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Project Black Hearts chapter 2

Book By: Icemoon

Welcome to a cruel future where scientists experiment people with high negative feelings. A land where poor adults sell their childrens with such sad lifes to make a living. The story is about Skyler a 16 year old orphan who is being sold with other orphans. Will Skyler discover what the scientists are really doing? Will she be a part of it ? Or is she just another lab rat. Find out...

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Chapter 2: Friends or Enemy

My head felt like a whale had landed on me and I could barely open my eyes. The light from the ceiling shone on me. First, I was thought I should have covered my eyes by my hand. But I understood I moved. It was then I really noticed what was going on around me. I laid on a bed and a robot was dragging me somewhere. I rolled my eyes carefully around my surroundings. I saw everyone laid in their beds. All 39 of us were dragged by robots to somewhere I did not know. "Set everyone up on a feeling machine and measure them. I hope the money I gave to Cassidy is worth for those rats", said a familiar voice. The robot which dragged me nodded

and laughed. I Anyway, what was this feeling machine? Is it a machine that takes away feelings? That would be good. Then I would no longer be in pain anymore, maybe my miserable memories would vanished. The robots left us in a white room again. It was when I started to think all the room in this building was white and empty. No single dirt from the walls, or dust.

The door closed and I stood up. The room had no windows. The beds were in a row that reminded me of our bedroom in the orphanage. Suddenly someone snored and I laughed a bit. Then I notice everyone was asleep. What did they do to us in room 1? Then it struck me that I could end up like them if I didn't fainted before I came to the room. They might though I was asleep too. Then an idea came to my mind. "Escape", my mind whispered repeatedly. It was right, this was my chance. I could do this. "Remember, Skyler your`e a trained assassin aren't you?", I asked myself. I still have it in me, I just know.

My family the Moons were trained assassins and it have been like that for generations. But an accident happened and I am the only one left.

I jump out of the bed and tip toed to the door. I pushed myself into the walls, but couldn't hear a thing. I already expected that. This is a science building after all. Secrets will remain in rooms. I was about to go out, but got an eye on a system beside me. The door is lock and I need a code to get out. "Great", I whispered to myself. I turned around and looked at the room carefully. "YES", I shouted. There was a door in the opposite site of the squared box room. I ran towards it and closed my eyes. "Please open, pretty please", I whispered and I realized I really had to stop talking to myself. The door made a noise and it opened itself. I took a step forward. I was now on another room. This wasn't white and empty at all. The walls where white, but had turned gray. The room consist of machines and colorful waters with people inside it unconscious. My moth was wide open of amazement that I did not notice something was inside my arm. "Ouch", I said as quiet as I could. A machine had put an injection inside my arm. I was terrified that the only thing I could do was to see the liquid came inside me. I tried to hold the pain while the machine pulled out the injection. Then its arm thing with the injection went away. First I thought the room moved, but it turned out I was on an escalator. I panic when I saw I was going towards a man. He did not notice me, because he had his attention to a little girl who cried badly. "I promise I won`t let them Claire", explained the man on his twenties. So scientists can be emotional sometimes. "Daddy, pinky swear", asked the little girl. The scientist nodded and they pinky swore to each other. I was there just a meter left. I looked like a fool just standing there, while the two had a dramatic moment. "Great", I whispered. Then the little girl pointed her little finger to me. "Who is she?",the girl asked her daddy. The guy didn't know what she was talking about before he turned around to me. Our eyes met and we stared into each other for seconds. Then he startled me with his scream. I fell and hurriedly I stood up and ran to the door I came from. Please, just a bit more them I would be inside the empty room again. "Is this the rats", said a deep voice from the other room. I stopped somebody is there too.

Suddenly another needle was inside my arm again, but this time less painful. Looked like a have gotten used to this already. I pulled my arm and the injection only got half of the liquid past to me. My hand covered my mouth and I would had bitten it, but "I will help you escape", he whispered. It changed my mind. He waited for a second and then he dragged me into a corner with his daughter. "Please, trust me. I will explain you what is happening here", he whispered. The walls where thick, but he did not want anyone to hear, I should not trust him, but an explanation for this mysterious experiment is pretty tempting. I nodded, but my face was still confused and scared. I sat down on a red comfy sofa as he finally uncovered my mouth. He sighed, "Okay", he whispered with this serious glare in his eyes.


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