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The Pack. ( chapter 6)

Book By: imightloveu

Tags: Chapter, 6

Chapter 6

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My fist hit the door making a knocking nose. She answered it confused. I walked in sitting on her long coach. She sat next to me in confusion. The silence broke when she said, " I want to know everything." I blinked. " Explain." I said. " I want to know everything you know. Your wisdom if you will." Is this a new side I am seeing to her? " I mean what do you want to know?" She looked at her hands. " What am I?" She asked in the lowest voice that I could barley hear what she said. " For now I do not know." I answered simply. " Are you in a pack? Or a clan?" Why is she asking me this? " I guess you could say both." Staring at her while she stared at her hands. " Do you want to be in one?" She shrugged. Why does she seem so fragile? Is this Kara? " I don't know yet." She answered. She looked up at him. " What ranks are there in a pack?" She stared at me.

" I, the leader, am the Alpha. There is an alpha female and she is my mate. We are very respected by the others. Then next important rank is the Beta. Then the last lowest rank in the pack called the Omegas. Then the rest of the wolves have no rank." I answered simply. She nodded. " Is there allowed to be more then one Alpha?" She asked in a soft voice that ringed in my ears. Why is she acting this way!? This is not the rage in I seen in her last night. " Yes there is. all ranks are allowed more then one person." " Why did you mark me?" I froze. What am I suppose to answer, It was a mistake!? I DON'T THINK SO! I sighed deeply looking at her.


" My head Beta told me that it was time to get a mate. I agreed with her and told her I would go searching. Her not knowing about you , she already had someone for me. So I told her that I would be back," He paused sighing, " When I found you searching for you I knew you would be strong because you didn't show any sign of fear. Well when I marked you and put you in the cave, I went to go tell the pack that I had marked someone. But like I said I had no clue they had a mate ready for me! So when I came back they had the mate waiting for me and when Shelby ,the head beta, told me this I kept my cool in front of them but told them I had to go cheek on something, I was really coming back to you." He stared up at me. So I am a mistake? My heart broke.

A mistake.


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