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The Light of Shi'va, Chapter 4

Book By: Briiee

a Glorious cavern becomes a nightmare.

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As she stepped through the last confines of the Labyrinth, she stood amazed as light filtered down from a small opening in the cavern ceiling. The light then set the cavern ablaze as it bounced off of a glorious array of crystals that latticed up the sides of ancient pillars; down from an impossible height, a beautiful waterfall cascaded to a faintly luminescent pool of water, from which, the water rose once more in a mist that shrouded the cavern in a mysterious fa├žade. Plants of various and unfamiliar form filled the lush landscape of the cavern, a mix that painted the cavern with colors more brilliant than that of the most admired painter could fathom.

She wandered aimlessly through the cavern hoping to find a clearing that she could set up a small camp in for the night. As she traveled threw the cavern she began to wonder to herself. What kind of earthly forces could have created a place such as this? And where did the pillars come from, surely someone must have built them?

Finally, she found a suitable place to rest for the night and took out her stuff and decided that it would be best to find some food since she didn't know how much longer it would be before she found her way back to Bri'da. She listened to the sweet melodies of songbirds as night fell upon this magical place, but before she could go in search of food the melodic tunes slowly lulled her into a tremendously deep slumber.

When she awoke the next morning she was startled to find the little dragon she had befriended wedged tightly against her sleeping as peacefully as she had. She slowly wrapped her hands around the tiny little dragon and pulled it into her arms, savoring its company as it awoke with a bewildered expression on its face. As it came fully aware it continued to stare at her tilting its head back and forth mimicking her when she would move her mouth to speak.

Suddenly, in a far off part of the cavern she could hear the tremendous ruckus of footfalls and falling foliage. She lurched to her feet within seconds and continued on in an intense sprint searching for a place for her and the terrified dragon to hide. The more she looked the more she realized that the cavern was not a natural feature. Behind the flora were smooth iridescent walls of some unknown stone, without even the smallest crack or fissure.

With no other feasible option she began gathering fronds and branches hoping to create a spot big enough for her and the dragon to hide.

Once the rushed shelter was erected she quickly threw herself and the dragon beneath it. She held the little creature close for nearly an hour, stopping only because the little creature refused to be held any longer. She watched it as it sniffed at the air and shifted its head back and forth as it listening to whatever searched for them outside. As they spent their time in the tight space she felt a small sense of comfort begin to form. The dragon stood ready to pounce at anything that dared question its authority.

She found herself in several fits of silent laughter when the dragon found its territory threatened by unknowing insects and quickly devoured the treacherous fiends. Soon, though, not even this brought any comfort to her. Her legs were on fire from relentless cramps and she soon regretted not having had enough sense to grab her supplies when she made off her mad scramble.

Desperate, she lurched out of the small shelter and made of in a full run towards her camp from the previous night. She felt splendid relief and nauseating fear as she ran; she was immeasurably grateful to be working the cramps out of her legs, but completely horrified because she knew that she was in a lot of danger outside of her shelter.

Crashing out of the dense foliage, as if answering her fears, came a creature of immense size. Grand snarling teeth and vicious claws were the only features that seemed to register as she fell backwards, swiftly rolling out of the way just moments before an enormous set of jaws clashed together in the space she previously occupied. She quickly got back onto her feet and again made a dash for her supplies.

As she approached her camp it became clear to her that the creature knew her scent and had been actively searching for her. Everything she had touched was stained with thick saliva and was shredded.

She turned around just in time to see that the creature was fixing to attack once again. It pounced at her; again she narrowly managed to avoid its massive jaws. She struggled her way free from the beast and just as it was about to bring down its mighty claws the little dragon flew into the face of the beast and latched onto its nose and thrashed about.

In one fleeting instant the creature thrashed its mighty skull against a tree and effectively sent the brave little assailant crashing into the trunk of another tree with a loud thud. He fell to the ground and stared up at her until not even his chest seemed to move anymore.

Frustrated, royally pissed, and devastated by the loss of her new friend she muttered, "Ma cru'va! Na she ma'i riptica!" in a enraged tone and from her hands came an intense torrent of blinding light that petrified the cruel beast where it stood poised to strike.

She slowly made her way over to the little body and picked it up carrying it with her as she left the campsite.


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