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The Light of Shi'va, Chapter 5

Book By: Briiee

In this chapter Bri'da restores life to the little dragon and soon finds herself in turmoil.

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I dashed as quickly as I could, tears streaming down my face, attempting to gather myself and return to the tunnels that led me to this unknown place. I found where I first encountered the little dragon; my vision clouded with the worsening onset of emotions and I sat down with the poor little creature in my lap. My heart grew heavy with nostalgia because I knew it may already be too late to save the little creature.

I placed my hand delicately over the little creature's head, careful not to disturb the vivid bruises that were forming. Without an extra thought I expelled as much energy as I possibly could into the little creature's body. My vision grew darker and darker as I forced my energy into the unwilling body until finally I lost consciousness and slipped into another terrifying nightmare.


He, a grim presence hidden beneath a massive black cloak, sauntered forward. His footfalls sounded loudly as he progressed through the room to a baby. This baby was hidden away under many blankets inside a bassinette, so many that the only clue of the baby's presence was the lonely, tormented cries. Frost covered every available surface within the enormous palace room, a reminder of the harsh winters this land suffers.

Finally, reaching the crying babe, the sinister man spoke. "Your parents are gone, your people are fearful and lost, you are mine now." He took the baby into his arms and held the baby close, not with affectionate warmth, but with necessity and began to leave the palace room. Suddenly, he turned around and looked up at my viewpoint, and to my surprise seemed to stare right into my mind, his lips splayed into a sadistic smile and he said "Did you miss me, Zyanya?"


Instantly I awoke from the nightmare, disoriented and confused. My mind raced with fear. What was that? Who was he? How does he know me? Who am I? I would have continued to spiral through endless unspoken questions, but an impatient little dragon kept climbing across my chest, then onto my head, jumping back down to my lap, trying to gain my attention. My fear vanished quickly as I realized that the little guy survived. I took him into my arms and watched as he flipped onto his back as I scratched his ear.

I stood up as the rest of my strength returned and began to head back to Bri'da. The little dragon climbed up onto my shoulder where it soon sat down and watched the walls curiously. The walls again glowed as I passed them, but this time the runes emitted a beautiful blue light that played across the deep jade scales of the dragon.

I ran as fast as I could through the labyrinth. I raced to get home to Bri'da because I knew she would be at home in her favorite chair worrying about me. I had so much to tell her and to ask her. There was only one thing I was sure of anymore and that was that I had to find out the truth about my past, I would not allow Bri'da to delay it any further. I knew she knew the secrets of my past and everything I didn't understand. I ran through tunnel after tunnel, until finally I found the exit I have always known.

I climbed the remaining stairs, but soon paused as I heard the all too familiar voice from my dream.

The man screamed harshly into the still night air, "Where is she Bri'da? You knew this day was going to come! Where is she? Where is Zyanya?"

I listened as Bri'da explained that I had run off a few days prior and she had no idea where I ran off to. I listened with tears in my eyes as I heard the many slaps of a whip flash across Bri'da's delicate body. I longed to run and help Bri'da, but I knew I needed to remain hidden, or all of Bri'da's torture would be in vain. My silent sobs grew ever harder as each strike was laid.

I sat there through the night, until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and I fell into a troubled sleep. That was the last I time I heard and saw Bri'da.


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