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I, the angel (Part 3)

Book By: Iggysgirl

They bring Zeek back to the Hide-out, hoping he survives.

Submitted:Aug 15, 2008    Reads: 131    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

"Dawn, Are you okay?" Pepsi automatically gave me a pat down, checking for broken bones. I rolled my eyes. "Yes, Pepsi I'm fine. Zeek isn't though." He and Zeek are really good friends. If Zeek ever died, I don't think Pepsi could take it. He lives in a dream world so when something serious happens, he goes into quite a shock. He ran over to Zip, holding Zeek and looked at him. He winced when he saw the bullet wound. "Hang in there, dude." He whispered. We were walking down a dark metal hallway until we got to a large door. It opened. The room in front of us was the lounge. We have a big screen TV for movies and games Punkin and Pepsi manage to smuggle from people, large plush couches, a white rag rug, and cherry wood coffee tables. Punkin and Jinks were playing Mario Cart on the wii (Punkin had "persuaded" the store sales man to give her) Punkin as Princess Peach, and Jinks as Bowser. "Dawn!" Punkin threw herself at me. "Sup guys." Jinks gave me a high-five. Truthfully, I and Jinks are tight. He's like that annoying older brother I never wanted but had anyway, and its cool. Pepsi's cat ears were down. "Let's get Hami's help, guys." He pushed Zips back slightly. "Oh, right." Zip started walking the lab. "What's wrong with Zeek?" Asked Punkin. "He'll be fine, I'm sure." Jinks said with weak cheerfulness. "He passed out after he overdosed on that green stuff. Plus he lost allot of blood." Lunic hung his head. The lab we were now in was really white and extremely clean. Zip set him on the examination table. Then I realized Pepsi was holding my hand. And I was squeezing it, hard. "Oh, sorry." I pulled my hand back. "Hey, its fine." He gave me a somewhat sad smile. "Whoa, you're crying, Dawn." Jinks lifted my head up."He'll be okay. You're overreacting." Which was true. We get hurt allot. Pepsi got shot five times in the chest once. He lived. Punkin got attacked by a spy's dog and got tore up pretty badly, and she lived. Even Spooki who got caught in a fire, and she's fine now. "He's going to be fine." Hami declared. "See?" Jinks grinned. I smiled. "I bet you haven't eaten yet, you idiot." Zip said suddenly, taking out a cigarette. Zips the only one here who smokes. It's really annoying, and I'm pretty sure he only does it to look cool. Pepsi crosses his arms and coked his eyebrow. "No smoking in the lab, Zip." "Huh? Oh, yah." He rolled his eyes, but gave no intention of putting it out. "Don't be bossing around Zip, Kitty." Jinks said mockingly, flicking Pepsis soft ear." Kitty is one of Pepsis many nickname because of his ears. He looked at me. "But seriously, Dawn. You need to eat." "Grease is making lunch, so we better get some before Slick eats it all, the pig." You see, Grease is as good in the kitchen as he is with cars. I was already feeling better about Zeek. I know with Hami's care he would be fine. "Race ya!" Jinks sudinly shouted and took off out the door. I and Pepsi were on his tail, Punkin not far behind. Zip was just walking slowly. Then an eagle was flying ahead of me. "Hey! Thats cheating!" I shouted. "You just jelous cuz' you cant fly in the hallway." It said in Pepsi's voice. "Wanna bet?" I measured the hallway, figuring it was long enough, and snaped open my wings, soring above both Jinks and Pepsi.


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