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Beauty Of The Moonlight

Book By: AzraelTheAngel

This book is about a young girl that is a vampire that got forced into marrying another vampire just to bond the two royal families together. By her side is her dear sister Alexia and her secret lover Matthias.

P.S There probably will be some mistakes im not done editing the full story so my apologizes :)

Submitted:Apr 18, 2013    Reads: 26    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

As I awoke from my deep thoughts I glanced out my balcony. And I saw him standing there my prince of darkness. As he approached my balcony his ice blue eye's turned blood red as he flashed his fang's in a grin at me. As his eye's hungered for my body. As my tight dress clenched my every curve. He appeared behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and whispered "My sweet angel of darkness Lilith "

Mathias was my secret lover I saved him when I was human by giving him my blood because I was a apparently a pure blood which enhanced his health in minutes as he was close to death .As a reward he said he would turn me into a dark princess without hesitation. I never got to answer him as i learned that my family background they were vampires. Not just normal vampires they were royal blood vampires. I was royalty I was forced to marry a prince from another family to bound them together. But I wasn't in love with prince douche bag Feddrick .

No one know's about Mathias and I except my dear sister Alexia. We are pure blood vampire twins the only way to tell the difference between us were our birthmarks on our backs mine was a tear dropped ice shaped. While Alexia's was tear dropped shaped as well but as a flame. Which put together made a heart that represented our love as twins. But then she was turned into a vampire months before around the time she disappeared. We were reunited with each other and our real family. She has not been forced to marry a prince yet since they haven't found a "suitable" prince father said. I didn't want her to have to marry someone she truly didn't love like how I had too.

"Lilith, what's wrong?" Mathias said. I snapped back into reality he was staring at me with a worried expression on his face. "Oh it's just not far I'm in love with you not that asshole Feddrick" I replied.His eye's turned a dark black he wanted to kill Feddrick because of what he has done to me. He tried to take "advantage" of me when I was still in my weak stage as a vampire. "I swear if that asshole ever touches you again i'll rip his heart out." said Mathias as his eye's grew darker his hands clenched my waist piercing my skin. I looked down seeing the blood seep out slowly I looked at him feeling awful for the anger he has. I placed my hand on his cheek his eye's flashed back to there icy stage "I'm so sorry Lilith I didn't mean to" he panicked! "Mathias it's fine I didn't even feel it as i kissed his neck softly. He slowly started to move his hands to the zipper of my dress pulling it down revealing my smooth ivory skin. As he reached for my bra a loud bang was at my door. "Lilith open this door this instant" roared Feddrick. Mathias clenched onto me I looked at him and said " You must go my love." "But that asshole of a monster I cant let him have you" he replied telepathically. I nodded to him to go I gave a slight smile with a tear rolling down my cheek. Just like that he was gone. "Now I have to deal with fucking Feddrick." I thought...


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