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Rescue Me (Chapter One)

Book By: EmoKaulitzBabe

Well, when I first started out with this particular book, I had in mind to make my own version of the novel, "Twilight". But as time progressed, I decided to have a little bit more action and try to relate more to how teens are today. Hopefully this was a success but I have not finished. There will be many more chapters to come.

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My eyes fluttered open as I felt the heat of the sun on my eyelids. I positioned my hand over them as I wearily got up and closed the shades of my window. I went back to my bed and pushed my friend Raquel off of my queen-sized mattress. She hit the floor with a thud and was entangled in the covers. She quickly looked up with her hair all over her face. I smiled.
"Oh good, you're up," I said. She sighed.
"You'd think I'd be used to it by now." I helped her up.
I laughed and jogged lightly downstairs where the twins stayed the night.
I looked at the clock that was hung over the cabinet wall in the kitchen. It was about to be ten thirty. My mom had left for her job at the Miami International Airport a long time ago. I went to the stereo system right next to the TV set in the living room and turned on Power 96. I put up the volume to half way to full blast as I realized what song they were putting.
"Tell me what you want,
Do you want a missionarie with your feet cramped?"
I jumped on top of Cindy who was on the couch and told her to wake up and listen to the song.
"Listen to what song they're playing!" I cried.
She rubbed her eyes and smiled.
When I looked over on to the floor where Tracy's makeshift mattress was; she wasn't there. Instead, she was up and booty dancing.
I got up and joined her as RJ came back from my room with one of my hats and sweaters; she had the hood up and got a remote. We all started rapping with the song as RJ used the remote as a microphone.
"Do you want it on the floor do you want it on the chair
Do you want it over here do you want it over there?"
We all got louder with each word.
"Freak a leak!"
We laughed and fell to the floor.
The song ended and I got up to make breakfast.
"What is there to eat?" Tracy asked.
"Leche con cereal," I answered. "Oye mija la cosa ta mala." I laughed.
"Se tiene a poner se pa su numero," Cindy added.
"Can't you make pancakes?" RJ begged.
I whined.
"Please?" they all asked in unison.
"Ugh. Fine…" I agreed. They cheered and made their way back onto the couch to watch TV.
I went into the fridge and got the ingredients to make chocolate chip pancakes from scratch. By the time I was pouring the batter on the frying pan, they were telling me they were dying of hunger.
"Ay! You're the one who wanted pancakes! Now, you have to wait," I said. I heard them groan. I took my time to try and annoy them. I made my special strawberry syrup with patience and slowly walked to the table with four stacked plates in one hand, and four sets of knives and forks in the other; leaving the food for last. But before I could even make it to the dinner table, they were all sitting there.
"Could you be any slower?" RJ asked as I set her plate and utensils and moved on to Tracy.
"Yeah but I'm kinda hungry, too," I smiled.
I carefully set Cindy's plate in front of her then went back to the kitchen after setting my plate last. I returned with the food and was half surprised they didn't tackle me to the floor. I set the food in the middle of the table and took my seat. Before my butt was even fully on the chair, they each had a stack of three on their plates; leaving only two for me.
"Sorry," Tracy said through a mouthful.
"Yeah, yeah," I said grabbing the last two pancakes and drowning them with syrup.
When we were done, I washed everything and then put them back in their place. I joined everyone else, whom were in my room, and collapsed onto the bed.
"What're we going to do today?" I asked.
"Why don't we go get Jojo?" Tracy asked.
"And go where?"
"I don't know; the mall?" she suggested.
I fake gagged.
"Is that a no?" RJ asked.
Cindy laughed.
"Whatever," I reached over the bed and yanked my phone from its charger. I flipped it open and pressed nine on my speed dial. A couple of rings later, Yohena answered.
"Yeah, hey. What're you doing today?" I asked.
"Um…hanging out with Chris I guess. Why?"
"No I was just hoping we could go to the mall."
"With who?" she asked.
"With who, Yohena? Raquel and the twins. Chris could go, too."
"Alright well, I'll tell him. Call you when I'm on my way."
"Dale," I shut my phone and told them the plan.
"Chris is going?" Cindy asked.
"Yup," I answered as I stretched.
"Damn that kid is sexy," Tracy said.
"That kid is Yohena's boyfriend."
"And? She should be happy that kid is so fine! It's not like I flirt with him or anything. I just look at him. And check him out," Cindy answered.
"And undress him with my eyes," RJ added.
We started laughing.
"Well, I'm gonna get dressed," I announced as I got up and went to my closet.
I pulled out some skinny jeans, a tank top, and a sweater. I bent and grabbed my Nike high-tops that matched my shirt and sweater.
I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face before changing. Once I was dressed, I tossed my pajamas into the hamper and brushed my hair into a ponytail. I left the sweater open as I pushed the sleeves up to my elbows. I walked out and back into my room where Cindy and RJ were already dressed. Tracy headed to the bathroom I was just in while Cindy went to the one downstairs. RJ would go after Tracy. I picked up everyone's clothes from the floor and walked pass Tracy in the bathroom to throw them in the hamper.
"Shawty just text me, sayin' she wanna sex me
Lol smiley face lol smiley face"
I went back to my phone and opened the new text message.
"hey wer on our way"
It was Yohena.
"Okay," I replied and closed my phone. I shoved it into my front pocket and went downstairs. I checked in the bathroom and Cindy was doing her hair.
Tracy soon came down and sat down on the couch. I waited until RJ came down to say: "They're on their way."
They nodded and gave me "Okays"
I was taking a sip of some Coke when I heard keys jingling in the lock of my front door. Soon enough, Yohena and Chris walked in my kitchen.
"Hey," she gave me a kiss on the cheek and I high-fived Chris.
After saying hi to everyone, Yohena put her purse on the counter and sat down on one of the stools.
"What mall are we going to?" she asked.
"Dolphin I guess," I answered as I rinsed the cup and set it in the sink.
"Why don't you invite Anthony?" Cindy suggested.
"Yeah, why don't we invite Anthony," Tracy waggled her eyebrows.
I laughed and pulled out my phone.
I pressed the receiver to my ear when I dialed the number.
"Yo what's up my home diggity dog?" he answered.
"Don't ever do that again," I laughed.
"Yeah okay. What's up?"
"Are you busy, today?"
"Me? Don't you know I have no life?"
"Oh yeah I forgot that for a second there."
"Why? Where're you going?"
"It's me, Yohena, the Twins, RJ, and Chris. We're gonna go to Dolphin."
"Alright, I go to your house?" he asked.
"Yeah," I answered.
"'Kay, I'll be there in like, fifteen minutes."
"Bye," and with that, I hung up.
"He's coming?" Cindy's eyes lit up.
"No. He said that we we're too big of losers for him to hang out with and that he never wanted to see us again. He hates us all," I replied.
"So is that a yes?" Tracy asked.
"Woot woot!" Cindy cheered. I laughed.
"If anyone asks, I don't know you people."
"Who's gonna wanna ask you?" Yohena challenged.
"Your mom. Oooh!" I laughed.
"Nice," Chris chuckled.
RJ walked over to the stereo system and plugged in her iPod.
"Round 'n' round we go Ay!
Round 'n' round we go ay!
Lemme hear you say…
Scruub the ground
Scruub the ground"
Cindy and Yohena started to move their hips all the way to the floor. I walked past them and knocked them down by their shoulders.
"Oh my god, I'm sorry. I slipped"
They got up and tackled me to the couch.
"That's cheating!" I laughed.
Chris got me over his shoulder then dropped me on Tracy's makeshift mattress.
"Ooof!" I cried.
"Okay that was uncalled for," I said as he helped me up.
"Oh that didn't hurt."
"Dude, you're a football player!" I said.
He laughed and looked at Yohena.
"That's not the worst of it," he said. Yohena smiled.
"Oh yeah."
"Ew! I got a mental picture!" RJ shouted.
I doubled over, holding my sides from how hard I was laughing. The twins started laughing, too.
Yohena's face changed.
"Oh honey please! You wish you could be there!"
"Be where?! You know what, I don't want to know," I said.
And with that, Anthony walked in.
He looked lost.
"You don't want to know," Tracy said.
"Yeah I figured," he chuckled. He gave the girls a kiss on the cheek and gave Chris one of those guy handshakes.
"Alright, who's car are we going in?" Chris asked.
"Mine," Anthony replied.
"Yay!" I cheered. Everyone looked at me.
"What? I like his car..."
They laughed and we headed out the door.
Yohena got her bag from the counter and slung it through her arm and over her shoulder.


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