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chapters 1 - 3 of angel

Book By: Cherekee

this is part of angel

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Chapter 1
I'm your sweetheart he said to her as they lay beneath the stars hes holding his head up while she holds him in the dark will you love me for now and forever yes he says 3 years later she gose in to the doctor doctor says your peregnet the girl is only 20 shes not ready for a child but the boy looks into her eyes I want this baby it will be my world as you are please darling let us keep this child the months go by she goes to the doctors office 3 months later its a little girl the boy smiles shes our Angel after 4 months its time for the baby's birth the boy takes her to the ER she has the baby as she had the child she died shortly after having their little Angel the boy had tears in his eyes as he watched the woman he loved pass on 16 years later the girl wants to know what happened to her mother tears formed in her eyes as her dad tells her about her mother the girl gose to bed that night thinking about her mother she falls asleep that night she dreamed about her mother she wakes screaming her dad runs in shes was crying and her father holds her close shush my daughter she crys over and over he holds her that night they saw an angel fly into her window a mother and a lover as days go by and the girl relizes her mothers always been there in her heart she runs in the house one day after skool dad dad she said I found myself today her dad just looked her mom is here she said in our hearts her dad hit his knees sweetheart i know i was waiting for the right moment to tell you we are moving the girl yells at her dad and runs out of the house crying why god the girl yells as she hit the ground why did you take her from me I want mom she yelled at the sky tears in her eyes I wish I knew her the girl whispered in the wind then a woman came up to the girl is there something wrong miss the lord took my mom and I cant live with it the woman looks at the girl sweetie your moms here in your heart her dad runs out Angel he said as he looked into the woman's eyes and he saw the woman he loved his daughters mother Ann he said no the woman oh the man said dad whats wrong Angel asked that night I saw your mother in that woman's eyes dad the girl said mom's gone I know you miss her I do to but you cant go crazy about this please dad stop this none since please I'm begging you dad shes crying she runs into her room and looks at the picture of her mother there's a knock on the front door at 10 am Angel goes to the door and answers it it's that woman again dad the girl yells may I help you Angel said my names is Jane I heard about your mother remember you told me yesterday Angel looked at the woman pain in her eyes Angel started to cry sweetie come here her dad said what do you want her dad said to comfort your daughter Angel looked up at the beautiful woman and she saw what her dad did she saw her mother mom Angel said no sweetie I'm not your mom but I am a friend of hers I know you're hurting the woman wrapped her arms around Angel I want to help you your mother was a great woman I'm her best friend.

Chapter 2
Birthday surprise

Angel's 17th birthday is coming up Jane said to John what do I get her Jane asked a CD Angel said as she walked in Angel sweetie how are you Jane asked Im on my last year of skool its hard OK sweetie Angel looked up on the wall at the picture of her mother as she dose everyday you miss her don't you Jane asked with every beat of my heart Angel said then turned towards her room 3 hrs later Angel Jane said yeah Angel asked I'm in here she said Angel sweetie dinners done Angel walked into the kitchen Mm mm smells good Angel said thanks sweetie John said Angel walked up to her dad kissed him on the cheek love you dad love u to Angel Angel sat down lets eat Angel said Jane sat down by John have you told her yet John Told me what Angel asked I'm marring Jane what Angel yelled how why when she said tears in her eyes god I hate you Angel ran out of the house again it hadn't even been a year before he marry her o my god why god why do this to me I'll be good yeah I like Jane but shes not my mom Jane told John let me go talk to her please John OK sweetheart Jane walked outside to the swing sweetie can I talk to you go away just go away I don't want to talk to you right now well you don't have to I will Jane sat down beside Angel sweetie I love your father and you with all my heart please sweetie will you give me a chance Angel fell into Jane's arms just this once I love you too its just Angel said I'm not your mother I know sweetie Angel looked up at Jane I miss her so much I know Jane said she was your mom I miss my mom too Jane looked down into Angel's Will you give me a chance sweetie sure I will you mess up once I will never forgive you 3 days later was Angel's 17th birthday the next few days were hard for Angel her dad was getting married to another woman she just couldn't believe he was doing it Angel sat at the kitchen table one night Jane had gone home for the night Angel asked her dad do you love her love who John asked Jane Angel said not as much as your mother Angel I loved and love your mother Angel Looked at John dad will you keep this one unlike the rest John looked his daughter right into her eyes Angel I love Jane look at me Angel I love her but I will not love her as much as I do your mother I promised your mother the day we found out you that you and her were my world you are my World Anglia Cassie Angel had tears in her eyes I miss her so much Angel set there for at least 20 minutes holding one another I miss her too Angel more than anyone will ever know Angel looked up at that old man and for the first time she saw what her mom did her dad was a child in his eyes she smiled and the child disappeared as her dad's tears fell onto her face dad what's wrong nothing Angel she looked at her dad it's okay mom is here she holds a picture look he looked at the picture of her mom at age 20 Look how beautiful she is her dad looked she's the most beautiful woman in the world isn't she Angel smiled at her dad yes she is I love you dad

Chapter 3
The Wedding
Angel sets in the dressing room waiting on Jane Jane walked out in an amazing wedding dress you look beautiful Jane smiled at Angel really sweetie yes Jane you look beautiful well we should be getting ready for you to walk down that Aile 2 hrs later Jane's walking down the Aile and Angel is standing before her dad smiling her dad looked so surprised she looks amazing Angel her dad said almost as beautiful as your mother did on our wedding day Angel smiled and forced back the tears and looked at Jane a smile on her face then looked at at the crowed and for a second thought she saw her mother and the angel smiled and dissapered into thin air


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