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The Returnee's chapter 4

Book By: bullet90

Alve had been left behind by her parents after she slipped down the steers and was knocked un-contious. When she awakes she is unable to see anything except blurs. Panicking about were her parents are she attempt to get up and starts calling for help without knowing she is endangering herself much more.

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As Alve lay at the bottom on the steers with a small blanket placed over her legs and tummy she started feel pain everywhere in her body. As she opened her eyes she could only faint blurs that did not make a lot of sense. Closing her eyes in the hopes that if she rests them for a while she will start to see clear. While trying to remember how she ended up at the bottom in the steers, she rembered that she and her parents are meant to be leaving. Worried they have left without her, she slowly opened her eyes hoping for a much clear picture. Seeing blurriness still but to afraid to rest until she knows we're her parents, are she clamped her teeth together braving the pain she can feel shooting up like small needles jabbing into her skin. Trying to see where her hands are to use them to help herself up, was extremely difficult without being able to see clearly. She accidentally stuck her hand down while trying to get up on a piece of glass. At that moment she did not know if it was glass or not but felt it probably is seeing how it hurts and has jared itself it het hand. Afraid to move in case she ends up with more glass on her hand or both of her hands, she sat there with tears welling up in her eyes and blood running down her arm. Barley able to see anything she closed her eyed and started yelling out for help. Knowing nothing of the towns people all being dead. A group called the Promised Ones, along with the servants of the dead who are looking for her both for diffrent reasons heard her calling out and started tracking her by sound of where her voice is coming from.


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