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School of the Supernatural (Chapter 1)

Book By: Bee2282

This is a story about a young girl named Lena, she has a sketchy past and is trying to start over as her dad enrolls her into a boarding school which is seemingly normal, but before she knows it everything is turned upside down as she is thrust into the world of the supernatural, people with inhuman powers and she is soon informed that she is one of them. This school yeah will be anything but normal for Lena.

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Lena is thrown into the ground.

"Do you have your emergency money?"


"What about your clothes and things, do you have your school supplies?"

"Dad, I got this, it's just boarding school you dont have to look like I'm going off forever." If only I knew how wrong I was.

"Ok sweety I'm just making sure you have everything you need, and if the past is any indicator I might just not see you for a while." There was a sad note to his voice as he said this, like it was a painful reminder.

"Dad I'm fine okay just leave!" I didnt mean to sound harsh, but I hated things being dragged on like this. Although later I would come to regret these being the last words I said to him.

"Well.. Whatever happens honey, please just remember that I love you no matter what okay?" he was choking up now.

I shut the car door and walked away, whats up with him today, You'd think I was going off to war with the way he said goodbye, I mean there were still phone calls allowed here and plus every month was parents day.

OK so this was just an ordinary day, my first day at my new school and believe me I've had plenty of first days at plenty of schools so this couldnt be any different. I get why he was worried, I dont exactly have a bright track record at all my previous schools, I mean if you count arsonry and punching a teacher in the face but hey no one ever asked for my side of the story. I did do all those things but for reasons no one would understand, they'd probably just call me insane and put me in some mental asylum. Not how I wanted to start my school year, even though it was a live in school, I'm sure I could get the hang of it.

Walking up to the front steps, I spared one last glance back at my dad. He was watching me walk in now, jeez this was weird even for him. Sighing, I walked in irritated already. The hallway was full of teenagers chatting and catching up after their summer apart, I wouldn't know what that would be like, I never made it long enough in one school to make any friends before some 'incedent' happened. DIng DIng Ding! The bell sounded, it was time for homeroom, students all around were shuffling over to their classes, I walked over to class 9b, my new class. Student were throwing paper airplanes around, one chunky kid was throwing spit wads at this girl who shrieked and yelled "EWW" and threw scissors at him. It was sorta chaotic in here and I could relate to that,maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

The teacher walked in, and as soon as he walked in he muttered under his breath "another year in this hell hole" and gave the chunky kid with the spit wads a deathstare, that stopped him. He was wearing a striped button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up with suite pants.He even had a few buttons open, he managed to make the teachers outfit look as casual as possible. His hair was a sandy colour and was a styled mess. He had a miserable expression.

"Okay class, settle down or else" he barely even yelled, but just with that the whole class straightened up and went into silence, that didnt take much.
"So as most of you were here last year and the years before, no introduction needed. Oh wait, Lena right?" he was looking at me and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

"Uh yes, Lena" I hated being the centre of any sort of attention.

"Yes what?" he was still staring directly at me.

"Yes... sir?"

"Is that a quesion?" he narrowed his eyes at me, so much for being casual.

"No sir." I tried to spit as much venom into that as possible, I hated adults who acted superior, almost as much as I hated the attention.

"Well Lena welcome to your new life, and just to let you know, subtlety is NOT our strong suite, we believe in leaving things out in the open here, just like my ex-wife did with our pool boy" he said miserabely. "So since all of you all know how this works, who wants to start off Lena's tour?"

"Me!" yelled a perky blond girl with a high pony tail, she looked like your average cheerleader.

"Hmm" he took a moment to consider "no that would be to nice and besides you did it last years freshmen, you werent entertaining enough" he looked around the class carefully, then his eyes brightened with a mischievous look that I never thought I'd see in a teacher, almost like a kid pulling a prank. "Cameron, yes perfect cameron you're the man for this job now do me proud" He was grinning now.

What kind of phsycotic school did my dad enroll me in?

A guy stood up from his desk, he looked like trouble even to me. He had jet black hair swept over his right eye, he was dressed in a grey T-shirt and black slim pants but what caught my attention the most were his eyes, I mean they were like this bottomless pit of black, but then for a moment they shifted to grey and then back to black. I blinked twice and looked again, still black but he was smiling in a 'I know what your thinking way'. this is weird. He looked me over and looked like he wasnt satisfyed with what he saw, he grunted and muttered a "do I have too Mr. Dawn?"

"Yes, Mr Cameron, now stop wasting my time and get it over with"

Sighing, he stepped towards me and nearly walked into me. he was an inch away from my face and my heart beat picked up, and I felt my face go red which to my humiliation he seemed to notice.

He took hold of my hand and pulled me to the front of the class before I could protest.

I was so confused I couldnt string enough words up to form a sentence. As I gathered my thoughts trying to figure out what kind of tour this was. That was answered within the next second.

Suddenly the wind was knocked out of me as Cameron lifted me up as high as he could, and let go. I screamed as I fell straight down to the tiled ground of the classroom, I closed my eyes shut waiting for the moment of contact between me and the hardground, it never came and instead I seemed to fall through it. I fell through the ground, it took me several moments to register this, it felt cold when I fell through, like falling into a bucket of ice.
When I opened my eyes I looked up at the place I fell through, it was transperent and Cameron was looking down at me smiling, looking pleased with himself to. I was too stunned to react but I mannaged to get up and I finally noticed my surroundings. There were no walls, it was endless in every direction. Then an owl flew up next to me, it was pure snow white and it landed on my shoulder, it started going hoot, hoot and flapped its wings. It took off and perched itself on a tree I could've sworn that wasn't there a second ago. "Speed things along will ya" Mr. Dawn was yawning as he said it but somehow his voice seemed very distant, like it was coming from down a long hallway.

When I looked back towards the owl, still perched on its tree the whole place turned into a spacious loft, with maroon brick walls. The owl hooted again then came down towards me, transforming into Cameron in an explosion of feathers.

"What kind of illusion is this! or am I just going crazy" I was filled with a dozen emotions: amazement, fear, confusion, wonder. I didnt know where to begin.
"This is your guide, tour, introduction. whatever you wanna call it." he said it like this was the most normal thing ever.

"Guide to what exactly?" was all I managed to come out with.

"Okay lets begin shall we, everyday your going to get a little piece of information to deal with, because apperently at the beggining new students were just bombarded with so much info that they had some sort of mental meltdown. Bad for business here you see, so lets begin with your first vision."

And just like that there was a chair behind me, materializing out of nowhere. "Please, have a seat"
Once I was seated he snapped his fingers and there was a blackboard infront of him, he jotted two words down ; Supernatural Beings

"We exist outside of nature, like flukes except we arent flukes, we are masterpieces created by the Gods. We exsibit the power and ability to do supernatural things, we are superior to mortals in many ways. For example, I have the gift of being able to create illusions and worlds of my own, I come up with it in my mind and project my thoughts on to my surroundings. Everything here seems and feels real but isnt. I could trap a person in a world of my creation for as long as I wanted, and the thing is time is much faster here than it is in reality. So 5 hours here is barely 10 minutes up there."

I stared at him like he was insane, or maybe I was the insane one. I looked around then peeked back up at the ground I fell through (Still cant get over that part, falling through the ground and all) Finally I looked back up at him and mustered a reply. "So what your saying is, this is a school for people with powers? like the x-men? or superman?"

"Well... yeah pretty much. Although we're all from earth here as far as I know"
"Then why am I here?" Thats the next most logical question I could think of, not that there was anything even remotely logical about all this.
"Isn't that obvious? To be our human slave" He was grinning again and his eyes shifted colours to grey once more.

"CAMERON BE SERIOUS" Mr. Dawns voice came booming all around.
"Jeez can no one take a joke?" Cameron sighed. "You're one of us genuis, a divine being, a godlike creature, a creation of the heavens, a ---"
"Cut the theatrics, last warning Cameron or you get monster clean up" Mr.Dawn said, sounding less irritated but he has an icy edge to the tone of his voice.

And wait, did I just hear him say 'monster clean up' ?
Cameron rolled his eyes and muttered something that sounded like 'I've always hated his ability to see into illusions' under his breath.
"Look did I have to make this illusion stranger for you by throwing you into the ground? No but I did it anyway, someones gotta make these things more interesting" He said as-a-matter-of-factly.
"Back on topic, you're a preternatural, and welcome to Westwood high, home to all supernatural ones"



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