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Fragments of Dreams

Book By: Bean In Jeans

Zach grew up as a normal human under his mother's roof, but with two interesting abilities that his mom couldn't explain; being able to see "shadows" (spirits), and control flames of any size. Before his 19th birthday, he discovers that he's actually a Prince, the son of a god. At the same time, he's requested by a princess to wage in a war that had been going on since his parents married. He thought he had enough problems with finding a college...

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Fragments of Dreams

Chapter 1

"Will Zachary Mcclemens please report to the principal's office. Will Zachary McClemens please report to the principal's office. Thank you," the intercom sounded. The dark-haired teen looked up at the speaker on the ceiling with furrowed brows. Why the hell was he being called to the principal? He glanced over at his Chemistry teacher, who nodded to let him know it was alright to leave. He piled his books into his book bag and slung it over his shoulder, only zipping it halfway as he stood and walked out of the classroom.

Passing several navy-colored lockers, he pondered why the principal would need to see him. Zach finally turned left into the office. He opened the glass door and looked curiously, seeing his mother. "Mom, what's goin' on," he asked, frowning. She never picked him up from school, especially not two hours before school let out.

Miria didn't answer his question, but the dark-haired woman ushered him out of the office. "I've got to go on a business trip this weekend," she told him. "So we're going to have our lunch today, instead." They always had Saturday lunch out at a restaurant, or a home-cooked meal. Sort of a tradition they had to stay close to each other. She had dated a few guys, but none had stuck. She was a single mother and felt alone, and Zach was a little protective of her because of it.

"Alright. Where are we going," he asked her as they left the building to head to her car that was parked out front. "I don't mind cooking, if we can get to the grocery store. He liked cooking, and was pleased when his mom liked his experimental recipes.

"Let's head to the grocery store, then," she smiled at him as she got into the car. When both doors were closed, she pulled out and headed out of the parking lot. "So what concoction are you thinking up," she asked him with an amused twinkle in her eye.

"I'm thinking... Something Australian, maybe," he said with a grin. He pulled out his phone and pulled up the browser to look up a recipe. "Yep, Australian," he said, nodding at his phone. He bookmarked the page of the recipe he chose and pocketed his phone.

Suddenly, Zach heard tires screeching before he heard a huge crunch, and didn't have enough time to brace himself before his mother and he were jerked forward by the car. Thankfully, they didn't hit the car in front of them, but the car did turn to block both lanes.

"Zach! Zach, are you alright," she asked, panicked, as she unbuckled her seat belt to check on her son. Her brows were raised in worry and fear, her son was all she had and she couldn't lose him. Not before they went back to the Plane. "Zach, please answer me," she begged, tears forming in her eyes as she shook his shoulder.

The young man's head had slammed against the side of the door and had cracked the glass, though it hadn't broken. He groaned, wincing and reaching his hand up to feel his head, and frowned at the little bit of blood on his hand. "I'm fine, Mom," he groaned, unbuckling his seatbelt and looked at her. "Aw, Mom, don't start crying. I'm fine, it's just a bump," he assured her and opened the car door. His mother exited on the other side and went to go check on the other car.

Three people were standing there, next to another car with its hood crushed like tin foil. A very large man, who could have easily passed as a bodyguard, was standing protectively near a fair-looking young woman who looked about Zach's age. Miria stared in shock as she recognized the third - a scholarly looking man, thin and tall. He was not from the Mortal Plane, where they were now. He lived in the Kingdom of the Sun. She could only think of one reason why they would be here, and she feared it.


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