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Advent of the monarchs Chapter two: the princess

Book By: D Deceive

chapter two, please try to leave a comment....

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"Psst Urosagi..."
"U-ro-sa-gi" He poked her on the shoulder.
"Uuuuurrrrooossssaaaagggiiiii", Sangaru started to whine.
"I apologize for what I'm about to say." She whispered and slowly put down her book.
"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?!" she quickly stood up and spun around.
"Umm what are you reading?"
"You bugged me for the last ten minutes for that?"
"Yes...." He grinned at her.
"Ugh, if you must know it's the report of that attack we had last week." She sat back down.
"Oh the ogre thing?"
"Yeah, after the officials examined it they found a weird device latched onto its head giving it commands." May showed him the picture.
"So what does that mean?"
"I have no clue, but whoever it is, they're targeting you."
"I could have figured that out..." Sangaru said blatantly.
"Oh, speaking of you, I just remembered something very important."
"You have a dinner today."
"I have a dinner every day..." Sangaru leaned back into his chair.
"Yes, but today the princess from the Severeth Empire is going to join you."
"WHAT?!" Sangaru fell out of his chair.
"I recommend you go brush your teeth and take a shower. Plus put on something else. You look barbaric."
"What's wrong with my jacket?" Sangaru said as he stood up.
"Everything, now just go" She nudged him towards his room.

The doors to the palace slowly opened. Leisurely a knight entered and behind him walked in a young girl. Her eyes were milky colored and she had long purple hair tied back into a pony tail. She wore a long silk robe that flowed behind her. Her eyes were sheepishly looking around the room. May slowly approached them and bowed down.
"Welcome to the Quantum Empire your highness."
The young girl walked infront of May, "You may rise. I am princess Meiling Severeth the 13th, this is my knight Wei Shawlong."
May gracefully stood up and looked at the knight. He gave her a little grunt and turned away. She lead them down the long hallway to a room, then suddenly stopped.
"Your highness, before you enter you might want to lower your expectations." May smiled.
"Oh? Is that so? Consider them lowered" she looked up and smiled back.

May took a deep breath as they entered. They walked in the room to find it empty. She quickly looked around to try and find Sangaru when suddenly a door swung open on the other side of the room.
"Urosagi, I couldn't find anything else so I'm just gonna wear this jacket again, I really don't see anything wrong with it." Sangaru said calmly as he walked in.
He was holding a shoe in one hand and a belt in the other. He was in shock when he saw the princess standing right across from him. Then suddenly, his pants slid down. The princess gave a little yelp and covered her eyes. Wei, wasting no time, slung out his sword and placed it directly at Sangaru's throat.
"How dare you do that in front of the princess you lowly scum."
"Wait!" May yelled as she ran between them, "This is a mistake!"
"Yeah, a big mistake!" Sangaru said as he ducked and hid behind her "Tell 'em Urosagi!"
"Do you want me to let him kill you?" she glared at him.
"No ma'am, sorry ma'am."
"I'll have you know, you were about to kill the prince" May turned back to Wei.
He quickly dropped his sword and bowed down.
"M-my apologies."
"No problem" Sangaru smiled.
"Good, now put your pants on. You're still in front of the princess." May said hastily.

"Sorry for that I didn't know you were here" Sangaru said as he sat down at the table.
"No, no it's fine really, I got here early so it's my fault" Meiling waved her hands and smiled at him.
"My name is Sangaru Heryukoro."
"Heryukoro?" She sounded confused.
"Yeah, why?"
"I thought the princess's name was Quanta not Heryukoro"
"Oh yeah you see Sangaru was found with the Quantum energy within him so he was dubbed heir to the throne." May quickly pointed out.
"Oh I see."
"And why do you keep saying princess?" Sangaru asked skeptically.
"Well--.." May scratched her head, then suddenly blurted, "BECAUSE I ACCIDENTLY PUT PRINCESS ON THE LETTER. Hahaha, my mistake sorry...."
Meiling looked surprised,"Oh? But isn't the heir to the throne for the Quantu--"
"Nope sorry hahah! It's this guy!..." May cut her off again.
"Oh..I see" The princess covered her mouth and blushed "My apologies."
"It's fine really... Anyways...and I don't mean to be rude but....Why are you here again?" Sangaru asked as he slumped down into his chair.

"Oh? You mean you were not informed?"
"No....." Sangaru raised a brow.
Meiling started to fidget and then said, "I am to be your wife"
"WHAT?!?!" both May and Sangaru yelled in unison. Sangaru spun around to May "UROSAGI WHY DIDIN'T YOU TELL ME?!"

"Is there a problem?" Meiling asked as she tilted her head.
"Yeah there is!" Sangaru slammed his hands on the table and stood up.
"Oh, I apologize.. Am I not the wife you desired?" She started to tear up.
"N-no... Not at all, I think you're very beautiful! Please don't cry." Sangaru quickly rushed to her side
"Then you'll marry me?" She looked up.
"No! Pshh are you kidding me?! Im only 16!" Sangaru quickly answered.
"Oh, then you're still a little kid, I am 18 years of age."
"Ugh, Urosagi, who usually plans these things anyways?!"
"A priest in our kingdom, if you want I could take--"
"Yes please, let's go. I want to have a word with him."

Sangaru kicked down the door to a small cabin. He walked in and looked around. In the center of the room was a long haired priest in a robe, he had a staff next to his side and was sitting reading a book.
"Hey I'm looking for the priest that does the scheduling thing for the prince!" Sangaru roared.
The priest closed his book. "That would be me, I am Soran Fe--"
"Oh so it's you, is it?!" Sangaru said disgustedly and walked over pulling the priest up by the shirt.
"And who would you be?" Soran calmly said.
"The prince, and I would like to file a complaint!" Sangaru pointed to Meiling, who was standing at the doorway. "WHY WOULD YOU SCHEDUAL A DINNER DATE AND AN ARRANGED WEDDING FOR ME, AND NOT TELL ME?!?!"
"Oh, did I forget, I'm sorry...." Soran said vaguely.
"Why you little..."
"Now if you could kindly put me down....." Soran pointed at Sangaru's hand.
"Sangaru put him down" May walked over to them.
"Oooohhh ho ho, I'll put him down alright...." Sangaru's eyes began to glow bright red.
Suddenly an explosion came from outside. Sangaru and the others ran out quickly to see smoke fill the air.
"You guys get to safety" Sangaru grinned and reached for May's sword.
"Oh, no way" she swiped his hand away, "you said I could handle it this time."
"What? When?"
"Last week!"
"I said no such thing!"
"Yes you did! I knew I should have made you sign a paper!"
"Um..I hate to interrupt a good lover's quarrel but--" Meiling butted in.
"THIS IS NOT A LOVER'S QUARREL!" they both yelled at her.
"Yes okay, but what exactly is that?"
She pointed in the direction of the explosion, slowly a giant shadow rose up from the ground and covered the sky and gave out a loud shriek.
"Shadows aren't supposed to do that...." May pulled out her sword.
"What the hell is that?"


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