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Eden - After the fall

By: ImpliedKhan

Page 1, All that is left is love. My world gone, all I have is her. She is my world now, and my love for her is all I have. I cannot lose her, I will not. I will give all I have for her, but all I have is my love. I can only hope that is enough.

The world is not a stage, not any more,
Forgotten are the times of peace, and the times of war,
Into a bedlam the world falls,
And the cities crumble with their walls,
All the world died long ago,
But only now do the people know,
That there is no spark of hope in the night,
All we have is this final light.

"It's gone. All of it. There is nothing left." My voice was so unusually calm, that it worried me. After losing everything I knew, I expected that I would have some emotion.
"I know." She walked up next to me, and took my hand, trying to comfort me.
"How could this happen? The city was supposed to be untouchable. Invincible. And now it's gone. Not a single house remains."
"But you are still alive. That's what matters. I still have you, and you still have me." She wrapped her arms around me, and I placed an arm around her.
"But, that's all. You still have a family, a house, a city, a life to go back to. I have nothing but myself, and you, but even you cannot stay. Not here." Not when she has much to go for. With a whole  life to go back to, she cannot stay.
"Then come with me." Her eyes gazed deep into mine.
"You know I can't do that. Not with what happened here. If my entire city has been wiped out, they will be killing people like me in the streets. No city is safe for me." But I will go. For her. If it were not for her, I would not be alive right now, and life is something that you cannot repay.
"Then let me hide you. Let me guard you. Let me keep you safe. No one will find you. I promise." She leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips.
My eyes still gazed across what used to be my home, my whole life. Smoke and fire danced their way across the blackened ruin. It was impossible to discern what all of it used to be, as houses now appeared piles of ash and burnt stone. Life within the wasteland was impossible, but I must live, for her.
"It's a long walk. A very long walk."
"Then we should start," she said, taking my hand again, and beginning to walk away.
I turned, and followed her as she dragged me behind, holding my hand in such a grip that it seemed she was afraid of losing me at any moment.

Laying side by side in the night,
The fire crackles with a glowing light,
And for once, my heart has stopped its plead,
For I now realize that she is all I want, and she is all I need.

I ran my hand through her hair, holding her against me, as we both lay there. She stirred, and I realized that she too was awake as she turned her head to look at me.
I could not discern  what it was she mumbled, but it had something to do with love. Then, as I was going to respond, she fell asleep again.
It must be hard for her, walking for hours every day, sleeping on the ground when she is used to a bed, having only what we can find to eat, which mostly consists of berries, seeing that neither of us was willing to kill for food. But we are almost there. Only one more day, and she will be able to live normally again. One more day, and she will be able to return to her life, and then, she will no doubt forget about me.
"Come on sleepy, wake up." I could feel her pushing me in an attempt to wake me up.
As my eyes opened, all I could see was hers, gazing back at me. Pulling back her head, she smiled as I pulled myself up.
"We are close. I can tell. I recognize this place." Her face was beaming, and I realized that she probably had never been away from her home until now, and now it had been two months since she had left.
"Yes, very close. It's just up ahead. You will be back in your bed tonight, sleeping comfortably, and no doubt have a feast compared to what food we have had these last few days."
"And you will be there too, right next to me the whole time."
"Most likely not."
Her smile turned, and I could see her eyes fill with sadness once again.
"Why? Do you not want to go? Don't you want to be with me?"
"Of course I do. I also want to live. You forget that we just walked away from the ruins of a war, one that is no doubt still going on. I am on the losing side of that war. Losers usually get killed by the winners."
"But you never even fought," she said, taking my hand again, and walking in the direction of her home. "You promised that you will never fight, and you kept that promise. You always keep your promises. They can't do anything to you if you didn't even fight."
"Yes they can. And they will. That's the way wars work."
"But you are part of Eden. You might have only been a messenger there, but that still counts."
"And because all of Eden was just massacred, I'm sure no one will be happy that I am alive."
"I am happy."
"I know. And that is why I love you." I pulled her closer to me as we walked.

An unknown world lays behind these walls,
And yet, I must go, for my future calls,
I will go for her, and her alone,
I will go, even if it is my life that falls.

She stood, refusing to move in the middle of the road.
"What do you mean it could have been my dad?"
"It could have been anyone, but he is among the more powerful of people in this world. It is likely he played a part in it." I said, still trying to pull her away from the road.
"Because my dad would want I kill me."
"Maybe you weren't supposed to stay as long as you did. Maybe he meant to pull you out of Eden before. Maybe he thought you had already left. Maybe his second in command did it. I don't know."
"Then why would you say he did it?" I could tell it was one of those moods she got. I had to answer directly, or she would ask again.
"Because no one could have done it alone. Your dad is probably the strongest now that Eden has fallen, it would only make sense that he was somehow involved."
"But you don't know that."
"No, I don't. Now, can we please move on? We need to get you back before nightfall, or else wait for tomorrow. Please."
"Okay." She started walking again, but I could tell that se was not entirely convinced.

Her dress in tatters, shoes worn away, face covered in dirt, and body worn away by hunger, she was very different in appearance than she was but two moths ago. If they we not her family, they would not have recognized her. All of it was a blur from the moment she stepped into the room. Her mother screamed out, and their arms were around each other faster than I thought was humanly possible. Her father was then in the room too, tears in his eyes as he too embraced his daughter. Then, her brother and sister, or who I assumed to be her brother and sister, joined in. There was so much going on, and it all happened so fast, that before I knew it, I was stand alone, before her father.
"You have my utmost gratitude and thanks for returning my daughter to me, safe, after I had thought the worst had befallen her. I cannot repay that." His voice was powerful, and it was no wonder that he was able to command so many with ease.
"I am humbled, sire." I chose my words with caution, despite my mumbling them, and my heart racing in my chest, for I knew that anything could slip, and with it, my life could end. "You honor me."
"There is nothing I do to repay such a thing, so I will do what I can. Where do you come from, and what lead you to bringing back my daughter?" His cold eyes surveyed me, and I stood still as a statue the entire time.

I need time to gather my thoughts,
To think everything though,
And unravel all the complex knots,
Then do I realize that it is true.
Lost all I've ever known,
My life and past gone away,
It seems that it has all been thrown,
Down, and I can see only one thing today.

I sat on the edge of my bed, mind racing as my heart threatened to explode. She is all I have left, but think back, to when it started. If I continue to move on like this, I will break down, and lose it, no, I must think back. I must remember.

Within the walls of paradise, I knew no war,
The city that had reached perfection, and all wanted to be a part of it,
So many came, and many went, seeing it as a door,
A door of knowledge, though none knew the extent, because they all quit,
Leaving the city and paradise behind,
All thought it only has so much to offer before you could learn no more,
But this was a city that every second build your mind,
Stronger, and faster, but none stayed, because to them, it was a bore.

This was the Eden I knew,
Into which, like a dove, she flew.
As my eyes met hers, there was something there,
A spark, set ablaze to a fire, which grew.
Soon, filled with this flame, I was hers,
And from me she did not ask any riches or furs,
Instead, what I have to her, she gave to me,
It was our hearts, and we knew that we were meant to be.

This was the Eden I knew. Never had it witnessed a crime or act of violence within it's walls. It was a city of happiness and peace. She was sent there for that reason. My Katherine, sent away from her home to mine, so that she might not know the real horrors is this world. I had lost "the grip of Eden" until she came along. I had been spending more time outside the city than within. I wanted to know the world, to see what was really out there, to see what was being hidden from us as we hid behind our walls. After she came, that changed. I got assigned to run her massages, and be her "personal messenger, and escort", or, I assigned myself to the task.
It was through her that I remembered who I was. Through her, I now saw clearly the difference between us, and the rest of the world. Those from Eden are different from the world, and once she came, I saw the full extent to which that was true. At first, she would talk of other men frequently, and as if I did not care. However, as we spent more time together, I showed her what I thought love was, and soon, she came to think the same.  From that day on, we both knew that neither of us would ever love another, because we had found the one we were meant to be with: each other.
I had been born and raised in Eden; this set me apart from the world. I had been born into a vow of truth, peace, and understanding. These had shaped my morals into an unbendable set of ideas. She came to see what these were, and loved me all the more for it. That is the person he is, and that is why I love her. As she finds out the most difficult things about myself, and my ideas which most would laugh at, it sets her heart ablaze, and she loves me all the more.

Cast among strangers in an unknown place,
I gazed towards my only light, her familiar face,
Her smile was the sun, her eyes, the stars,
And through that look of hers, I was told this world was ours.
Running though the streets, careless and free,
It felt like she had shaped we while world around me,
As I had done with her, having nothing more,
I gave my heart to her, and with her, it never tore.
"Come on," she said, pausing to turn around around, her face glowing with her smile. "We won't get any where if you keep moving like that."
"You know, I could have sworn I heard your dad say something along the lines of 'just, don't go too far'." I said, cautious of proceeding any further.
"Come on, nothing will happen. Also, you are here to protect me, remember?" She smiled in a way that I had seen so many times before, and followed it with a wink.
I was indeed supposed to be protecting her. After hearing my story, of which I let out certain parts to ensure my safety, the king came to the conclusion that I would be a suitable guard for his daughter. Yes, it was my wish to stay by her side, but if the king knew my full story, I am sure he would have me killed instead. I still did not have any proof at all that he had been involved in the fall of Eden, but I could trust no one, except her, to know who I really was.
"We shouldn't go much further." I said, voice filled with uncertainty.
"I know, we won't. Don't worry, nothing will happen." She smiled, kissed my on the check, and pulled me along.
Passing shops, merchants, tourists, guards, civilians, every kind of person of every profession imaginable. It felt as if I was not even walking, and I stead I was just an incorporeal spectator. My eyes flying around seeing all, my ears filled with sounds I had never heard, and my mind was taking in this new world. The whole time, she dragged me on. She would pause at places, explaining what it was, or why we were here, but I could not hear her. All I could hear were the noises: people pushing past us muttering, arguments in different languages, street vendors yelling to sell their product, and so much more. I knew what an infant must feel like, wandering around a new world, without a single notion of what is going on. Then, she was pulling me down an alleyway, and we turned the corner, and stopped.

The cheering of the crowd,
The screams and yelling was now so very loud,
A mob gathered round platform with a pier,
And a man with a torch in hand, whom was to start the fire.
Words caught in my throat,
I had the feeling that I was beginning to float,
For never before had I witnessed the scene before my eyes,
And I knew to stay would not be wise.
Monsters of men, dancing around,
Cheering, chanting, stamping the ground,
Before us was the darkness in all men,
They were calling for blood, for justice, and then,
I knew I could never get the sight from my mind,
For it is this bloodlust inside all that no one should find.

"We should go." She said, holding my arm tightly. "Now"
I could not say a word. I could not move. I was paralyzed with fear from what lay before me.
"Before you stands a man." The herald bearing the torch began to speak, addressing the crowd. On the platform were two guards, holding a man bound by chains.
"Please, we should go." Her voice more distressed now. Still, I could not move.
"He had been accused with heresy, disregarding all that we believe. Preaching his own ways, and telling all that what we believe is false. All we have come to know, all we believe, all that been told our entire lives. All of this, being thrown down by this man. Then, he says it is our fault, our fault that paradise has fallen. He says that we brought down. He pollutes our mind with his words, trying to convert us to his demonic ways."
She tugged at me harder, still pleading, but I could not hear her. I knew the man in chains, I knew him.
"He claims that he is from Eden himself. He claims that we were the ones to destroy it."
He had worked as baker. He had a wife, and two kids. He had a family.
"This is a lie. No one from the sacred city has lived. All of them, and all their knowledge gone. We had tried to save them, and once they left, the world wept for the loss."
He had lived not five minutes away from the citadel. I had bought something from him once. I had talked to him.
"Now, he comes forth, spreading lies of our world. The elders and council of Eden, whom we pray to for guidance every day, he now goes against what they said. He is a disgrace to the world, and a disgrace to Eden, the sacred city. We try to keep it alive after it has fallen by walking in it's footsteps, but he comes to push us off that path. Therefore, I sentence-"
He had been friendly and kind to me, cutting the price because I did not have enough money.
"May he be saved in his final moment, and see what he has done wrong. May he redeem himself, and join the dead in peace."
He was kind, and friendly. He had a family.
The torch dropped from the hand, and I saw that the man was now tied to the pier. The flames touched the wood, and began to spread, gathering around the feet of the man.
I once knew his name.
"Please." She was crying now. "Please, I can't watch. Please."
The flames began to lap at his feet, the smoke billowing up to his face.
He once knew my name.
I turned, and could feel myself shaking as I picked her up, and walked away from the scene. I had not been walking for a minute when his screams started.

Standing just inside the door to her room, we stood,
Her head pressed against my chest, crying all her tears out,
I gazed off to the distance, thinking,
It was then, after what I had seen, that I began to doubt.
If he from Eden, and so was I,
It might not be long before I too die,
I was not safe, not for long,
At any given moment, I could be taken by the throng,
Tied, and burned at the stake,
That would be my fate,
And there would be nothing for her to do,
I must think of something, before it is too late.

"I will keep you safe. I will make sure no one will find you." She was staring into my eyes, forcing her words between sobs. "No one will take you away from me. No one will hurt you."
I didn't answer. Instead, I only pulled her closer, and kissed her lightly on the forehead.
My heart still raced in my chest. That could have been me. That could still be me. If ever anyone but her found out about me, I could, and no doubt would, lose my life.
Running my hand through her hair, I told her over and over again how everything would be alright in the end. It took what could have been an hour before I got her to stop crying.
"I'm sorry," she said, her eyes still red. "I've just never seen something like that before. It was terrible, but what was worse was that could be you. I won't let that happen."
I leaned down to kiss her on the nose, smiling as I watched it scrunch up, like it always did.
"And with your love, nothing will happen to me." I said still holding her against myself.
"That better be true." She said, closing her eyes, and resting her head against my chest, while we stood there together.
The moment I tried to step away, her arms tightened around me. I placed my hands on her back and looked down at her. She was staring directly at me, looking deeply into my eyes. Pulling herself up, and pulling me down towards her, she closed her eyes, and locked her lips together with mine. More and more, she pulled me closer to her, dragging me in, tightening her grip. Finally, I found myself thrown onto the bed, her lips still locked with mine.

Then, there was the memorable  night,
Where the moon cast our shadows across the wall with its light,
Where they danced a dance of longing and love,
 Matched with our own, the only witnesses were the stars above.
Our bodies full of passion, our eyes full of fire,
We finally gave into the other's desire,
Before, we had known, but now it was sealed,
And to no one could the secret of our love be revealed.
Gazing at her, as she gazed at me,
We knew now, that we were meant to be.

There was someone else in the room.
"I know where you come from. I know what you are."
I wouldn't run.
He attacked me, the metal gauntlets slamming into my body. I felt something break.
"You won't be a problem any more."
I was on the ground, I was dying. Still, I wouldn't do anything.
"Now, you won't be in the way. You won't come between us."
She was there too. She had her arms wrapped around him. She was smiling as I died.

"It will be okay," she was whispering to me, kissing me over and over again.
"What? Where-"
"Shhhh," she kissed me again. "It's fine. You had a nightmare, that's all."
"A what? Where am I?"
"Your in my bed, in my room."
"What am I doing here?" I was so confused.
"Don't you remember last night?" By the look on her face when she asked the question, I knew that it had not been a dream.
"You do." She said, smiling. "I can tell."
"It seems like a dream."
"Well, I hope it isn't as bad as the nightmare you had." She said, curling up against my body.
"No, not at all. It makes it better to know that my nightmare was not real, but my dream was."

There we lay, side by side,
Thinking of nothing but the other,
Calming, peaceful, and happy,
We knew that neither or us would ever want another.
We were all we needed,
We were all we wanted,
For inside side us this feeling feeds,
The only thing we will ever need,

"Don't you think that it is slightly dangerous, keeping me so close all the time?"
"What do you mean? Isn't that why you are here, to protect me?" She said, giving me that smile again.
" Someone will notice eventually."
"What? That you are doing your job, and being a good, loyal guard?" Again, that smile.
"That you kiss me when you think no one is looking, that you sometimes hold my hand as we walk. That maybe we are closer than just guard and princess."
"No one will notice." She stood on the balls of her feet, kissing me. "And if they do, there isn't a lot they can do about it."
"I'm pretty sure they can have my head if they tell the right people."
"You worry too much." Another kiss. "They will probably notice how amazing of a guard you are."
"I'm terrible. I don't even know how to use this." I put my hand on the hilt of my sword.
"It's called a sword, and I'm sure you won't ever have to use it."
"I hope I won't."
Eden never had a war. It never even had an army. I had not seen a weapon until the first outsiders came. With their armor, swords, spears, bows, and so much more. Time, money, resources, so much spent, just to kill a person. Eden had no need of that. It had no violence. That was why when they decided to destroy it, Eden fell without a fight.

She took my hand as we walked down towards her garden. It was her favorite place, a sanctuary against all the chaos outside. Now though, she liked it more than ever, because it was where she could take me, talk to me, kiss me, and be with me, all without being disturbed.
Suddenly, she dropped my hand.
"What is it?" I looked over at her.
"Someone is there." She made her pouting face, which caused me to smile.
"How do you know? We can't even see it from here."
"I know. Someone is there. It's supposed to mine." She walked forward, to the end of the hallway, and opened the door to her garden.
Someone was there. She was right, though how she knew, I had no idea, she just knew things sometimes.
It was her dad. As soon as he saw us, I noticed a change in his face. Almost as if he was angry. He then asked to speak to her, and I had to wait outside. Once he left, I could see him looking at me, as if I disgusted him.
"What was that about?" I asked her, as I stepped in.
"He thinks I should get married."
I stopped, my mind racing at what she just said. She was all I had left, I could not lose her too.
"I don't," she was almost crying. "I don't know what to do. I won't marry anyone, unless it's you. I need you, I can't live without you."
I wrapped my arms around her, holding her close as I tried to calm her down.
"Hush, love. There is no need to worry."
"But he's going to marry me off to someone!" She was still crying.
"But he can only do that if you are still here. What's stopping us from running off like all those stories. We could become two characters from a children's fairytale. Nothing can stop us."
"You mean it?" Slowly, her sobs were getting less violent. "We could just go? Never come back?"
"Of course we could. We can do anything."
"When will this be? How long do we have?"
"He says he already has someone coming, and I'm going to have to marry him. He's coming in three days."
"Then how long until the wedding?"
"Maybe four days after that."
"So we have a week."
"Yes," she looked up at me, her eyes filled with fear and sorrow. "But that's so soon, and I-"
I kissed her lightly to silence her.
"That's enough time. We can do it."
"But what will stop us? Katherine, everything will be fine."

My words to calm are fast,
My mind to think it through is slow,
Filled with doubt, I worry,
But I know that we must go.
To stay would be the end,
But we have a week; we must hurry,
To go, but where? I know not,
This world is still new to me,
So, once again, I must become lost in thought,
I must think, think fast, and then do, not wait.

It was the third day, and yet I still had no idea of what to do. The man, Sebastian I heard his name was, was expected to be at the dinner tonight. Then, there was to be a dance of sorts, not that a guard would ever participate in such, but no matter, because I would rather not dance. However, she is expected to, and with him as well. Part of the bonding experience I suppose. I do not know if she has this knowledge, for she had not mentioned it to me. With the servants and other guards of the palace, however, word spreads quickly, and soon, what one discovered, all the others know. I fear though, that she might not mind him. I fear, that she might fall away, and I will have nothing left.
"And now, to Eden."
My head snapped upwards. I was at the back of a church, temple, or similar religious building, I did now know exactly what it was. I had come because she had, and where she goes, I must follow.
"To Eden we pray. To the people of Eden, whom gave their lives to destiny the evil inside the city."
There was no evil in Eden.
"The city, had begun to turn. They had come across an ancient force, one so powerful, it can corrupt the minds of men. This was the power of witches, sorcerers, sorceresses, and warlocks. It was magic. Not the kind that would be told to us in children stories, but a dark, evil magic."
How could they believe this? Were they so blind? Had no one been to Eden? There is no such thing as magic, or any force of a kind. If there was, Eden would be the last place to use this "dark magic".
"Eden was losing its sight of the light, losing it's legacy of paradise. However, some of Eden saw this, and they fought back. They used their own magic, the light, to fight against the dark. In the end, the whole city fell, and there were no survivors. Praise be to those is Eden who have their life, so that we might live without the dark force taking us over."
"What? Where did they think of a story like that?" I muttered under my breath, so none could hear. One did though, just one. He turned to stare at me, his cold blue eyes piercing into me. I looked away, pretended that it was not me who had said that,  but he stared none the less, and I knew he had heard. He knew it was me. The worst part was, I had the feeling he also knew I was from Eden.
"Come on," her cheerful voice shattered the silence in my mind, brining back to the world. "We don't have much longer, and we still have a few things to do."
As I turned to leave, following her, I could still feel his eyes. Even if I had not said what I did, I'm sure he would still have stared. He would still have known.
"What's wrong?" She stopped, just outside the building, after turning a corner, so that we were alone.
"Please tell me," she put a hand on either side of my face. "Something really upset you."
"What was that last part there? That whole thing about Eden? Where did they come up with that cover story? Why do they believe it? You saw, you were there. It was these very own people that slaughtered, massacred, and destroyed Eden."
She looked at me with sad eyes, and then pulled me close.
"I know. Don't worry, I remember. They were monsters, and they did it. But some people don't know that, and those who do pretend not to. I don't know why they did it. I don't know."
"I do. There were jealous. They were being the disgusting creatures that they always become. Power-hungry, war-driven, disgusting minsters. They killed the people of Eden, and destroyed the city because it made them look bad. It was paradise, it was perfect. Everyone knew that. That is why they destroyed it, because they couldn't have something better than them."
She didn't say anything, only stood there with her arms wrapped around me. We stood there for a while, before she took my hand once more, and pulled me along.

Those eyes were the ones from my nightmare,
They were the ones that would take her from me,
They were cold, icy, and without care,
With those eyes, I knew he could see.
This was not a worry, not then,
For I knew I would never meet him twice,
However, my heart stopped when,
As I walked her to the hall,
There were those eyes, that made my skin crawl.

"That's him." She said, trembling slight as she walked beside me.
"How do you know? He could be anyone."
"No, that's him." Somehow, I knew she was right.
"Don't leave me," she grabbed my hand. "Please, don't leave me."
"You know I can't stay here. No one but the royalty allowed. Also, you shouldn't hold my hand right now, anyone could see."
She let go of my hand, paused, then kissed me once, quickly on the lips.
"I'm scared," she said.
"I know. It's just one night. We will leave soon. In a few days, we will be gone."
"But a few days is when the wedding is."
"We will leave before then, I promise."
She turned to look at me, then, slowly walked into the room. The last glance I had of her before the doors closed pained my heart. She was trebling, terrified, and there was nothing I could do.
Sleep must have taken me over, for I woke up to feel the warmth of another next to me. I knew it was her, no one else would have crawled into my bed. I could feel her stir next to me.
"Good morning, love," I said, wrapping an arm around her.
She mumbled something back, though I could not make out the words.
"What was that?"
She didn't reply, instead only hurting her head into my chest, and then falling back to sleep.
I must also have fallen asleep again, for I snapped awake to a burning pain in my chest. I looked down, and she was looking back at me.
"Did you bite me?"
"What?" She crawled closer to my face. "Why would I bite you?"
"It feels like you did."
"Well, I didn't."
I pause, staring into her eyes.
"How was the dance last night?"
"I ran away."
"You did what?"
"As soon as I realized that I was going to have to dance with him next, I snuck away, and came here."
"I see."
She suddenly looked very worried.
"Three days until the wedding. What are we going to do?"
"Run away, like I said."
"What if it doesn't work? What if we get caught?"
"You worry to much," I said, kissing her to silence her.
"Where will we go?"
"Back to Eden?"
"Eden is gone, there is nothing left there for us."
She laid her head on my chest. "Okay."
I then head a sound outside the door, barely anything, but it caused my heart to jump. It was him, it had to be. Who else would spy on her? No, it had to have been her.
"It was a creak, it happens all the time. It's nothing to worry about," she said, without looking up or opening her eyes. It seemed as if she could read my mind at times.
I knew it was him, it had to be.

Two day left now, I am at a loss,
Still, I have no idea how,
All I know is that in two day, I will think 'now',
But there must be a way,
That in two days,
We can leave this world behind,
I know not how, I only know why,
All I know is that we must fly.

He knows something, I can tell.
I was watching them from a distance, watching them talk in her garden. It hurt so much, to see then together, but what hurt more is that she seemed not to care. Every now and then, his eyes would flick up towards me, as if to check I was still there. She never looked at me, not once the whole time.
He stood up to leave, and when she smiled at him, I felt the burning in my chest again, as if it were on fire. I almost bent over, the burning was so intense.
"What's wrong?" She looked over at me concerned.
"Nothing." Though she could tell that something was very wrong, as my voice had never sounded like that before.
"Please, tell me what it is."
"It's him. It's you. You two. That's what it is."
"But just two more days, then we won't have him around."
"Are you sure? Because with every day, it seems like you like him more and more."
"Come on, he's not that bad."
I stared at her for some time, then started to turn around.
"Then I will be going. Goodbye."
She stopped and took a while to realize what I had said. I heard a scream, and soon, I was slammed into the ground, her arms around me, and she was crying.
"No! No, no, no, no! You can't go! Please. I need you. Please, I'll do anything. I'll never talk to him again. I'll do anything. Please. I didn't mean it. Please, I love you. You and only you, forever. Please, I'm sorry."
I didn't say anything for a while, and she held me as tight as she could, crying.
"Then do that."
"Do what?" She was still crying.
"Never talk to him again."
"W-what? I can't, they will think something is wrong."
"Do it."
"I..." She looked into my eyes, still crying. "Okay, I will."
I picked her up, and carried her to a bench in her garden, sitting down, holding her.
"Please, don't cry so. Hush love, I am here. I won't go anywhere. I... I am sorry, I shouldn't have said what I did."
She didn't say anything, just let me hold her as her sobs slowly went away.
"No, you are right. I shouldn't talk to him. I shouldn't even look at him. I am the only person in your life, so you will be the only in mine."
I didn't reply. There was nothing for me to say. Yes, I would like it if she never even looked at another man, but I could not say that. She does not see things the same as I do.
She leaned up to kiss me.
"I love you."
"I love you too," and of course I did. I always had, that is why I can't stand to see her talk to other men.
Am I some kind of monster? I am different, more different than the rest of the world. My ideas are too. I am from Eden, these ideas are supposed to perfect, the ideas that shape paradise. But are they? When I am the last one in the world to think this way, are these really the thoughts from paradise? An I too different? Maybe I should leave her, let her be happy with someone normal.
"I love your different. I won't ever talk to him again, so don't you even think about it. I will only be happy with you, no one else. If you want me to be happy, then stay with me, take me away to a place where it is just us. I don't want anyone else, and I would be happy if you were the last person on earth. All I want and all I need is you."
I stared at her, amazed, but also somewhat scared.
"How can you know what I am thinking?"
"Because I love you. Because I know you. You once said I know you better than anyone else, and you are right."
"Are you sure it is not some magical way?"
"You were the one that said magic does not exist."
I didn't answer, because if anyone could make me think twice about that, it was her.
"Now I mean it. The night before the wedding, you are going to take me away. Far away, where we won't ever have to see another person again. Do you understand? Because it's an order."
"I understand princess."
"It's different when you call me that. When other people do it, I hate it, but with you," she leaned in and kissed me again. "With you, it's different."

One day left, our final hours,
She has kept her word, not even looked at him,
Now, the only time we spend is ours,
Never apart, always together,
I can see it in his eyes, he knows,
Tonight, it is now, or never.

I could not sleep, I knew this the moment the sun rose on this last day. I had spent the waking hours thinking it all through. At last, I have come up with a plan, and, simple as it was, it had to work.
Something would go wrong though, I was sure of it. Both him and her father could tell something was not right. She had changed a lot these past few days, and she won't even look at him anymore. For that, I am thankful. It might seem that I am too protective, or selfish, however, when you have one thing left in your life, you fight for it with everything. This I had done, and would continue to do so.
The burning in my chest, it increases everyday, and she has noticed it too. She can tell when I am hurt, or in pain, even the slightest. She does not even have to see me to know, she just knows. She will come running from the other side of the castle, jumping into my arms only seconds after I get hurt. She knows, and I do not question how.
We had agreed on a room to meet, right in the dead of night. It could not be her garden, anyone wanting to stop us would search there first. No, we would meet in the library, and from there, leave forever. Finally, together, alone, forever.
The corridor was dark, and the only sound was that of my boots, the rhythmic thud as they struck the ground over and over again, carrying me to my destination.
We would go from the library to one of the side entrances, of which the guards would be drunk; they always were this time of night.
No torches light the wall, but I did not need to see to know where I was going; I had walked this way many times and memorized it.
Then, from the side entrance, we would head straight for the wall, to reach the gate right at the change of guard. There was a two minute window of when they switched, and I knew that would be enough.
I turned a corner, and at the end of the next passageway, I would be able to see the library.
Once we had reached the gate, the two minutes would be enough climb down a rope. Once we are on the other side, that's it. Once on that other side, it is only a few minutes of walking before we reach the forest, and once inside, no one will find us.
There it was, the library, door opened slightly, and the moonlight glimmering across the floor from the window.
I was there first, I knew I was going to be, and I wanted it like that. I was used to arriving early, and here, I could not be late. The moment she arrived, we would leave, never to return.
I stepped inside, and walked over to the window, starting out at all that we would leave behind. I stood, waiting for her.
There was someone else in the room.
"I know where you come from. I know what you are."
I wouldn't run.
"I know what you are doing, and I know how you plan to do it."
I did not say a word. I did not need to turn, though I did. I knew, even before I heard the voice, who it was. Because, if it was going to be anyone that would stop them this night, it would be him.
"You can't do this, and I won't let you. Do anything you like. Try anything. Use your dark demon magic against me, but you won't leave this room."
He took a step towards me, and I could see the shimmer of metal coming from his hand. I could see the outline of the metal gauntlets he was wearing.
He raised his fist, walking towards me, the armored gauntlet shining in the moonlight. Then, he attacked.
My beloved Katherine. I do not know where to begin.
Down the fist came, crashing into my chest, and I felt something break.
I have loved you beyond the boundaries of love. I have loved you more than I have loved anything else. More than I will ever love anything else.
Up it curved this time, slamming my head into the wall, my head crashing against the cold, hard stone.
All I have ever asked for in return, is that you love me back equally. This wish of mine has come true, so I suppose, I am happy. Now, though, you must live on, as I will not be here anymore.
Again, my chest cracked as the metal armored fists smashed into it.  If only I could tell you one last time how much I love you. If only I could hold you, and tell you that you are truly perfect. I would spend eternity with you, and give up everything else.
As my head slammed into the wall again, I could feel warm liquid starting to spread.
Never before has there a love as strong as ours, and never will there be again. We are different, we are special. We were made for each other, and we have each other. Our love is the strongest force in this world.
I could not stand up much longer, and as I felt the fist slam into my chest again, and another snap emitted, I slowly started sinking to the ground.
Katherine, my love. You must forgive me. I cannot keep my promise, I cannot take you away from this place, not anymore.
This time, a metal boot smashed into my back, and I could feel it shatter.
I am sorry, my love. I am so sorry. I would make it up to you, if I could. I would keep my promise, if I could.
Again, the boot crushed my back.
I cannot. My love, I cannot, and I am sorry.
The boot raised this time above my head.
Katherine, my love.
The dark outline came down, speeding towards my face.
I love you.
My vision went dark, and somewhere, someone screamed.

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