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Melantha and me.(chapter 5 and 6)

Book By: imightloveu

Tags: Chapter, 5, And, 6

chapter 5 and 6

Submitted:Nov 29, 2009    Reads: 72    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Chapter 5 I woke up in my bed stairing at Pur's soft brown eyes. Before Icould get a word out about how much I wanted and longed for him, dumb ass Eclipes ran in and ploped him self on the bed and held me in his arms. I pushed away even though the warmth confurted me. I almost growled. "What the hell is the meaning of this!?!"I yelled and startled Eclipes but not Pur. I wouldnt think of it. "You fainted."Pur said slowly. I wanted to yell at him how much I wanted him back and how much he ment to me. Melantha get your ass in here with some vadka before I lose it!!! I screamed in my head but at her. She appered in the room not 10 seconds later. She knew I ment bussiness.Chapter 6~ what happen between me and Pur~
Me and Pur have a history. Inever got over him but he got over me. He was my everything untill i cheated on him with Dark, big mistake.......I had lied about everything. I remember what we had done just the day before with my best friend, Kyo CaJa, money. I supose Purs best friend but Ido not know. Well I broke up with Dark and Pur broke up with me...My heart hurt? Not even close!more like beaten with a base ball bat hit wit an S.U.V and burned with acid. Pur..He was my everythign and kinda still is. Well about a month after that I went on a 3 month vaca and thats when Majik came along and stuck around with Pur.......Now let me just tell you this upfront. Ihated her with a passion and I kinda still do...Well Isupose Pur still loved me and since I was gone and everyone thought I was dead, he got cozzy with Majik. Fucking asshole is what I thought and still think. Iknow your thinking ' Well its what you deserve for cheating on him you whore' Bitch shut the fuck up is what I have to say to you for even thinking that or something like that!
Ithought he was cheating on me so I was not going to be the only one played. So all those months Majik and Pur where going out, Majik adopeted a son, who is now my adopated son, and they all most got married. So me being hurt turned into a Player my self. A teasing, make you want to kill your self after I was done screwing with your heart and killing it Player. Ibecame the all time Player. So many people love me, only if they knew their heart was what Iwas looking for. But their heart wasnt the only thing I wanted, I wanted to see what I could do to please Pur when he gave me another chance. Pathic? Yes it is but I cant help it!And sometimes I still do it but not for Pur for my own amusement.

Now your thinking how old am I? Im 14 in the so called real world. Pshh only if people were smarter. But Im 22 in this so called fantsay but its not. There are other worlds. And I found the portal to one of them. But now make to my history with Pur. Ilove him. He says he loves me too. I do not believe. And probally never will.Well when I came back he gave me a great hug and made me felt loved. But a year later he gave me another chance, and me a little love sick puppy happily agreed. He used my heart everytime he came around which was barley ever. But since I, the love sick puppy, Icared but he wouldnt come back sooner if I complained. So I tried to stopp. TRIED!Iwould be so happy when he came but when he left heart broken and always refixed by the time he came back and ready for breaking again. Torcher of my little heart is what he did.


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