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Imaginary Tale

Book By: CrimsonxButterfly

This is a story of a young boy named Haku Shii [quiet death].He Lives in the old english times with his Father, who is the lord of the country, his mother, and his three brothers. Keep in mind that Shii is only 8 years old when the story begins, he imagines that some things that are not suppose to talk, talk. [like doors, shadows, the wind]
He is basically trapped in his own home, he is not allowed for anyone outside of the castle to see him. His mother & Father keep his identity hidden from the world for some strange reason. When he disobeys, he is well, severely punished. One day, during his punishment he meets a
free-willed man who is rebelling against his fathers country. From that day, his life changed. He learns of new thigns and diffrent kind sof people and creatures existed. And that maybe he isnt so strange after all.

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" Haku! Haku-Shii! Where do you hide" yelled a voice that broke through his joyful silence. Shii sat up opening his soft eyes. "Crunch, crunch, crunch", said the feet of the person running through the snow, the sound was getting louder." There you are!" said the voice. Shii looked up with sullen eyes. One blue the other gold, an unfortunate sign. His angelic, thin, and whispy white hair fell over his soften face. His rosy cheeks and lips, and his thin body almost made him seem like a porcelain doll, to real to be real.

" Hideaki-nii" Shii exclaimed and rose himself off the ground. Shii heard his brother sigh, "mother is cross with you, you know that you are prohibited from going to far from the house" Hideaki replied. Yes, I know because if my "sickness" something that very well didn't exist. Shii put on his "Im sorry" face.

" I just wanted to play" he murmured and walked towards the house where his misery laid. " I know" his brother replied and followed after."No you don't, you say that but you don't. You're not the one who is caged. No, you don't care at all. If you did care, than you wouldn't have found me."whispered Shii (knowing full well his brother hadn't heard him) as he cleared himself of the forest, of his peace, and into the world he longed to be gone.

His family lived in an elaborate home, but well that was expected. After all, his father was the lord of the land and king of the imperial family. There mansion sat on a large area of land, well if he was to guess it would be about 8200 sq ft but that was just a guess. The house itself was quite big, It had 172 bedrooms, 36 bathrooms, 23 powder rooms, 48 storage rooms, 9 kitchens, 7 cleaning rooms and some others that he hadn't counted or gotten to yet. There as also that room, well more like a room below the house. That room, he didn't like to talk about. That room was the start of all his accursed misery….

Haku Shii stood in front of a large genuine door, mothers room.Shii let out a long solemn sigh, and pulled back on of the large silver doorknobs. Unfortunately, the door was to big, so he had to use to hands to knock. Releasing the doorknob, he watched as it slowly made its way back to the door, releasing a loud "clank" sound that ripped through the air like a church bell. " State you name" replied the door immediately after his "clankity" knock as if it where expecting it." It is I, Haku Shii, the 4th and youngest son of Tsune Hizaku" Shi replied back.It seemed as if eternity was passing as the door remained quiet. Did it not like his answer? To accompany the door, Shii silenced his breathing and was attempting to silence the loud beating of his heart when the door spoke once more. " Come in" it said, and so he did just that. As Shii walked in, he found the room to be well lit, which was a bit strange for mothers room. It had always seemed dim, and the room was empty of servants as well.

Six well lit chandeliers hung from the roof, the heat of the fires shadowed against the walls as he walked towards the figure (mother) on the bed. Shii glanced sideway and frowned at the shadows, it was as if the fire shadows where laughing at him. For they moved and danced fairly along the wall with a strange yet constant pattern. "he he, ha-ha. You where caught. Having fun, smiling about. But the one with a smile is left with a pout. While we sing, we dance, along these wall with joy. Of the tempering punishment that will be received by this young boy." They sang. Shii glared and was about to answer when the figure broke him out of the trance he was in.

"Haku" said the figure. He looked up, and there sat mother with a gentle look on her face. Her hair had been pulled back and pinned into a strange bun. She too was wearing a gown, but hers was supposedly an elegant kimono. " My dear child, where have you been" She said cutting off the silence and the laughter of the fire. Shii looked down and noticed the new two shadows that where casted on the floor, his and mothers. He couldn't look up again, for he didn't want to look up at that face, with her sickening sweet tone, her lying brown eyes, her face powdered fair, lips coated with pink paint. It all sickened him to no ends, everyone thought mother was one who was kind and smiled as she passed. HA! He was one who knew her true face, his brothers did to but they ignored it. He hated it, she was like artificial flavoring, fake.

" I was in the kitchen" Shii exclaimed, knowing full well mother never went down to the working quarters and wouldn't dare check there. " Haku Shii, I shall ask only one more time, where have you been" She asked with more of a stern voice. " And you shall go against your word and ask me once more, for my answer will not change. I was in the kitchen" Shi replied broadly and with hints of humor in his voice.

Shii watched as Mothers Shadow got more wild, she was mad now. Her Bun mustn't have been tight enough because her hair was now everywhere, her body also got more broad. " Why is it that your brother told me he found you outside" She said in a husky voice , it reminded me of the yell of a raging bear.

" Because Dear Mater, I had been outside picking frozen blueberries in the garden" Shii replied and wondered how in heck did his brother get here before he did.

" But where you not just in the kitchen" Mother said with a treacherous smile, believing that she was winning." I indeed was, but isn't that the clue Mater, I was in the kitchen. But not anymore" He looked up with a smug smile across his face, no fear. Mothers Shadow was far malevolent than her real face.Mother was now in a terrible anger, she lurched forward and pulled back her hand slapping Haku Shii across his face. The blow sent him flying several inches away.Shii, whose eyes looked unscathed, smiled brightly as he wiped his mouth. No blood, sure tasted like it though.

" You brat! How dare you look at me like that! How dare you lie to me! How dare you even speak back to me!!!" Mother yelled furiously, Shii noticed the spit that flew out of her mouth as she yelled.

" I told you that you were to go as far as the gardens! You where playing around in that treacherous forest where you not!" Mothers eyes suddenly widened, " what would you have done is someone had seen you" She said in a low voice, " what would you have done" she repeated.


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