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I, the angel (Part one)

Book By: Iggysgirl

Tags: Zeek, Angel, Dawn

An extremly random book I came up with while waching a report on tv about New Jersy...

Submitted:May 30, 2008    Reads: 174    Comments: 11    Likes: 6   

I and Zeek walked close to each other, almost touching hands. The streets in New Jersy were crouded, and I could feel Zeek's tension. His eyes were darting about, his blonde hair filthy and messed up. I probly didint look much better. The hand that wasint by mine was petting, Lunic, our cat, in a messinger bag at his waist. "I... I feel them, Dawn..." He whispered to me. "But... I can't see them..." Lunic poked hispure whitehead out, his ice-blue eyes blazing. "There! I see one! Right th-" He was cut off by the sound of a gun-shot. I wached in slow motion, as the bullit hit Zeek. He fell down,dark red blood already coveing his shirt. People started screaming and running around. I took out my dagger. I hate guns. I never carry one. Zeek does, but not me. Lunic transformed from a small cat to a huge snow-white panther. All the humans were gone. Yah, I said humans.'Cause Im sure not one. But, more about that later. A dark puddle was forming around Zeek. Crap. "Lunic, take care of Zeek!" "Oh shoot!" Was his first reaction. Okay, not his exact wording, but for the younger audences lets just say he said that. The shooter was- guess. A guy dressed up in an F.B.I suit? No. The shooter was a freaking cowboy.I guess those people who wanted to kill us expected us to like, die laughing. But, he had a gigantic gun, so I'll give 'em that. Jeez. I lunged at him,but aparently hillbilly boy was faster then I thought. I went to lunge again, but faster then I could tell, he had me in a head lock, gun pointed at my forhead. Dang it. I thought. Im gonna die. I never even told Zeek I- Two gun shots. I was droped to the ground. Am I dead? Gee, that was easy. No pain even. I opened my eyes. Woah. Heven looks just like New Jersy. Or was I in.... Huh... Then I saw Zeek,small gun in hand, pain writen all over his face. He had shot the spy. Ohhh..... I see. I ran over. "Couldent let you die now, could I?" He said in a weak voice. "Oh, Jesus Christ. My arm... hurts like hell." He had gotten shot in the sholder, not the heart. Lunic ran over to us, carring a roll of gauze in his mouth. "What took you so long, you dang cat?" Once again, I had to change Zeeks wonderful vocably so the little kiddies reading this wont tell what new neat work they learned. "Exuse me, but you tossed the bag in a dumpster when you got shot." Lunic also had a needle, the kind you give shots with. It was filled with a nasty green liquid. Zeek noticed it too. "Um... what the hell is that?" He asked, his voice getting weaker. "Its some kind of medicine Hami made. She says it gets rid of pain, but makes you really dopey for a while." "Hell, anything to take away this freaking pain..." He grabbed it and injected the whole thing into his arm. "Woah. Holy crap..." He layed his head on the ground. "You itiot! Your only suposed to take like, one eighth of that!" "Good God, stop the world, I wanna get off..." He rubbed his head, closing his eyes. I gared at Lunic. "What is that stuff?" "Medicine, I told you. But one drop will make you dizzy, think of what the whole thing does to ya'." "We're gonna need some help." I fliped out my cell.

More coming soon....


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