if he was my Guardian, and he hated this.
"Princess Meruba Saiyuri Xanthos, You are to be executed for the crimes you have committed this night. Will
you accept this punishment with all the grace befitting a woman of your station, or will you fight back?" He
asked me in the soft husky voice that belonged to him. I lowered my gaze from his intense one. He had been
my Guardian for ten years, since I was five years old. On our first meeting he had smiled in that handsome
way of his and gave me a white lily flower saying, "For you young Princess, it matches your beauty." He was
my Guardian, my best friend, and now my executioner.
The blood all over my night clothes and my skin was proof enough of my actions against my father, only, I
knew it could not have been me that murdered him. How could I have killed my own father, the one in which
I loved dearly? I heard the words that my step sister Ayuma had screamed at me in the back of my mind.
"You killed him Meru, do you deny it when his blood and scent is all over you? You wanted to be Queen so
bad and that is motive enough."
The fact of the matter was though, that being Queen was not all that important to me. I enjoyed the life that I
had, my studies, being with my friends, being with Cronos, and being courted by handsome nobles. I had
no wish to change anything about my life. To me, being Queen could wait I just wanted to enjoy every day. I
had a wonderful life and that was enough satisfy me.
"What say you Princess?" Cronos's voice moved over me, having gone harsh with emotion, and I finally raised
my gaze to his. I knew that fighting would not accomplish anything, my death was inevitable either way I looked
at it. I realized now, that I would never again take moonlit walks amongst the various Garden's of Laraynia,
inhaling every sweet fragrance. I would never again feel the sunlight's warm caress upon my pale skin. My
life was now over, and my soul would now return to Elixinaire, The Great Dragon Spirit of my people. Oh Elixinaire.
I looked up at the beautiful marble statue of The Great Dragon and felt a tear slide down my cheek. At least, I
knew I would be with him, flying through the heavens in peace, never again to worry, or feel emotion. My life
here would end, but my soul would be with him and live forever in the sunlight.
"Cronos," I spoke softly as my eyes found his once more, "I Will accept the punishment given me with grace."
What I saw when I looked into his eyes was an overwhelming pain. The sorrow that had fallen upon my heart
was mirrored in his gaze. We felt each others pain deeply, a trait that all Laraynian elves had, we could feel each
others emotions. I can feel his sadness, his pain and shock at what was about to transpire and I knew he could
feel mine. The early morning air was cool and smelled of the flowers that surrounded us, the scent over
whelmed my senses. I knew I was not to remember anything from my life, in death, but somehow I knew I would
miss being here, in this place with my Guardian and Elixinaire, the father of our race. I did not know how but I
knew if I died my spirit would cling to this earth, longing for a life that was no longer mine.
"I cannot"
The voice that broke my reverie belonged to Cronos and I looked up at him in confusion, and surprise. I blushed
when bent his head to mine and our foreheads met and bumped gently. I did not understand this, what he was
doing. He was my Guardian, the one who was meant to protect me but never touch me. It was as if, he was almost
desperate, for something.
"I will not allow your death. Listen to me I will send you down from our great sky city of Laraynia, down to the
Kingdoms of Lower Earth. I would rather banish you from here than to have your precious blood on my hands
Princess." He whispered harshly squeezing his eyes shut.
I watched him, feeling my heart drum hard against my chest, as his hands reached up to frame my face, his thumbs
wiping away the tears that I had shed. I could feel his lips touch my forehead.
"Alikah Euk ti suhtien." He whispered against my skin, those familiar words, I realized, were the words of travel. His
eyes opened and they glowed a bright gold, searing themselves, their sorrow, into my soul. A scream left my lips as
I slipped away from his warm embrace and began to fall into a black abyss, and then my eyes closed, and darkness
took me away in its wings…


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