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Truth and Aliyah ( Chapter 1)

Book By: imightloveu

Truth has another side. Aliyah is his other side. This tale is of the two and what happens. so please read!!! leave comments good or bad! and i am doing this on a cell so please be nice on how long it takes me to update!!! Oh and this is a novel but Booksie is being stupid and wont let anyone read the other chapters!

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-Truth's P.O.V.-
"Truth!" My mom, KoKo, called for me. " Breakfast!" My eyes shot open to the smell of her breakfast burgers. Tough my thoughts weren't on food- my body was. My thoughts? They were on her. Aliyah. The girl in my dreams.
" Sleep well?" I shrugged at my lovable mother. So many people wanted to be with her. But only one she truly loved. Melantha. But before her was my father. Pure. He, himself, in a nut shell was the devil. He treated my mother like a slave, a tramp, and a play toy. Never wanted anything to do with me, is first son! He cheated on her multipul times with many woman. And married her nemeses. But finally when Melantha came around, all was well. I know having two mothers is kinda weird but hey who can say anything when Melantha is my mother's guardian angle.
" Was it her again?" I nodded. " Her name," I paused. " Aliyah." The way it rolled off my tongue made me think I was talking in my mothers tongue. Which sounded rather romantic.
My heart beat increased and I knew it was happening again. " Mother-" Before I could say what I wanted, I was taking my three year old form once more.
"Mommy!" I whimpered in my toddler voice. My pure blond locks clung to my face, and my eyes changed into blue ones instead of gray. My mother , as always, giggled. " Oh Truth! I love you my baby boy!" She hugged me tight and I hugged back. Wrapping my small arms around her neck and giving her a wet kiss on the cheek.
" Your so adorable!" Her smile was bright as could be. Unfortunately Pure's DNA passed the trait of this curse. KoKo and anyone else who seen me like this thought it was a blessing.
She played with my tiny hands and started to feed me my breakfast burger. I loved only one thing about this 'blessing' and it was being able to get anything I wished. Well it didn't work with my mother. Unless it was a simple request.
She stripped me down after making a mess of my self, and put me in a warm bubble bath. She started to tell me what would be going on today.
"Well," She washed me as I played." Sense Mommy M," Mommy M is Melantha, " Is coming back from heaven today, we are going to make to make a feast and a cake for her welcome back. Ok little one?" I nodded and blew some suds on her. " It's not time for Mommy K," As you probably guessed, Mommy K is KoKo. " To take her shower yet!" She laughed her innocent laugh, that captured any ones heart.
Oh and did I tell you that Mommy M has to go back to heaven to make sure her wings don't turn fully black, every three months? Well she does.
As KoKo dried me off with a fluffy towel I drew tired. In need of a nap, like mothers instinct, she knew. She dressed me in a long, white, fluffy T-Shirt. " Come on lets go take a nap for a couple of hours." She carried me up the stair into her room. She laid down with me covering us both up. The blinds automatically shut, the fan turned on, and as we slept the food and cake would be made and the house would be clean.
As I slept. I dreamed of her again. Her. Aliyah.
~Aliyah~ Aliyah~ Aliyah~
A/N: I hope you all enjoy this story and leave comments and press the 'I Like' it button if you do. Negative and Positive feed back is fine!


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