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The Bloody White Rose

Book By: Asher Kuran

What happens to w vampire who falls in love with a werewolf?

Submitted:Oct 15, 2011    Reads: 23    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Chapter 1: The End and A New Beinning

I watch the people laughing, giggling, or even chuckle at things they don't know. The secrets they don't know and the stories that they were never told. This is my story and my life please listen to what I have to say.

It was a cold night at home in the yard I watch the one year fight we have for the girls vampires, the boys fight was tomorrow night. When things started to get fun loup-garou showwed up. My people named them the five, Rafe the leader, Will, Finn, Ulf, and Quinn. Loup-Garou are pureblood were-wolves then there are mixed breeds between human and were-wolf. Quinn was different from others, his more nicer and gentler then other loup-garou. Ulf and Finn are lovers but thats a different story. Will was always quit and agreed with everthing Quinn said. Then there Rafe, a loup-garou who was mad for power and some of us vampires and mix-breeds don't like him at all. Then there us vampires, Jr., Maddy, Fallon, and Me: Asha. There other vampires from different clan but i don't know them but all the ones i know by name is Evny and the vampire Countcil.

I was sitting on a wall of the gate and looked at Rafe. To pure-blood werewolves vampires were slaves of the night and to me Rafe was my master. Rafe walked over to me and said

"You've done wrong my pet"his voice was filled with anger.

I wasn't really the one to listen to Masters and either were my friends. I couldn't but to grin at him, but then I jumpped down from the gate and landed on my feet in front of Rafe and said.

"If I've done wrong prove it by a fight" my voice was edging Rafe on and if I know Rafe, he will take my offer and soon my deal. Rafe agreed easly and stood in the circle and waited for me. I took of my jacket and gave it to Maddy. I walked into the circle and let Rafe take the first move and he did.

Rafe jumpped at her and swinged his claws. Asha jumpped back and then spinned kicked him making him fall back. Rafe stooded up and looked at her. Asha smiled when he got up and kicke Rafe down again.

"I'm the queen here at fighting, your in my area boy" Asha said and went for a knock out shot but Quinn went up behide her with his arms wrapped around her waist. Asha looked at and her face sadden, he looked so lonely and lost, but also happy, he was happy to be holding her. Quinn looked at Asha and smiled a little. It was a law that vampires and werewolves were not allowed to love one another, and Asha was a half-breed between the to, and only Quinn knew it. QUinn gently stroked Asha check and she leaned into it.


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