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Truth and Aliyah ( Chapter 3)

Book By: imightloveu

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Chapter 3

Submitted:Feb 12, 2010    Reads: 55    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

-Truth's P.O.V.-
I awoke to the smell of lobster, crap, potatoes, and shrimp. My stomach growled and I ran my fingers through my curly locks that hung from my face. I smiled, I was back to normal.
I stretched and put on some black boxers and black tank top. I flexed in front of KoKo's full mirror. Smiled at my natural tan. I slid down the rail of the stairs thinking of Aliyah but like always my body on food. " Welcome H-" My body froze. "Well hello Truth."
He smirked, I wanted so badly to smack that smirk off his face. " Truth where is my-" CLASH. Plates fell onto the hardwood floor and my mom rushed in front of me like a loin protecting its cub. Her sword, Lunar, out and ready for a massive battle between the two she knew she would win. " Get out of my house." The poison that seared through her voice spread through out her sword. Poison. ' Dad's ' weakness. He frowned. " KoKo, I just came to talk to my." The way he said the next work made me and my mother sick to our stomachs.
Melantha appeared next to my mom's side and pecked a kiss on her cheek. Then blinked when she seen Lunar. She looked up to see Pure standing at the other side of the table and groaned. " What the hell do you want now!" She yelled growing mad with every second. " I just want to talk to my ' Son '" Still the way he said it was like saying I Hate You.
" Mom..." I said lowly. I could tell she wanted to rip him open and shred him to pieces. " Get out of here now Pure." Her sword was extended out. " KoKo, can we talk about this over dinner. All of us?" " Fine!" She growled. Lunar disappeared. I helped mother clean up the plates, and then take them into the kitchen to be fixed with magic. When I was done chanting a spell the plates were as good as new. But I knew Pure was watching my every move until I got into the kitchen. I didn't tense but I stayed calm.
I brought out the plates and sat two plates out in front of everyone and including me.
For a few minutes we stayed quite eating. All of us waiting for one of us to start, but it was all over when Pure spoke up. " Truth," What he asked next surprised us all, " Will you come to my castle and train with me and my students?" That's when KoKo snapped and she jumped over the table. When their bodies first meet she started throwing punches at him. The chair and both of them feel back as Pure held her fist. " Get the hell out of my house! And never come back!" She yelled. The poison from her body rushed to her right hand as she pulled back her hand to look like paper.
" Calm down KoKo. I will leave after I hear my Son's reply." Everyone looked at me. " Haha!" I laughed. " You know what! I'll go with you." Mom looked like she was about to put a gun to her head and pull the trigger.
" Only!," This part made Pure make his eye brow raise. " If you leave mom alone forever. Take everything back bad you have said about her. When I want to come home I can." I could feel my lips curving into a smile. " And say sorry."
" I'm sorry." He said slowly. " Not to me! My mother! My beautiful mother that you unkindly hated apon." I could tell where I had his genes. Hatred. He turned his head up towards KoKo and spoke those words again. " I'm sorry."
" Tomorrow." I turned on my heal. " 6:OO pm." Before I walked out the door frame I stopped. " Oh and never come here after tomorrow. And never send anyone or anything." I left to go start packing everything I had except a shirt and pair of pants I wore all the time for my mother.
He nodded and disappeared under my mom making her land on her ass.
~ Aliyah~ Aliyah~ Aliyah~


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