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Extra Ordinary

Book By: DramaDreamers

Mary used to be a sweet girl, with pressure from school, taunting classmates and 'lean on me' friends. She was normal.
But now she is Amber, she's out killing evil forces. She doesn't believe in love. But will she start believing once she starts experiencing it for herself?

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Vitamin D. What first comes into your mind when you hear that? Healthy? Fruit and veg? Medicine?

The sun. The warm, bright sun. That is me. Oh, not the sun. 'Course not. I'm a Drina. I never knew that from the beginning. I never knew the Immortals existed. That's just prissy girly magic talk right? But then I became part of the Immortals. I thought I was a normal, human girl. Well except for the fact my skin looked so healthy and literally glowed when I was out in the sun, but at night, my skin was a ghostly white. My mum was freaked out. She took me to all these doctors and skin specialists. Nothing. Apparently, I was a 'rare' case. Not that I cared.

I got a few funny looks sometimes when it was a cloudy day and the sun hadn't 'reached' me. But apart from that, I found it kinda cool. The kids who hated me at school would tell me I would die soon, but who listens to their crap? They're gone now. I'm in a better place. Somewhere I know who I am, somewhere I belong. I'm away from my mum, but it's for the best.


I hummed slightly to myself whilst I brushed my teeth. I gargled, and stared at myself in the mirror. I was a pale white, the sun down, down, down. Obviously, I wasn't an albino. My eyes were a perfectly normal shade of brown. I leaned in closer to the mirror, and stared into my eyes. Yep, perfectly normal. I unlocked the bathroom door, and walked into my room. My mum was there, sorting my clothes, a big pile of them on the floor next to my closet.

"Mum, I can take care of my clothes." I said flatly, pouncing onto my bed and grabbing my laptop. My mum turned to me, and yelped.

"Gosh, you're so white! I swear, you've never been THIS white. Your as white as milk, god help me!" She flung a few more clothes into the pile on the floor, and then got up and sat on the edge of the bed.

I sighed, annoyed. "Mum, leave me alone." She glared at me. "I will NOT, leave you alone! It's not normal to have skin that-"

"Mum," I cut her off sternly. "I'm 16, nothing's wrong with me. Nothing hurts, I'm healthy, I can eat, I'm not dying. CALM DOWN." We'd had these arguments loads of times.

I returned my gaze to my laptop, dismissively. I heard my mum stalk out my room, taking the pile of clothes with her. I got up, closed my bedroom door, and then returned to my laptop.

I saw her on the floor. There was some one hovering above her. I screamed. I grabbed a picture frame from the sidetable and hurled it towards her. It went straight through her and smashed onto the wall. I recoiled, shocked, and hurried for the nearest phone.

"Not so fast, Amber." I whipped around, and stared. Amber? My name is MARY.

"It's okay." She soothed. I saw my mum's eyes flutter closed from the corner of my eye. Hell, it was definitely NOT okay.

"You have to understand. I'm here to take you to your kind. You belong with us." I returned my gaze to my mum, and glared daggers at the thing, standing there.

"What have you done to my mum?! I will call the police, I will-"

Suddenly, I stopped. I could hear a soft melody. Inside my head. I covered my ears with my hands tightly. The eerie melody was still there. I stared at the girl. She grinned. The song continued, picking up words on the way.

"Let me take, you into the night.

For the moon is nothing, but an illusion of sight.

Do not go gentle, into this dark night.

But let me take, you into the night.

Your skin, it is not an illusion, don't worry.

Your different, you have talent, hurry,

You're not like the others,

You're like us

So let me take you into the night."

I stared, open mouthed, at the girl. She repeated the first two lines.

"How did you get in my head!?"

"Yes, or no?"

I had said yes, before I realised she was asking if she could 'take you into the night.' The girl turned into a blur, and I felt calm hands grab me. And then I was a blur too. Before I even realised, we were outside, whizzing past the trees and the moon. Whizzing into the night. And then the melody came again. It was beautiful, and it was as if time had slowed down even though we were going faster than cars through the trees.

"Drina, don't you worry.

Everything will be crystal clear when we get there, through hurry,

Drina, your talent is rare like the art,

to be yourself, overrated, unharmed."

I was dazed by all these events. I was dazed by the song that had played in my head. And then we stopped just as fast as we had started. I looked around, trying to find the girl. There were trees everywhere. Where the hell? I started worrying, panicking. I screamed and cried to myself.

"Drina don't you worry,

I am sorry,

I have gone in haste.

You mustn't wait.

Look around, note the change,

Don't just look, SEE, turn your gaze."

I looked around, calmly, composing myself. I breathed a few times, deep breaths. And then I saw it. Something glinting in the moonlight. I lunged towards it, and picked it up. It was a coin, but quite large, and there was a carving in it. I turned it in the moonlight, trying to get a better view. It was a sort of emblem. It was bronze, and there was a tree. Then there was a gold light flooding from behind the tree. There were words underneath:

'Drina, Elementalist, Psychic, Ninja. Thing heart is red, tinge a' I spoke these words softly to myself. Immediately, the coin flew towards my neck. It landed on my neck, softly, and a ribbon appeared from nowhere and wrapped itself around my neck. I got up. There was a door. A door. I opened it. I got sucked into another world.


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