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Truth and Aliyah ( Chapter 5)

Book By: imightloveu

Tags: Chapter5

Chapter 5

Submitted:Feb 13, 2010    Reads: 51    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

-Truth's P.O.V.-
" Truth?" My mom walked in with a small 2 tail fox. That's fur was black, with white paws, and black eyes. " Whats with the 2 tails?" My eye brow raised as I closed my last bag. " Her name is Kilala." I nodded. " She will be coming with you to train with your 'father'." She said father with venison searing.
She placed y new partner on my bed and put a black collar on her. " Thanks mom." I turned to see tears streaming down her cheeks. " Mom!" I hugged her tight as she cried softly into my shoulder. " Please come back the same.. Please Truth.." She sobbed out. " I promise mom, I promise. " I whispered in her ear. Melantha joined us for out last hour.
We ate our dinner filled with talk. KoKo and Melantha talking of Pure. Not to trust. Always be alert. Ect. I took their advise seriously. Because I will never be like him.

~After Dinner~
" Are you ready?" Pure appeared in the middle of me and my mothers conversation. " Pure." She glared. " We are in the middle of a conversation." Her hand curled into a fist. " I will wait outside." He walked out the room and shut the door. Sh stood and whispered in my ear, " Kilala eyes will turn red br someone is possessed her or poisoned her. " I nodded knowing her eyes would be brown really. We stood and hugged each other. Until Pure walked in.

" It's time to leave." I kissed her cheeks then forehead and she did the same. KoKo looked at Pure. " I want him home on Friday might and he stays Saturday till Sunday and goes back on Monday you understand!" She growled. " I understand KoKo." He nodded. " And no experiments on my baby from anyone or anything or I will kill you!" Her right hand turned green once more. " I promise KoKo no one will or anything." He knew she meant it.
~Pure's Castle~
" Welcome home son."
"Home?" I said out loud. " Well for now." He almost smiled but I blew it off. It was night and the planets were bright and the moons shown their craters. The stars twinkled and the Sun shown it's powerful rays. My stair at the beautiful sight was ruined when ' Your Momma's Callin Back' Ringtone went off. I answered the call. " Ya Mom?...Ya I just got here....Don't worry Mom I got her... Oh cool thanks...Tell Melantha I love her too....Ya Mom I love you.. Don't get pregnant while I'm gone!" I laughed. "Haha.. Ya mom Love you bye... I'll tell him.. Ya mom Bye I love you!" I hung up with a smile. " Mom says poison kiss." The corners of his mouth turned into a grin. " Come on lets go get you settled in your room."
It was seriously huge! It was the size of a small house. Each room! I was only two doors down from Pure because he wanted me to be close. " Do you need a bigger room?" He asked. " Haha no!" A smile was lit on my face. The bed was black and blue, so were the curtains. The walls are a soft blue just a little lighter then the bed sheet. Kilala jumped out my pocket and curled onto my bed.
" Pure?" I asked him before he left.
" Father but ok."
" No problem, now what do you need."
" Nothing never mind."
" See you in the morning Truth good night." He throw me a set of keys. " Your room key is blue. To get inside the dorm key is gray. To vist the castle its a gold. Tomorrow we are going to get you a pass for every where in town." He nodded towards me. " Be up about elven o'clock." I nodded. " Alright night 'Dad'." He shut the door and left. I put all my clothes away and set my alarm clock for 9:30 am. Then I went to sleep.
~Aliyah~ Aliyah~ Aliyah~


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