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Melantha and me.(chapter 7 and 8)

Book By: imightloveu

Tags: Chapter, 7, And, 8

Chapter 7 and 8

Submitted:Dec 3, 2009    Reads: 103    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Chapter 7

I walked into the dinning room and sat at the head of the table , like always. The food was set out like always but Pur and Eclipes were here. " Excuse me." I stod from the table and walked away as they all staired at me. Eclipes went to stand but Melantha pushed him back in his chair while shaking her head no. He sighed and glared at Pur. Pur finally noticed and gave him a death stare. Eclipes looked away. Mean while I was laying down in my bed, laying down with just a long gown on.

Chapter 8

I stared at Melantha as she layed down next to me. " Why?" I asked her softly. Tears started to form and I hugged her tight. She ran her fingers throw my hair. Cooing in my ear, I cried softly into her shoulder. "Why Melantha!? I love him so much . . . And he torchers my heart . . . My little poor heart!" I cried harder digging my nails into her back. " Angalic," She said quitley," His here . . ." My heart stopped. A knock came from the door and I dried my eyes sitting up quikly. " I'm getting dressed h-hold on!" I studdered a little. He opened the door when I was just about to open it. " I'm leaving." He said and shut the door. I stod there frozen and fell to the floor. I banged my head on the door but before I could finally draw blood on my head by hitting it hard enough, Melantha stopped me and held me close.

I sat at the table and ate with the Knights, Eclipes, and Melantha. My eyes blood red. I kept staring down at the glass table. When I was threw eating I left with out a word with Melantha following close behind. I stepped into the bath tub as goosebumbs appered on my arms. My hair dragged in the water, My body half coverd by the water. My nipples getting hard. Melantha formed into Pur walking into the tub and coming up behind me. She held me close and I blinked. "Melantha?" "Ya?" " Your a perv." "I know." I smiled. " Love ya" I said. " Love ya too." She replied turning into her self again. Her hands cressed my shoulders. I grinned. " Your such a tease." She smirked. " So are you." I nodded with a laugh.

I dresssed Melantha once more and she dressed me. We would always be with each other. I kissed her lips. She kissed back. She frowned," Your mean you tease!" I grinned and layed down in the huge bed. She layed next to me. We fell asleep cuddling. Only to be awoken with moans.


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