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I. the Angel. (Part 2)

Book By: Iggysgirl

Part 2. Kinda boring, for the fact its mostly discribing the people.

Submitted:Jun 3, 2008    Reads: 165    Comments: 12    Likes: 5   

"Hello, this is Burger King, may I take your order?" Came a guy's voice. "My God, Slick, It's me. Dawn. And Burger King doesn't have a call in." "Oh... hi." "Slick! There's an emergency! Come on!" "Wait, what is it?" He sounded worried now. "Zeek. He got shot." "What? By who? A spy?" "No, Dr.Phil shot him. No duh, it was a spy." There was a silence. "You know, Dawn, you don't have to be so rude." "Get your ass up here and help me!" Pardon my French, but I was stressing. "Fine, fine." He hung up. "Hey.... Dawn... come 'ere" Zeek was propped up agents the wall. "Yes, Zeek?" I kneeled beside him. "Um, are you okay?" Dizzily he focused on me, and rubbed my hair. "Uh, yah. I am. Are you?" "Wha? Oh.... uh huh. Sure." He started humming. "Uh, you okay?" He grinned. "Peachy. I'm great." I stood up and backed away, bumping into someone. Instinctively I punched them. "Wow, dang it, Dawn you idiot." It was Zip. He was rubbing his nose. "Oh, Zip, sorry. What are youdoing? Up here, I mean." "Yah, Slick ... fell and broke his leg, that klutz. Now..."He picked up Zeek, who just passed out."Jeez, that a bighole. Where Lunic?" "Right here!" Lunic run up and jumped on my shoulder. "What happened to him?" "Oh.... just um... took an overdose on that stuff Hami made. The medicine" "Oh, no bigie, right?" "Guys, what the hell? Zeek. Needs. HELP!" I shouted in Zips ear. Bad idea. He slapped me. "Shut your trap, you twit." He started walking down the street. I followed. "Huh. Thank God he's in a good mood." Lunic muttered. "Yah." Finally we got to a pot-hole. Half way down the latter into the sewers, Zip stopped. He pushed a nearly invisible button, and said" "Zip Evens." The wall next to the latter opened up like a door, and we swung inside. It closed behind us. Okay, I might as well introduce you to out little "family", our gang. First, there's Zip. He's oldest and the self employed leader. He's around 21 to 24, we think, and he has really sleek black hair, brown eyes, and muscle. Lot of muscle. We call 'em Zip 'cause his power, his ability. Electricity. I mean, when he's fumed, which happens often, if you touch him, or he punches you, you'll get a pretty painful shock. So, Zip, like zap, with an "i". Nextin line is Spooki. She has long, long black hair, grey, menacing eyes, is 18, and is probly tougher then Zip. Her nick-name is originated off her power, too. She can get into peoples heads, make them see their worst fear. After her is Jinks, Zips best budd. They're really different, though. Jinks is a red-head, with playful brightgreen eyes, and a carefree attitude. But I would never, ever want to get into a fight with him. Ever. He's good with poison, and that's his power. A flick of his wrist, and you'd be poisoned and dead in a minute. Jinks is originated of when he was a kid, maybe 5. He used to like, curse people, jinks 'em. Then Pepsi. Dear ol' Pepsi. Probly, next to Zeek, the sleekest, hottest guy I've ever seen. He has a bronze colored hair, and gold, gold eyes. His hair covered his eyes a bit, and that only makes him cuter. He laughes allot, and grins allot too. Hes Zeek and my age, 15, but doesint act like it. More like a funny little kid. His power, you ask? Well, transforming. Anything, anyone.And his name? When we first recruited him, he told us his name was Pepsi, so... Oh, he's also a bit different. His ears. There like cat-ish and cute. But that's why he doesn't like facing normal people. Zeeks turn. He's really, really tall, about 6'3. He has long (but not girlish long) wheat-gold blonde hair and light baby blue eyes. Zeek is the only one with a "normal" name, and (even with what Pepsi says) is the only one who uses hisactual name. I and Zeek have something in common. You see, we dont rally have a "power". We're just mutants. We have wings. Big ones. I'm talking about 15'wing-span big. We take pride in them, because other then Pepsi (his ears) we can actualy see we're mutants. Like, just from looking at him, you cant tell Zip can control electricity. After Zeek is... you'rs truely. I have really long blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. I guess I could say Im a bit more seirous then the others. My name... I think its Jinks and Pepsi and Jinks fault. When I first joined, Pepsi wrote a 15 page song. About me. 15 freaking pages. It mentioned dawn alot, morning. After a while Jinks started calling me Dawn, and I guess it sticked. Now Kit. She's Zips sister and Jinks "girl friend". She's 19, like Jinks, and has curly brown hair, hazel eyes, and is the biggist girly-girl ever. She has these long nails she paints a different color every DAY. Im a tomboy, so that stuff never appeals to me. But other than fasion, her nails are her weapon. She can make them turn metal and lenthen them. Its scary. Hami is next. I beleave I mentioned her before? I'll explain her name first. She truly looks like a hamster, hence the name Hami. Shes really short, with small buck teeth and tan colored hair. Shes also super smart, and super fast. Huh.. Now, Greese. He's about... eh, 16. He has black hair and odd yellow eyes. He's also really quiet unless hes around me or Punkin. The name Greese is because his love for cars. Or motercycles. Hell, anything with wheels. And he can turn invisable, which is cool. Almost done. Slick. Hes the clutz of the gang, and the weird one. He has long, punk-kid brownhair, light green eyes, and is about 5'1. His power is healing himself, wich comes in handy. Last but not least: Punkin! The youngest and goofiest of all. Shes short, has short yellow hair, pink eyes, and is 5. Abylity wise, shes pretty handy. Reading and controlling minds. And that ends my wonderfuy boring summery of our gang.

More soon!

P.S. Dawn want to know you're favorite charecter! The happy-go-lucky Jinks? The Srtong and silent Zip? You tell us!


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