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When Angel Valdez died he never expected to find out that he was a Grim Reaper.

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  When people say there is no fate worse then death they don't know the half of it. I was sixteen years old when I died in a car accident. I was driving on the side of a hill when the car unexplainably steered off the road and rolled down the side of the hill.
  The instant I began realizing that my life was coming to an end everything went dark. I did not feel the explosion and it had almost been like i died before the car hit the ground. To be honest it was like death was anxious to take me.
  The odd part was that the entire time I felt like I was having an out of body experience. Instead of passing on to the next life or whatever it is that happens when you die, I'm standing at the bottom of the hill watching the wreckage of the deformed car with me in it. I don't know exactly how any of this is happening but without thinking I'm running to the car and trying to open the front door.
  I see myself in the drivers seat lying motionless with blood running down my forehead. I try to to open the door but the lock won't open. I don't know how or why any of this happened and why it happened to me.
  My life had been perfect up until now. I had a mother who raised me with love and two younger sisters Emily and Lucy. I was a star athlete in school and had friends who cared for me. So when i went for a drive to visit my dad's grave I didn't think I'd be joining him in the after life.
  But for some reason my soul is still here on earth. Just as I was about to give up on trying to open the door something in the rearview mirror of the door drained the spirit out of me. I turned around to come face to face with a hooded man cloaked in a black robe.
  Rising out of the smoke from the accident scene he carried a wooden shaft in one hand that had a long, curved blade, on the top. His steps were silent but the air around us seemed to get colder the closer he got.
  My first instinct was to back away and blot in the other direction, but what good is that when Death himself has come for you. At least I think that is what's happening. I was never a big believer in all the stories my uncle Henry would tell me about Death.
  "Angel Valdez?" The man in the spoke my name as if asking me who I was. Then I realized that if Death had a face his wasn't it. Once he lifted his face he looked no older then twenty-five and instead of some skeleton man he was all flesh and bones. He looked like some frat-boy and then his face broke into a grin.
  "How do you know who I am?" the question came out a little more rough then I hoped and I was sure I sounded frightened. Though he seemed amused and gave a shrug and replied. "Death knows everyone."
  How exactly did he know I was gonna die? That and who was he and how was it he was conveniently around? Though my instincts told me to be alert and defensive. "Isn't it a little early to be wearing your halloween costume?"
  The amusement on his face disappeared instantly. In fact I could of sworn his dark eyes started to glow red. But he must of noticed what I was doing and regained his control. "If I were you I wouldn't joke around with Death. Specially when he has been assigned to collect your soul."
  The look on his face changed again once he saw my reaction and a wicked grin slit across his face. A part of me kept hoping this was some sort of nightmare. Okay ALL of me was hoping this was a dream.
   I kept closing my eyes and wishing that I could go back to earlier that day when Emily and Lucy had woken me up squealing about their ballet recital. To when I scored the winning touchdown at yesterday's football game. But most of all I wanna wake up knowing that I'm still alive.
  "Don't beat yourself up over it kid, eventually everyone dies." But no like this. Not when they had so much ahead of them. Not when they had dreams of playing in the NFL. "Honestly you humans sure know how to look on the negative side of things."
  I wanted to lunge for him, to attack him with every muscle in my body. Though with that scythe of his I didn't stand a chance. He pulled down his hood to reveal a wave of blonde hair. Which made him seen even younger. He pulled out a scroll from inside his hood. He opened it and looked at it then closed it again.
  "It says here that you're father died when you were eight. Today would be the anniversary of the day he died." Did he figure that out just by reading some scroll? Harrison Valdez died in a shoot out while he was on a case.
  I died on the same day as my father. The first thing that came to mind was my mom, after my dad died she almost lost it. She continues to morn his death ever year on his birthday, Christmas, their anniversary, and the day he died. But now she had two people to cry for on that day. I'd give anything to not see her have to cry about my dad, and now I've abandoned her. Her only son.
  "Do you know what a Grim Reaper is?" The question pulled me back to reality. What happens now, would he take me to the final resting place. I recall the little knowledge I have on the topic of the Grim Reaper.
  "Your a soul harvester. You collect the souls of dead people and lead them to the afterlife." Grim gave another one of his amused smiles.
  "Did you know your family is full of Grim Reapers?" the revelation was news to me. My mother was extremely catholic but she believed in Death. She told me stories about people who come when ever it's someones time, like when my father died. They come to take the dead to the after life. "Did you know that you yourself are a Grim Reaper, Angel?"


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