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The Darkest Of Days

Book By: DarknessRecides

The war between demons and angels is nearing an end... A hero for each side has been chosen, in these dark times can a family survive the tides of undead and holy beings destroying the Earth and anything in their way?

Submitted:May 24, 2012    Reads: 14    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   


"And the dark one chosen by the beast himself shall lead the army of deamons to victory. Slaughtering the humans, angels and any other being in the path of decite."

In my dreams a great fire sprouts from the Earth consuming us all, no light ever finds us , only darkness and a monster , with the markings 666.

He has 7 heads and 10 horns in shineing armour, fallen angels flock around this being worshipping his footsteps fearing his fury. In the backround stands a boy with black wings and blazeing red eyes. This demon is wripping apart bodies feeding on the screaming souls. A girl runs but in a second the demon flash steps in front of her snapping her neck and killing her instantly he feeds on her body, slowly the soul is drained the husk that was once someones daughter rises. Its mindless , it only follows the demons doing their will only if her demon lord commands it.

Chapter 1: Unraveling

Wake up. Wake up... Alex! Get the fuck up!!

Great passed out again during geology mister Adams is still screaming at me.god would I like to slit his throat. He's always compareing me to my little sister, telling me that she's two years younger than me but probably still smarter. Sometimes i really hate her... Im atheist since i was 14 , god's never been there for me and he doesn't exist in my life if i do not wish him to.

Detension five times how in hells name mr. Adams could give me that many points for sleeping only he knows. Dad's gonna freak.Moms going to give me a big speech and my little sister is going to tell them how she would kill me if she was my mother. Little bitch can't hold her mouth. I guess ill go home right after the party. Bernard is throwing one, I paid for the booze and im probably gonna drink it all.

The world is spinning - no despite of what you think im not drunk maybe a little tipsy but not drunk sometimes it feels like evil wants me, consumes me some shit like that. Its time to go home... Im dead already so its not like i can get into more trouble. "Kill them" i freeze... turning around i ask "What did you say bernard..." he tilts his head curiously and asks "can i have the last bit of whiskey?". I shake my head , and start walking home.

"What were you thinking!" Here it comes. "You can't sleep in class you have to concentrate Alex!'. Sometimes, sometimes i really just feel like hitting him just to prove a point. He hits me one more time i swear... Im on the floor, i jump to my feet rushing at him. My fists are red and my eyes filled with fury. A sharp pain in my stomach throws me off my game i fall to my knees. There's a gaping hole... her hand went right through me... with all my power i turn around. Her eyes dead, dark with a sharp red spot. It feels as if she's eating some part of me, my life slowly dissepearing. She tosses me aside, next thing i know she's ontop of our mother ripping her eyes out. Blood spatters from the kitchen and my fathers last scream dissepears. The bitch walks up to me laughs a teribble noice almost like two people in a union of one body. A dark shroud consumes the home and i fall to sleep for the final time...

(All i can write today Stay tuned for chapter 2):P

Chapter 2: She walked through the fires of hell bullets flying. The mortals did not realise but they could not hurt her. The fallen angel raised her wings and the men fell. They were all dead, their souls burned in the fire of her fury. She loathed them, one man a christian of strong faith survived the massacre. She walked up to the man, he was dying. Painfull screams and movements from the dead soldiers startled him. The husks stood, walking towards the soldier. He got on his feet and started running. He expected them to walk as a zombie would, rather they were mocking him. The shadows danced around the buildings until he fell. No one was in sight. The monsters dissepeared... In the second he stood up he was thrown to the ground and his soul fed on.


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