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The Returnee's chapter 2

Book By: bullet90

Chapter 2 is about Alve forced by her parents to start over again in a strange new town, after fleeing their last town fro fear of being charged with mass murder after they were the only survivers in the massecer.

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Alve was still asleep trying to avoid school when, her dad came in, in a panic and looking very stressed when he told her she needs to get up, get dressed and quickly grab what she wants to take with her in a bag and be ready to go in ten minutes. Alve was confused about what is going on but did not dare to follow him out of the room and ask. She has never seen him in a panic before he has always appeared and acted so calm. Her mum has always been the one to panic. Dragging her self out of bed still feeling exhausted and wanting to return to her warm bed. She opened her pant draw and her top draws to get out her favorite clothes to take with he. In a hurry she put on a green skivy and a blue par of skinny legged jeans. She forgot about bras figuring she would be in the car. Once her suit case from under her bed was almost full she opened the draw beside her bed and took out the few important photos some off which were off her and Emily and her not long before she vanished. She stopped to look at the photos for a few minutes forgetting about her dads panicked words to her a few minutes ago, remember the last moments she had with Emily but she was soon interrupted with her dad again. This time he did not look as panicked he seemed a bit calmer. But he did not look happy to see that she had not grabbed everything she wanted. He asked her in an annoyed voice for not listening to him if she has everything she wants to take with her. Feeling afraid of letting him down she lied and said yes I'm ready to go. He smiled as he said well then let's go and hit the road then! He let down on the ground near his feel and grabbed her briefcase for her. Alve had not thought he would grab her bag but was happy to see the gentleman in him is still here. Writing by Stacey Bailey


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