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Melantha and me.(chapter 1-2)

Book By: imightloveu

Sorry if spelling is wrong.

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I opened my door to my my room and throw my old back pack on the floor. "I hate school God!"I lay down on my bed looking up at the ceiling. Thinking about him I had a mad look on my face. "Freaken asshole Ihate him."I turned over on my bed so I was on my stomach looking at my wall. You know you don't hate him. " Yes I do!" Fine keep deening me. Well us. I mean you as me- You know what I mean! "Melantha shut up!" I walk out of my bed room down the hall looking into my little brothers room that used to be mine and into the kitchen and Isat down on the chair and fell. "Oh I hate this..."Well next time dont let your friends leane back in it." Melantha! Thats it your not coming when summer starts!"I'm sorry my lady... "Melanatha your lucky I love your ass like a sister."Yes I know. Isighed as I got up and walks down two small steps to my living room. Ilooked in the mirrow and seen her by my side as she smiled at me. You look really pretty! "you know I'm not pretty suck up."We laugh with each other and I smile back squinting my eyes. "now tell me Melantha when do we get to go back to out relam?"Iasked egarly. She smiled at me sweetly and I just dazed at her in the mirrow. I didnt even notice she was talking on till I heard my mom walk in and Melantha dissappered.I walked up the two stairs then across the table down the other two steps down the hall passing my little brothers room and the bathroom and into my room shuting my door and setting down on my rolly chair turning on my computer. As it boots up my cell blows up with text messages and I sigh. I think, can't these people go get a life and leave me alone! Now Angalic you know half the people you talk to are guys but mostly one guy bugs the living day lights out of you!But I think its kinda sweet!"sweet!?! "I thought to her "what the hell this guy just doesnt get it!" Well it's your fault for being all sweet with him and not your normall hateful self and now he loves you!i forgot how old is he again?Ididn't answer I was not going throw the age thing with her again. When the computer finally was on the internet Ityped in "C" and then scrolled down one and clincked it. I was on Chatango's log in. I logged in to see who was on. Isighed seeing that he wasnt on. So i logged off. Typed in "Y" and youtube appered I clicked on it and went to my favorites clicked on Owl City Rainbow Veins. And I lisened to it as I opend up a new tab and then Melantha started to talk to me again. It's so soothing... Angalic when are we leaving...? I hate staying here in these hell hole! Please Angalic I'll do anything just please can we go! She asked me in her sweetest vocie. I seriously almost smiled to big but then I was pissed that she made me like her little dam pleading. "Yeah just let me get in the shower." I heared my mom walk out the house with her son my little dumb brother who was so freaken bad! That kid cuased like a salior and got whatever he begged for well not everything. But mostly everything.Chapter 2After I got out of the shower and got dressed looking into my mirrow. "When shall I ever be skinny?"i asked my self as I sighed pulling up shirt and poking my stomach. I laughed for a momment. "Melantha you ready to go?"I asked turning around looking at her. I blinked as she got dressed. Iwatched her and then finally looked away. She laughed "Like whatcha see?"If I could blush I would of been. "Just shut up and come on! "I yelled at her. "ya ya ya I'm coming."she said pulling down her shirt. I walked out of the trailer with my blue over the shoulder handbag with my clothes in it. Melantha walked side by side. I had text my mom telling her I was spending the night over her house. My mom texted back 'ok' and we were on our way. We walked behind my trailer and into the little woods back behind it. We walked around it stairing at the how calm it looked. "Angalic?""Yeah?"I looked at her as we stoped in front of the old purple and blue house. " I love you."A long silence. "I love you too."I answered. We stepped into the house as the portal started to form.I opened my eyes at the dark sky. It was lit up with stars and three huge swirls in the sky. I loved my kingdom apon this planet. Everything changes of me on this plante and Melantha. Our apperince started to change. My hair turned silver and grew done to my butt, and a crescent moon appered on my forhead and my right wrist. I grew 3 inches taller and my body formed its hour glass shape and my stomach went it. My eyes turned a bright purple as my puples formed a oval shape. A bright light shinned from me as a long yellow, black, and purple gown slipped on me and a white cloak came around me.Melantha hair turned curly and black and a dimond apper appers on her forhead and both hear wrist. Her dress turns into a black shorts and a purple and yellow shirt with a white cloack also.We walk up to the gates and the gards open them. "Welcome home My Lady"The two mean say bowing but on their knees but do not look at me. I stair at my castles beauty.Lunar castle:


We walk into the castle and are greeted by knights, maids, and our foxes. "My Lady are you hungry?"The chief walks out with a smile. "Yes I am."I answer. "Melantha are you?"Melantha was my right hand person anyone would serv death if they did not do what I said or she did. We were vary strick on our rules when it came to it. "Yes My Lady."She answered. "What do you want then?"I looked at her she was stairing at something but I could not turn around and see at this moment. "Fried chicken and red whine please."She said. My eye brow raised. What are you stairing at? I asked her with my thoughts. Pause. Eclipes has returned.. My mouth droped...Iwas trying to have a good week!And this mother fucker is coming back to ask for my hand in marige again!" Knights!"They all stand striaght. "All of you put up a barrie around us and make sure Eclipes does not come in."I yelled. "And Paulin."I said to the cheif. "Make me the same as Melantha but get me milk and make sure it has a little gray gooes in it."With that they went off doing what they were told. Everyone knew I would regect Eclipes every time he came in asked for my hand in marrige. Everyone knew he gave me a slipiting head ach and that if they didnt do waht they were told they would be in a loud of trouble. Istomered up the stairs and walked into huge bed room and slammed the door, almost on Melantha. "Why dont you give him a chance?"she asked. Ialmost back handed her when her hand caught my rist and pushed me up against a wall. Igrowled.She laughed. I tried to push her away with my other hand when her other hand grabed my wrist and she pulled my wrists above my head and blew softly on my neck, with her gaining a moan. She grinned!"YOUASS!"I pulled away and pushed her finally away from me. When a knock came from my window we both frozze. "Hide..."I told her in a whisper and she nodded. Iopened my window to see no one there. Iblinked. "what the fuck?"I asked my self and Ishut them back and turned away jumping about a foot in the air. I grabed my chest like it was about to pop out my chest. "KN-"My mouth was covered and he whispered. "Please,"Eclipes begged," Dont call your Knights!" He let his hand fall from my mouth to his side. "Why should Inot?"Isaid coldly. Iknew his type, Iknew them to good from the world I did not wish to live in. " Because I just want one chance!"He replied with a shout whisper. "Hell to the-"I froze as Melantha told me something. What could happen gezz!? If he screws up, me and the knights will kill him! I liked that idea of not having to deal with him. I nodded. "Fine you sleep in another chamber and before you go to bed write down what you want to do for our first date, and tell one of the knights and also tell them they will be awarder but if they do not believe I have said this they are not allowed the reward,"Isaid,"And you must find someone else, if they all do not believe you come to me or Melantha and we will deal with it." His mouth droped and he pushed his hand to his gaw to make it go back up. "Y-yes....Thank you!"He studdered and a smile appered on his lips and I rolled my eyes. "Melantha go tell the kinghts Lunar is now a guest for two weeks, but dont tell them about the reward."She left the room and he looked at me. "Thank you....May I kiss your cheek?"He said nervesly but he tried to cover it up. Isighed and nodded. I closed my eyes as I felt his lips pressed to my cheek, it felt soft. I pulled away after 5 seconds of this. "Go down two doors and theres your room."Ihuffed out. He chuckeled and left my room with a wink. Istuck out my tounge before he left.


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