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Just Go with It

Book By: ElsaKibowa

Sandy Calmer is a 14 year old comic book, fantasy freak, which has led her into a lot of trouble. Everyone looks like a wolf or vampire and now the new head-master, Mr Pork looks like a blood sucking vampire, now it is up to her and her best friend Barry to save the world from a vampire envision, or get detention, one of the two.

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Chapter 3
Vegetarian Bacon

That Monday afternoon:
"Barry but you've got to, you're my last hope" Sindy begged Barry, but he wouldn't badge, he just shrugged and walked down the stairs, he walked so fast the Sindy could not keep up, so she slid down the rail, and as soon as she go to the bottom
"Detention Ms. Calmer" Mr. Tayt said, but Sindy just accepted it, What's another detention if I'll save the world from vampire slavery.
She finely caught up with Barry, right before he walked into the boy's locker room. "Come on Barry, you are my last hope. You know that Mr. Pork might be a vampire and the mathleets will help us in cracking him, and Megan won't talk to me unless you're there" Sindy begged, but Barry didn't crack.
"Sindy, you know I would do this for you, but running track is my all, I'm not going to miss a practice because Mr. Pork might be a vampire" Barry said and walked into the locker room. But he forgot that Sindy has no shame what so ever, and she just followed after him into the BOY'S locker room.
Not surprisingly Sindy was back in the principal's office waiting for Mr. Pork to give the normal teacher speech. Mr. Pork walked into his office as Sindy played with a piece of string she found on the floor.
"Sindy, you were here on Friday, and again on Monday, what did you do, or what do you keep doing" Mr. Pork asked but Sindy just kept playing with her string. "Sindy!" Mr. Pork raised his voice, which gave her a shock. He grabbed the string from her and through it in the bin. Sindy folded her arms and looked up at Mr. Pork with a frown.
"Okay, now what's this about you going into the boy's locker room?" Mr. Pork asked Sindy, she just frowned as she sat in the little chair in front of his desk. He sat on his desk and asked the same thing again.
"Barry doesn't want to skip track practice to help me with the mathleets, just once" Sindy said looking sad. Mr. Pork just looked at her as if she were crazy, then he got up and walked behind his desk
"Okay and what's this about me being a vampire?" Mr. Pork asked tilting his head to the left
"Well, for one your name is Mr. Pork" Sindy said trying to defend herself
"Did you know that I'm a vegetarian?" Mr. Pork asked with a grin on his face
"Nah uh, I saw you at the café downtown and you were eating bacon"
"Sindy, have you ever heard of macon, vegetarian bacon?" Mr. Pork said making Sindy feel silly.
Truth be told, Mr. Pork did look like a vampire, slick black hair, always wears black even up to the point that he doesn't have a mirror in his office. Mr. Fearer (The former principal), used to make you look in the mirror when you did something bad, and would say something like: see that, that person in the mirror is someone with potential to be great, but are you like that? Honestly, Sindy found it cliché, but Mr. Fearer was the only person in the whole school who didn't look like a paranormal creature from fiction comic books to Sindy.
Mr. Tayt (Vice principal), looks like the bunny in The Thundermans, the super -Vilene
Mrs. Tayt (Sindy's science teacher) looks like a scientist
Mr. Smith (Sindy's 2nd language teacher) looks like Vodark the incomprehension able
Mrs. Smith (Sindy's math teacher) looks like a Ballybog
Mr. Milsons (Sindy's English teacher) looks like a werewolf
Mrs. Milne (Sindy's Geography teacher) just looked plane scary
Mrs. Van De Pool (Sindy's Hockey coach) well Sindy thought that she is the best teacher on campus mainly 'cause Sindy loves Hockey.
"Sindy, are you listening?" Mr. Pork asked noticing that Sindy was daydreaming. Mr. Pork looked down at her from his high desk. "Sindy, if you are not going to pay attention, I'll just send you straight off to detention"
"Sir, I already have a detention slip" Sindy said and got up to leave Mr. Pork's office.
"Sindy, you play hockey right?" Mr. Pork asked, Sindy just nodded and turned the door knob "Well, you can't play a sport unless you do an educational thing as well" Sindy turned 'round just to see Mr. Pork smiling and Sindy saw them his vampire fangs looking at her."So I'll see you at the math Olympiad on Wednesday?" Mr. Pork asked her. And oddly, Sindy fainted once again, it wasn't real, but Sindy has learned over the years of being in trouble how to faint at will. When she woke up Barry was standing there by her side
"You are so lucky that it rained," Barry said and Sindy just smiled
"You still have to go to the mathleets" Mr. Pork said as he walked by the nurses office and as they walked out of the office and got to the stairs, "Race you to the top" Sindy said and they begun to run up the stairs, and when they got to the second floor they met with Mr. Tayt:
"Detention for running up the stairs" he said, but as usual Barry and Sindy just accepted it and walked away.


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