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Melantha and me.(chapter 3)

Book By: imightloveu

Tags: Same, As, Before

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Submitted:Nov 13, 2009    Reads: 77    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Chapter 3 ............ ~The next day~.......... I walked down seeing Eclipes trying to make Akik, a tall skinny pretty red head, she shook her head. "Please Akik!Im not lieing....You'll see I'm right in the end..."He begged.She laughed. "Nope, go bother some one else."She said coldly and walked away. Ilaughed. "Ah this amussing."He frowned. "Please tell them that you told me you would give me a chance!"He yelled up at me. I blinked and that was when all the Knights were walking in. They all stared at me. I laughed once more. " Sorry 'babe',"I said putting my two fingers up when I said babe,"But who ever said you were getting even a slice of a chance?"I laughed once again. He frowned. Everyone else left and I came up to him." Why are you torchering me with your cruelness?"He asked softly while he looked down sad. "Because,"I said simply but coldy,"I'm evil." Paulin walked in,"My Lady,"He bowed,"What would you like to eat?"He asked. "The same as everytime I come."I answered with a smile. "Yes Ma'am."He stood and looked at Eclipes,"What would you like to eat sir?" "The same as her."He said back quikly. " Ok itll be ready in 40 minutes."He said and walked down the hall. "Well go get your self cleaned up with in 30 minutes"Itold him and I walked into my room. "Melantha is my bath water ready?" Iasked her. "Yes My Lady."she answered and I held out my arms and she stripped me down naked. Ilayed on the rock in the huge bath room. (Its like a a freaken a whole house! and the bed room is like 3 houses put in one with a huge closet!) Melantha sat next to me and started scrubbing my back when Iheard a yelp. " Snakes?""Yup."Ismirked. Melantha knew that I would never like the man whore. "Melantha make them turn into fish and leave him alone well get him later on tonight."We both grinned. We both heard a sigh and we laughed. When she was done washing me, Icleaned her also. Idressed her in a black long night gown and put her white cloack over her.She dressed me in a long white night gown and my white cloack. Iput her hair up in a ponytail and she combed mine down as it curved around my body and butt. We walked out seeing Eclipes in, black pants, a white shirt, and his hair sleek black. He bowed and we did the same making him blink, and us laugh. We all walked into the kitchen to see Paulin setting out our plates and my knights plates also. " Miss Melantha please tell the Knights that their food is ready."He bowed and she nodded leaving the room. The food came and so did the Knights. I sat at the head of the table and Melantha sat at the other end and Eclipes by my right. The table was glass and was huge. The dinning room was huge also. We started to eating our food and most of the knights staired at Eclipes. "Stop stairing he isnt that cute."I said holding back a growl. They all started eating again. Melantha laughed inside. Whats wrong Angalic? Its not his fault hes so 'hot'!She thought to me. Melantha shut the hell up!I growled lowly but only Eclipes heard it. "Whats wrong?"He asked. Everyone stopped eating and looked at me. "Nothing why would you ask?"I wished he would shut up! "Because you just growled.""You must of heard your stomach Eclipes, now eat."Iordered........~Later on that afternoon~.......I kept hearing Eclipes try to convince the Knights to help him. But all of them regected him with a "Like our Lady would ever give you a chance"Or a "Go bother someone else with your lies"Ect. Finally he came to me. "No one is helping me...Iasked everyone one!" He said mad. "Calm down!Dosh damit. Well since no one is helping go ask Paulin to help you.""The cook?" He asked. "Yes, he is my personal cheif and he is training when he is not cooking."Isaid. "Fine.."He walked off down the hall. Melantha appered behind me. "Pur is here My Lady."I gulped. "What the hell is he doing here!?! "I shouted in a whisper. "I don't know!"She whispered back. "Oh.My.Life. Get Akik to help fucking Eclipes and get them the hell out off here!Now! "Iyeld but only loud enough for her to hear. " Oh and when will he be arriving?""In 15 minutes.""Oh God go now!"She ran to go get him.


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