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2013 The End

Book By: Aura Kritter

{I just started this and I need some help..But it's about the end of the world in 2013, December 31st and there is only one survivor, Saba}

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he year is 2013, after many movies, books, and theories being made about the end of the world on 2012; we've survived another year- for now. We continue to destroy the planet we live on, taking the air that we breathe for granted. I can say that Earth won't last much longer, and neither will humanity at this rate. There have been tests proving Earth is becoming hotter and more dangerous than what humans can survive against. If we stay on Earth, humanity will boil away. If we leave, Earth and everything we've ever discovered will go down but humans will survive. But where else can we go? What other plane can sustain life? ...I don't have much time…If anyone finds this letter, if anyone understands- you must evacuate Earth. Earth will not survive much longer. Humanity. Will. End!

YEAR: 2013
DATE: 12/31/13

My breathing sounded like short whispers, my skin blistering cold with frost slowly creeping up my fingertips which were turning blue; slipping deeper into the snow. Snowflakes slowly fell as if time slowed but burned pieces of paper and plastic bags rose upwards. I could see lights flickering before it died completely, the row of small gift shops burned, missing large pieces of its structure or only the very bottom of the building remained on the ground with broken pipes sticking out- sharp enough that if you fell on them you'd die. Slowly dragging my hand back across the snow, I pushed myself upwards, just so I could sit properly; seeing a gaping hole in front of me that my foot just barely missed. The air felt heavy, it felt like it was pushing down on my chest as if a gorilla was sitting on me. No sound would come out of my mouth, my body was freezing cold and just sitting upright made me exhausted. To top it off, my head was pounding and I don't see anyone else around. I carefully crawl towards the hole, glancing down to see nothing but darkness with a few quick flashes of fiery colored light. The air ascending from the hole was hot and humid so I backed away while looking at all the snow and destroyed buildings around me. Looking up, I could see the stars perfectly but there was no sun, no moon, just the stars. But there was a large, almost claw like, group of orange and yellow dangling above me with a hint of red, blue, teal and purple. What looked like clouds attempted to hide the colors with a dull brownish gray color and gas clouds simply circling around it.

"…Is that…the milky way..?" I whispered with a raspy voice, realizing how impossible that was because we live in the milky way.


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