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--Prologue to Afterlife--

Book By: DeepThinkerBoy

Right, im finaly happy with this and Im going to start full production now on this book :D

Im doing it in a diray format after being inpired by a book writen by none other then Bram Stocker's Dracula!

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To whoever finds this, I write till my end on this piece of paper ripped from my diary. I have lived a good long life but now I can sense them even from here, their retched power oozing like thick blood from the very deepest pits and crevasses of the earth. The Scarred have grown in power vastly over the years, I know nothing of what they are planning but what I do know is that they have finally located this sacred place. This message foretold to me from the great Divinity himself, but I do not give in to disappear. For in his message he ended with one word, one simple word that rang like a clear bell chime, soft and sweat I can still feel it echoing within my mind, 'hope.'

As I look outside the scarlet sun glows harshly and lights the sky a raging burnt orange, it seems to almost race its way down like a fiery comet as its brilliance dies away into the great field. Within moments just as I suspected, a swirl of pure white light burst through my windows, it curls around my room like sea waves. The magic imbedded in it weighing it down, making it behave like a liquid rather than a ray, eventually draining away into the floor boards and beyond. I got up and opened the front door to reveal the floating stranger who had been sent to me by the light, he was face up on the ponds silver surface. Copper brown hair hung loosely on his head bobbing in strands around him, he had broad shoulders but was thin for a man, however I know strength did all ways come from brawn. He un-consciously squirmed and shook unstable as if he had a high fever but this was all normal, for I knew it was temperate.

I gazed upon him for a while then took a deep breath inwards, I felt it's comforting feeling again remembering its presence like a dear friend as it tingled deep within my brain like you would describe butterflies in a stomach. I drew this feeling to the tips of fingers through force of sheer will before exhaling with a deep yet quiet whisper "O magna divinitatis mihi det benedictionem tuam". His body flashed gold as part by part clothes wrapped around him like a vines before become whole. Now upon him he was dressed in a short sleeved brown leather Jerkin, fitting tightly around his body with a lighter brown belt and gold buckle across his waist. His once bare legs were now equipped with a pair of sturdy black breaches and huge heavy boots, which were made of strong tanned leather for long journeys. A breath pause followed then his body was suddenly engulfed into a thick purple fog, this fog allowed him to float upwards and follow my hand motions. With coordinated movement I placed him inside on a bed found in the upstairs room, and placed a glass of water nearby. I then left him be and went down stairs to write what you are reading now. As you can see I am part of the Citadel of Magi, I am not ashamed to admit it. I had cast for him using the blessing of the Divinity a spell that would set him for his long journey to the city of Brite. Sadly I will not be there to guide him, so I write for him and anyone else who finds this to read, call it an old man's dying wish. A normal man would conclude that the task set onto this pour soul is imposable, even I have much doubt but I will not give in. funny as I write this down I don't know why I persist to help a doomed man but something clings onto him, an essence if you will that feels me with calm confidence. If you are wondering why you must make it to this city, it is because resting deep behind its walls a temple can be found. No one is to speak or even write its true name, neither what can be found inside unless you are within the city's boundaries. Anyone who even begins to write or utter a word about what it truly is are instantly killed from unknown forces and sent to a realm of torture.

Time passes into the night till finally dawn breaks, and the glaring sun arrives once more signifying my end, I hear it already. No, I feel it, an in-human growl vibrating the house like an earth quake. the demon is outside slowly working his way through the barrier of the house, perhaps eons ago that defence could block even the most powerful of blows but it has become old and brittle. I lack the strength to make it any stronger. Once through I will be utterly defenceless, it is only one but that is all that is needed to defeat me. As the gatekeeper I am forbidden to use spells for attack, and my body is much too weak and frail for fighting. It's funny as I write this down I am in longer in fear and more curios on how much longer I can write down before it


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