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The Pack. ( chapter 5)

Book By: imightloveu

Tags: Chapter, 5

Chapter 5

Submitted:Dec 14, 2009    Reads: 63    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

I woke up in my moms queen sized bed cuddling with Fang. I stared at him. Why did I forgive him? I don't know. Ok maybe I do. Ok I do know why! Him apologizing made me feel I guess wanted. Well ok maybe that not why. Ok! I don't know why!I stared at him with curiosity in my eyes. What the hell have you done to me? I thought with hatred. I pated his head. I'm gonna make you pay one day. I smirked as he awoke from his slumber. He blinked. " Moring, I have to go."He got up and walked out the door. My mouth dropped. Did he just fucking leave!? I screamed into a pillow.

I sighed. I made my self some break fest. Cereal. Keep thinking about his mate. Why did he make me his mate when he already had one? Why did she try to attack me? and Will she ever try to hurt me? These question ran threw my head. Walking up the street, the road dead quite but the sounds of happy children filled my ears with their laughter.

I startedto hum walking towards the woods once more, closing my eyes at the entrances and pickered myself when I was fighting Fang's mate. My body lost about a couple inches and I felt my ear perk up. My tail swagging in now silent snow. As I ran my paws barley went in the snow. I jumped over random things in my way picking up his sent. Then hers. I stopped dead in my tracts.

I came as close as I could hiding my self in the snow. They were laying with each other. Her head on his shoulder. I made my self known and started making nose. She trotted towards me and started growling. What are you here for!? She yelled. I didn't answer. I snarled and ran at her feeling power streaming threw me. She also charged and I jumped over her back and turned right when my foot touched the ground digging my claws into her neck and bit down as hard as I could. She tried to throw me into the tree by thrashing her head around. I finally let go when she tried to charge into a tree only making it worse. Blood was all over the snow. I felt the powerful, I was going to rip her to shreds.


I woke up to here my mates yelp and I ran in jumping in front of the fox. I got tackled down by Kara. I blinked. My mate was limp on the cold ground. I growled loudly feeling the heavy fox jump off of me. She glared at me and walked away slowly. When she left I helped up my mate licking her wounds and healing her. Fang she keeps coming over here? Why? She asked me. Your not suppose to be here. I said. She layed a crossed my back as I brong her back to the packs cave.


I was glad it was winter break because Iwouldn't be out side if it wasnt, Iwondered around the area feeling the cold nipping at me. Ifound a small hole in a tree and curled up in it. But then thought what if I turned human I would die. My mind wandered as trotted back to my house and jumping into a small pasage into the house. Thinking of my self as a human I felt my eyes when I was back to normal.


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