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Vampire Alice

Book By: BlissJ

Down the rabbit hole many mysterious things happen, there's the guard who doesn't trust anyone, there's the tribes that limit human population and most importantly there's the king who is interested in many things such as creating more life in the alternate reality and his particular like to ousiders (persons not from this alternate reality)

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Chapter 1

'Hush little baby don't say a word' he sang while a small 3 year old child in a luxurious crib stared up at him with her golden eyes, his harsh voice was interrupted with a knock at the door. A servant came in and bowed low. 'Your highness you are needed in the great hall to discuss the matter of the rebels' the servant said slowly and more quietly than usual. He let out a sigh, that was all that seemed to be discussed these days, and then left the room returning a few hours later.

When he returned the child was sleeping, he picked her up slowly and gently as to not wake her. He was returning to the human realm, the vampire population was at present quite large in this alternate realm but filled with rebels that diminished the rather small human population of this realm. They could however not return to the human realm there were far too many hunters that knew too much there. The rebels had had many targets some that could be pushed aside, this time the target was his daughter it was impossible for her to remain here. He exited through one of the few remaining warps to the human realm and saw that much had changed in this realm. A small house just opposite looked ideal for her to stay, he took one last look at her before using a strong compulsion on the humans that lived there, then left through the warp again.


Only one of the rebel tribes still had young children, all the others their children had grown up or been killed very few of them were just sent away. This tribe was heading the same way as the rest of them; all young people were weak and just extra burden that was the way the rebel tribes thought. The little boy who was about 3 knew very little but his mother had seen just how the others had looked at him and then at her, the longer they saw him.

The way she travelled to the other realm was a lot more painful than simply walking through a warp like royalty did so easily. It was an ancient ritual, composed of covering oneself in vines and chanting an old text. She would be able to use a warp in the human realm to get back thankfully.

All warps and rituals ended up bringing you to the same place in the human realm; it was the safest place for vampires to traverse to, so really it was just coincidence that she ended up choosing the same house, a year later. However it was a lot less simple, she may have been the most civilized out of the rebels but an opportunity to pass up food was impossible, the only reason she stopped was firstly for her sons sake and the fact that a little girl walked into view, staring at her with large golden eyes. She simply stated that she didn't want him anymore; the family that lived in that house rather strangely accepted him.


9 years later ~~~

I looked up at the huge mansion in front of us, it was a wonder that dad could of afforded such a grand looking house. All the stuff had been delivered and unpacked 2 weeks ago and a week ago mum and dad had set up it all up. We weren't too bothered about the inside of the house we walked straight through out into the back garden. It was huge but was mostly taken up by a large maze. 'Race you to the middle' I called out to my brother. He just looked at me at then raced off. I raced after him; the maze was a complicated one full of twists and turns. I saw the center with about 8 other ways to get to the center, I dashed to the space. He had beaten me he was spread out on the grass staring up at the sky, his breathing even. I was panting heavily after sprinting to the center. He sat up and said 'I see you finally got here slow poke'.

'Well of course, I had to find out what was in the center' I said rather annoyed.

'only a small hole, it doesn't even look very deep' he said bored with the concept of it already. He stood up 'well we could jump in it but all you're gonna find is that we just get muddy'. It had begun to rain.

'come on we can use it for shelter' I said as I pulled him in, he started to protest then stopped when we began to realize that we were falling further than we thought, we just kept falling. We saw what looked like a sheet of glass all shimmering and clear showing a further fall, the speed we falling at we would surely be killed by the glass.

Chapter 2:

We hit and didn't hit the glass at the same time, we just simply kind of fell through it was quite like jumping into a pool when you go under the surface, of course we didn't get wet. The ground below that was very close afterwards and we simply dropped to the ground without too much pain the water like substance had slowed our fall.

The area was much like a cave, so we followed the tunnel round the corner and emerged to find we were in a forest, a man was a short distance away and he had small white rabbit ears it was rather strange to look at. He turned around and faced us, there was a gun in his hand and it was pointed directly at us. It took me moment to fully grasp what was actually happening, as you know this isn't the sort of thing that usually happens everyday. His eyes traveled up and down scanning us slowly, when he was looking directly into my eyes he lowered the gun and apologized 'sorry princess I didn't realize it was you' his eyes lowered to look at the ground.

'That's quite alright, but I wish to go home now.' I said using a formal tone.

'Of course' he looked behind me at my brother with distaste 'and you wish to bring him as well'.

'I do, are you challenging my choice of company' I said, there was a part of me that knew what to say before I said it and then a part of me that had no idea what I was really saying.

'No, no not at all' he said and began walking at a brisk pace. I was practically running to keep up with him. When he stopped in front of a large wooden door he called out something I didn't understand and the door opened with a loud creak. We walked along a series of long hallways that all looked the same to me. We arrived at another much smaller wooden door and were told to enter after the man had knocked.

There was a man sat on the throne he looked quite young to be a king. He looked at the man who had bowed low. 'Thank you James, you can go now' the king said, as the man who had taken us here left the room. 'its nice to see you, I like to see who enters my kingdom through the warps, its interesting as most cannot find their way through to here, and others simply are killed by James' he said. A servant came in and placed a tray with 2 small glasses of blue liquid by the throne and left straight afterwards. 'It is interesting I would like to see if there is more than meets the eye. Drink this.' He motioned at me then paused while thinking you could see it on his face that it really bothered him, after a long pause he motioned to my brother as well. I took a small sip of the liquid; it tasted really good like a strawberry slushie without the ice.

I looked at my hand it had begun to glow a faint gold color and so had my arm; it was a similar color to my eyes. I slowly bowed to the king. 'Father I feel I should leave the castle more often, I want to go explore the outside more. I have heard you speaking of the rebels putting a target on me but I will be careful, also you should be more careful if you don't want me to hear things' I said confidently, then I looked around disorientated for a moment, my skin had stopped glowing.

'Thank you for trusting me' the king said while looking directly at me, his eyes then turned to my brother. The king tilted his head to the side and asked 'are you not going to follow her example I assure you it is not poison'.

'I am not as trusting as my sister, we know very little about you and we were just threatened by what appears to be one your men, I can't just forget that' my brother said with a cold glare directed at the king.

'come on Adrian, I know he won't hurt us' I said my voice sounded like it was pleading, odd really as I hardly knew this man. His gaze softened as he turned to face me his voice was also a lot softer when he spoke to me 'ok I but I blame you if I die' he was over exaggerating. He took a small sip, he then set the glass down on the tray and a cruel smirk crossed his face. 'What a joy to be…graced with your presence' he said sarcastically in a very unbothered tone. 'Oh dear this previous body is unequipped there's nothing that I can use' he said in a very distasteful tone. He suddenly turned to me 'I found...' his eyes were a vibrant red before returning to their normal blue. The king looked shocked he had recognized something I hadn't. Adrian looked at the king and I saw the hint of a smirk. I didn't remember anything that had happened after my hand had started to glow but maybe he did.

'It was lovely to meet you two, but you have to go now back to your…home' he said smiling at both of us though I sensed it was more directed at me. 'But first a small thing for you' another servant came in with two more small glasses. 'a small token of appreciation at you coming here'. It looked and smelled just like the last liquid which had tasted so good so I didn't hesitate to drink this glass, the taste was the same but had a different after taste. Adrian stared at the glass and then at the king 'thank you' he said and then drank it faster than me. 'I would like to see you again once you have both turned 16, you may want to stay at that time' the king said looking at us directly in the eyes one by one.

'Sure but we can come back here whenever we want before that right' I said because this place seemed so nice and it needed to be explored.

'Yes but I would rather you not' the king said distracted by his thoughts.


We left the kings room and were escorted out of the palace to a door that when we opened showed more of that glass like substance; we weren't scared of dying anymore we just walked through it and got the same sensation.

We were back in the center of the maze, we had obviously been at that castle a long time as it was dark this time we didn't race we just walked out using previous knowledge of the maze made it a lot quicker to get out that it had to get in. our parents were on the porch, they looked so relieved when we walked towards them. 'Where were you?' dad asked.

Mum was crying 'I was so worried' she said through sobs.

'You didn't need to worry we just had to go find the middle of the maze, we didn't realize how long we were we sort of lost track of time' Adrian said slowly.

'That's okay we're just glad to have you back' dad said.


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