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Eva's choice part1

Book By: Beyond our silence

When Eva a soon to be Creature Hunter falls for a Fairy she must decide whether to turn her back on everything she's worked for or kill him.

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"It's simple," Nettie told Eva as she wiped the fresh Were blood from her knife on her jeans. "You just have to get into the party, find the king and shoot him in the head with this." She handed her a gun loaded with iron bullets. Nettie was a Creature Hunter, she'd killed vampires, werewolves, and demons, but tonight it was fairy killing.

"And how exactly am I supposed to sneak into a Fey New Years party?" Eva asked shoving the gun into her custom made leather hunter's belt.

"Just act like you belong there, besides you could pass for a fairy." It was true. Eva's delicate bone structure, long silvery blond hair, light creamy skin tone and radiant blue, green eyes gave her that paticular fairy look. Nettie could pass for it as well. She was a pretty asian girl, her long blue black hair with a pink streak, high cheek bones and coal black eyes could confuse any fairy.

"Don't let it bother you," she noted at her worried expression, "you can do it, and afterwards you'll officially be a Creature Hunter."

That caught Eva's attention. That's what she wanted ; to be known as a Creature Hunter. Fierce and un afraid, able to take on anything in her path, unstoppable.


Nettie nodded a few strands of hair falling form her loose bun, "You'll fit the bill kid, after tonight you'll have killed one of every night person. And after killing the king there won't be one Creature Hunter who doesn't know your name."

Eva took a breath. Known by all Creature Hunters, the accomplishment was so close she could taste it. The out come was so easy to imagine; casually walking down the street when a Creature Hunter would catch her eye gasp in suprise and respect her greatly.

A smile spread across her lips, "I'm ready."

" You still have the directions I gave you?"

Eva felt around her pocket, and pulled out a little crumpled up sheet of paper with freshly printed directions on it.

Nettie nodded in approvement, "Good luck, Eva. You know where to go when your finished." Nettie jumped, it wasn't too far down but, where Eva would've stumbled Nettie landed gracefully on her feet like a cat.

She sighed in envy before setting off in the Fey's direction.

Eva was excited, but at the same time anxious, she couldn't help that. Yes she had killed numerous night people before but they'd all been unimportant and unprotected. The king of the Fey would be heavily guarded, one wrong move and she could be snatched up and killed. No! She pushed the thought away desperatly holding onto her adrenaline as she walked down the dark alley way.

Eva enjoyed doing this, alleys didn't scare her, no matter how cold and dark. It's where the scum were and she was strong easily taking down any gang member that thought they could easily have her. They had no idea just how capable Eva was no matter her size, and once they figured it out it would be too late she would have them, and they would be dead. She grinned, not nicely. She'd been called a bad guy on many occasions mainly by the dirt bags she was killing, but she didn't see it that way. She wasn't a cold heartless murderer in fact thats exactly who she had been working to wipe out for almost her entire life. She was good not evil. Right?

Eva stopped in front of a wall. It looked like the back of an abandoned hotel, but she knew better. She ran her hands along the moldy bricks. According to Nettie one of the bricks was supposed to trigger sort of door like in one of those cheesy old movies with the creepy rooms behind a book case. Her hand stopped on a loose brick, she gave it a little wiggle. Sparks began flying around the edges of it and it looked like it might explode. It didn't instead the sparks grew bigger surronding Eva and pulling her through the wall. When it was all over Eva landed on her butt on a golden path leading up to the Fey palace. There was a long line of fairies all dressed up and waiting to go inside.

Sge looked down at herself she was wearing all black, her hair was a mess and her gun was sticking out.

She slid off the hairband wrapped tightly aound her wrist to put her hair into a loose bun. Now for the gun issue, her pants were skin tight so she decided 2 slip it in her very loose shirt tucked into the waist band of her pants, she had to adjust the gun just right in order to make it look normal. By the end of it she felt weird and nervous but at least she looked good. She checked herself out one last time before slipping into the line behind a beautiful blond fairy girl. As she looked around she noticed that all the fey girls had one thing in common..glitter at the corners of their eyes. Eva suddenly felt like she was sticking out like a sore thumb. She tapped the shoulder of the fairy in front of her not about to let one flaw hold her back. The blond turned around and gave her a charming fey smile. "Yes?" Her voice sounded like silk so sweet and soft it just about put her in a trance. She shook her head, stupid fey magic! "Uh yeah I seem to be lacking in the glitter department have any I can borrow?" "Well of course! Us fey girls got to stick together, besides I never leave the house without back up. You know glitter is just what wheels the boys in." She giggled at herself while she unzipped her purse and handed her a small container of glitter from Target. Huh fairy's shop at department stores who would've guessed. Nettie would get a kick out of that. Eva unscrewed the glitter got a dab on her finger and sprinkled little dashes of gold across her eye lids. "Thanks." She handed the glitter back to blondie. "No problem!" She dropped the glitter in her purse then stood in line in silence. It seemed like forever before Eva finally reached the of front the line. The the guard at the entrance took his time looking her over every inch of her body. She was worried he might realize what she was but when he told her to go on in she felt an rush of relief then walked inside.


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