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The Light of Shi'va, Chapter 3

Book By: Briiee

This is the third chapter to my story The light of shi'va.

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She continued down the enchanting tunnels that called to her innermost self. She couldn't speak, she could hardly think apart from the constant stream of images that crowded her mind, searing their place into her memory. The stories Bri'da told her once long ago were all here in the inscriptions, but they were separated by great expanses of tragedy and betrayal. The hero of her childhood seemed to be shrinking under the weight of the menacing villain. Whoever inscribed upon the ancient walls was either the master of an unimaginable story or a remarkable survivor. But why then am I drawn to this story? She wondered to herself.

Tunnel upon tunnel, image upon image, vacant thought upon vacant thought; everything seemed never-ending. As she wove herself through the tunnels, she slowly began to realize that nothing about the Labyrinth was misplaced or even random. The hypnotic story, itself, was placed like the sentences of a book. And this book seemed to be one of epic proportions.

She walked forward with unwavering pace, determined to find whatever lies within and entranced by the advancing story.

She knew that by now she should be exhausted; she had been traveling through the night at least, but she felt as if she had only just woken up. What is with this pace? I feel more vital and stronger than any magic has ever made me. The magic that encompasses this place must be phenomenal. The Princess was becoming more and more hesitant of what magic bewitched this ancient place, but she felt no danger emanating from it. She was simply struck by ignorant fear; she feared whatever she didn't know. She tried to reason with the fear, but she knew it was frivolous.

As she progressed she heard the familiar, but completely out of place roar of rushing water. It sounded as if there was internal waterfall hidden further into the tunnels. The walls, she noticed, were covered with a layer of dew and moss. She continued on with her journey, watching with an intense fervor, trying to learn as much as she could about the translucent figures that clouded her vision. She couldn't help, but feel a small attachment growing towards the beloved King and Queen of the story. She was struck by how selfless they were, how they were willing to give up everything for the lives of their people.

The growing noises pulled her from her entranced state and she began to notice small lizards-like creatures climbing the tunnel walls. What on earth are these little creatures doing here? If they are here that must mean there is water close. The princess thought to herself and she carefully maneuvered around a small feud two lizards seemed to be caught up in.She watched with fascination as their chests seemed to swell and with utter surprise as small bursts of flames rushed out of their mouths. Dragons? Why are there dragons in the labyrinth? What is this place? Does Bri'da know about this? The princess thought to herself in bewilderment.

She worked her way through the maze of baby dragons and made her way towards the end of the tunnel. She stopped just a few feet from the end of the tunnel, engulfed in her thoughts. She sat down on the damp ground and began to sort through her pack searching for her food. As she consumed some bread, one of the little dragons inched its way over to her, surprising her greatly when it climbed onto her hand snatched a little piece of bread and curled itself into a small ball, falling fast asleep. Well aren't you a little character! At least you didn't steal all of it. The Princess slowly brought the snoring bundle to close and cradled it in her arms, watching it flip onto its back with content. She sat with the snoring bundle for what seemed like a great while, becoming more and more attached to the dragon and its entrancing mannerisms. She watched it until she fell asleep finally feeling the exhaustion that had remained vacant for so long.

She dreamt of an intense fire. Everywhere in her dream were the screams of people all trying to escape the inferno that was quickly engulfing everything in its path. She tried to run herself, she tried to scream for help when the fire advanced towards her, but all she heard was the wails of an infant somewhere in the room but she couldn't see where it was. She quickly awoke just as the fire seemed to engulf her.

Still dazed from her nightmare she pressed on towards where ever the water was. When it seemed she was finally approaching the water's source the tunnel would seem to go the other direction again. The walls, as she progressed, were becoming lusher with plants that she had no name for. They seemed to glow like the inscriptions had and she knew no natural plant should or would do this.

Finally she approached a vast clearing to a remarkable cave.


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