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The Pack. ( chapter 2)

Book By: imightloveu

Tags: Chapter, 2

Chapter 2

Submitted:Dec 14, 2009    Reads: 68    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

The next day I woke up alone in the house. Mom was on a business trip and my aunt, who lives across the street, cheeked up on me every now and then. I jumped in the shower thinking about the wolf. He is so beautiful... I have to see him again! I thought smiling. After I got out of the shower I put on my clothes and some Japanese Blossom Lotion from BBB. I put on my snow coat again and two gloves and hat. I ran out my door and back into the forest. I looked around for about thirty minutes before I caught a glimpse of something black. Iran towards it seeing him. I tried to be as quite as possible watching him licking his fur. After what I thought was an hour he looked at me. Our eyes meet and he walks closer. His eyes are gray but almost white. I reached out for him and he tackled me down. I blinked feeling his hot breath on my neck.

Will he kill me? My heart raced as I felt teeth sink inside my skin. I cried out in pain. Please no... Tears strolled down my cheeks. The bite got deeper and I could feel myself about to be taken away from this world. I passed out. I woke with a major headache. I looked up to see a gray eyed boy looking at me. "Wolf..."I closed my eyes trying to hold out my hand. "Why did I mark you when they just gave me a mate!?"He whispered furiously. I opened my eyes. "I love you..."I said with as much strength I had. He looked at me with curiously. A huge amount of pain shocked my body and I cried out in more pain then before. My eyes rolled back. I kept waking up on and off. Him always there looking at me with curiosity and suspicion. I finally woke up and didn't feel tired.

"Why did you hurt me?"Tear formed in my eyes. "I needed a mate."He answered quietly. "Am I your mate now?"I asked feeling not hatred but love now. "No."Heart broken. "But why?"I yelled tears falling. "The first beta found me a mate."He said looking down.I blinked. "I am dreaming."I nodded. I hit my self on the head. "ow..."I growled. I glared at him. I felt my self grow small. I blinked. He looked so huge. I jumped onto his lap. I felt fur on me. I had a long tail to. His mouth fell wide open. When I tried to talk nothing came out but my ears twitched. I heard a meow come from me. I felt his hand brush against my fur and I purred. I rubbed my head against his chest wanting warmth. I looked up at him. I felt my self returning to my human form. I blinked." What the hell just happened!"I yelled confused and scared. "You turned into a fox."I looked at him eyes widen. "W-Why?!"I studdered. I had read the books. Every writer had said about it being true it was all true!I fell into his arms. I passed out once more. I woke up once more to his arms around me. I felt safe and a cuddled as he slept. My beautiful wolf...I smiled and kissed his lips holding the kiss feeling like I was in heaven. I puled away seeing him staring at me. I looked at him with tired eyes. He looked so sexy tired. I felt my self getting horny and I closed my eyes putting my head on his chest.

"We cant be together..."He said softly. "why not?""Age differences."He said. "How old are you?"I asked. "19 and your only 13. It would not be right."he said. "I love you..."I said quietly. "Puppy love."He said I snarled not knowing I could. Iran out whatever this place I was in. I locked my door looking out the window. Everything just happen so fast. I cant have my wolf. I layed down and fell into a deep sleep about my wolf and I.


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