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Elemental Life

Book By: ElenaGilbert

The prophecy of the four elements has been around since the begining. So what happens when they prophecy is being fufilled. These sisters travel to the Human Realm to stop the earth from being destroyed the fate of the world rests in thier hands.

One will fall in love with someone she isn't meant to when she is already betrowthed.

One has fallen in love with someone who is lower class than her which is unheard of

One will loose the love of her life

One will will loose something that will change fate forever.

Find out what happens in this romance thrilled endearing adventure to save the world and live happily ever after!

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In the begining there was many prophecys recorded. There was a time when are people roamed the earth freely. A time when No human were there to push us out. When evolution started our people were pushed into another realm because they were rejected.

Some would call it another plane, but since then we have not be to friendly to the humans. Now our kind have been pushed away never to set foot on Human land. We live amongst such "Fairytales" As:

Unicorns, Dragons, Faires, Elves, Ogres, Goblins, etc....Everything that humans believe are just fictional is real. How do you think the humans came up with it? We have our own language and these prophecies have been translated to English.

The first ever prophecy recorded was the tale of the four elements. It speaks of four sisters born the same day. One Fire the other Water the next Earth and the last Air. These sisters are to help us in our greatest time of need. The humans are said to slowly start destroying the world.

Poluting the air, littering the earth, poisoning the water, and setting fire to all life. This is also effecting our world. These sisters will help stop the world from crumbling apart....saving us all. The Turs, our leaders, have waited many years for this prophecy and every year it gets worse and worse.

I am but a mere scroll keeper and that is why I am telling you this--for on this day the sisters were born...and this is exactly how it happened.

Sitting in the Aina (Eye-nah) room or the Holy Room. We were recalling the events of Dagnir (Dahg-nir) in English Bane who was the newest member of the Council's blessing. Our occupation is what decides our name. When a child is born they are blessed. Which helps the Turs see into the future to tell they're occupation.

Bane is a name of power although he is only in his only in his second year on this earth he has already been declared a member. Last night we annionted him. Then suddenly Tengwa (Tenhg-wa)or messenger burst in.

He is to alert us of any news. But this time it was his own. "Turs, Nin herves Loth annna menel!!" He cried which means, "Turs my wife Loth just gave birth!" "Bring her here!" They replied. He ran out again and we all moved to gather around the blessing table.

We heard the door open and Loth and Tengwa walked in. Two babies in each arm. Turs looked curiously at each other as they set they're newborn children down. The Turs put thier hands on the children and at the same time.

"It can't be!!!" They cried. "The prophecy....for these girls?" Aran cried. "The Four Elements?" He said. "The sisters that will save our world." He said again. Tengwa and Loth looked faint. "My little girls?" Loth asked.

"Yes....This one with the red eyes will be named Nar becuase that represents fire. The one with the Blue eyes will be called Nen for water, the one with greeen eyes shall be called Kemen for Earth, and the last one with white eyes will be name Sul for air!"He explained.

And that is where the prophecy began!


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