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Uncx is a type of Reader. a reader can read the words of a written book and it comes to life. an Uncx can read not just books, but any words. Alexix and Roy, or Elliot, go on an amazing journey to defeat the dreaded Dunen. They will have a great time, but bad ones too. (only a part of the book, or the first chapter)

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Roy Fraylock was an average boy with an average weight and an average intelligence. One of the things that made him different was that he was short. His almost-twelve-year-old brother, Izzy, towered above him. Roy was thirteen. Another thing that set him apart from other short thirteen year olds, was that he was a Reader. Not just a Reader at that, but an Uncx Reader. A Reader is someone who can read text aloud and it becomes true in reality. An Uncx Reader can call upon the forces of nature to amplify what they just read, or create a story on the spot. Quite useful, but extremely dangerous.

Since being a Reader was rare, and being an Uncx Reader was even rarer, Roy had to go to a school full of people like him. People like him were called Specials. He needed to know how to control this ability. "Now, when you talk to the other students, say you're a regular Reader, okay? We don't want any first years to control a heart attack on their first day, right?" his mother said sweetly. Roy understood. Don't freak out the other first years.

Roy was really very excited, for in a month's time he would be leaving for a school full of people who'd understand his confusion. Roy awoke that morning and took notice of the absence of Izzy's obnoxious snoring. He sat up and pushed his brown mop of hair out of his eyes. He stood up and stretched and let the sunshine warm him up. Izzy was awake, he could hear his mocking voice downstairs. He rolled his eyes and dressed, then set off to see what Izzy and Anna where bickering about this time.

"YOU UGLY IDIOT!" yelled Anna." You're such a bully! I can't believe what you told those innocent Formals!'

"They weren't innocent! They tried to steal my tin of nuts!" Izzy yelled back.

"Oh, so now you're going to threaten our secrecy for a tin of nuts?"

"Yeah, I am when they try to steal my-"

"SHUT UP! You're no Anythomouth! Since when do cashews mean more than the whole Special freaking world!"

"Since now!"

Roy suddenly found himself in the midst of a fight. "What on earth are you talking about?" he asked sleepily.

"Izzy was skipping along with his tin of nuts, when a group of Formals asked him ever so politely if they could have a few-"

"No, they yanked it from me-"

"So, turns out Iz-fizz is really attached to his walnuts, so he told them he could read their minds, like an Anythomouth, and started making up random junk and speaking in a creeper's voice!" Anna yelped loudly, slightly hysterical. Izzy opened his mouth to argue, when the tired voice of Nellie Fraylock announced breakfast.

Breakfast was oatmeal, orange juice, and a fight. Roy groaned, and resumed sifting his oatmeal around. Izzy called Anna a Formal, someone who didn't have powers, and in return she called him a lousy Serpinth, a person who could talk to snakes. The whole table gasped at that, and Izzy hissed and began saying his S's long. "Sssso. How doessss it feel to be a ussselesssss Formal, hmm? I'd rather be a Ssserpinthh than a sssssily sssstupid Formal girl."

And that's when it was Roy's turn to be mad.

"Nobody is a Serpinth in this house! How stupid you look now, Izzy. Ever body knows Serpinth boys have black hair. You're hair can't be any blonder, or else you'd have white hair! Anna! How could you call your silly brother that? I've always thought you'd act better that this. You're no Formal either." he said, after noticing the string of tears in her eyes." You're both talented Readers. I always thought you'd like being that." Then he went back to his oatmeal. Izzy and Anna gaped at him. Roy never got mad like that.

Later that morning, Birke, the house-thing, waddled in to the silent breakfast nook, a letter in his fins. Birke looked like a penguin, but had a large peacock tail and bat-like rabbit ears. When Nellie bought their house, the Tuberlub, they moved in to see a small creature locked in the attic. Rather useless in the kitchen, they found Birke was excellent at bringing the mail.

Roy bent down and scooped up the letter. He opened it and began reading.

Dear Royal Fraylock,

Under the understanding that you are an Uncx, you have been excepted into a class that specializes in teaching Uncxes like you. Thus, you have been asked to join this class at eight o'clock p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday in classroom 108. Enjoy!


Angela P.

Roy stared at the letter. He'd known he'd have to work harder, but a whole other class? That, he wasn't expecting.


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