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The Keeper of the Well - Chapter 1

Book By: Iris Sweetwater

Tags: Fantasy

This is the first chapter of a book that I am writing called The Keeper of the Well. :D

Submitted:Apr 22, 2013    Reads: 7    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

The Keeper of the Well ~ Prologue

There was a scream in the night, and a woman was begging for the man to not kill her daughter. "Sasha! The girl will never amount to anything!" Sasha replied angrily "No! She will be a wonderful person!" The man said "She is a danger to the world! She is the Keeper, The Keeper of the Well!" Sasha screamed again when the man slapped her. She begged the man again to not kill her daughter. Sasha stopped crying and said that the man could take her life, as to stop her powers from going into Jessica, her daughter. But, the man did not know that she had already passed on her powers. A few minutes later, a horrible scream ricocheted throughout the house, and then everything was silent. A few days later, Jessica was adopted by an old couple who gave her whatever she desired. She lived a happy and pampered life until she was 12 years old.

Chapter 1

"Jessica, what is the Capital of Greece?" Jessica looked up, sleepy eyed. She answers "The Capital of Greece is Athens" After she answered, the teacher gave a small lecture and then dismissed class for the day. Even though she lived with adopted parents, she still possessed the flame of intelligence her mother once had. She was also very beautiful. Even though, Jessica always missed her mother, who had died when she was two years old. After school, she walked home and did her homework in one hour .Then she walked to the main street in town. When she got there, she skipped to the local pie shop, The Pie Place, to eat a slice of chocolate almond coconut pie. She also cleaned the kitchen and swept the floor to get the piece of pie for free. But, this time was different; she paid for the piece of pie and asked to talk to the manager. The manager knew Sasha, her mother, very well, as he was her best friend and the Helper, someone who helps the Keeper when they first use and get to understand their powers.

She sat down and she saw the manager's son coming toward her. He was also a Helper. When he sat down, he handed her a box with the name Jessica on it in the most beautiful letters she ever saw. Jessica opened the box and she was amazed to find herself very dizzy. The box was magic, as it awakened the part of Jessica that she did not know about, the part where she was the Keeper of The Well. After about a minute, she was not dizzy anymore. She closed the box and opened it again. When she did, she saw a golden necklace with a strange figure with a beautiful blue stone. The manager, Alexis, said that the stone could tell your emotions, and when an enemy was near. Jessica asked "Who is the enemy?" Alexis answered "You will find out soon, Jessica. They will know that you are the Keeper of the Well, and they will try to kill you, as they did your mother." Jessica picked up the necklace and put it on. The stone quivered slightly and started to turn pink. Jessica asked what the pink stone meant. Alexis said that the Helper was near and that you were sad and puzzled at the same time.

After they talked for about three hours, Jessica said "Thank you Alexis, but I must really be going home now, as it is getting late." Alexis said goodbye and went back to the kitchen. Then he ran back out to the street and telepathically said to beware of the enemy, and that when they are near, your stone will glow purple and red. As she neared her home, she collapsed in the grass and immediately started quivering as if she was having a seizer. Thirty seconds later, she started to glow. Then, with a huge explosion, she was consumed with a blue, green and gray fire. When her adopted parents heard the explosion, they rushed outside and screamed when they saw Jessica lying on the ground quivering in the fire which was dancing around her. They knew that Alexis had called and that at 6:00 something would happen to Jessica, so they called him. He arrived in five minutes, breathless. He had been running all the way from town. He immediately calmed the parents and neighbors down and told the fire department to stand ½ a mile away and to take the rest of the people with them. He explained that he was going into the fire and when he did that, everything in ¼ of a mile of where they were would be destroyed. He also told the firemen that he would make everything normal again, including erasing everyone's memeroy of the event, and the people's destroyed homes. After the people left, the fire that was raging around Jessica raged even more fiercely than before.

It was 7:00 when he ran home to get the cloak and the necklace that Jessica had forgotten. When he got back, everyone was gone. Alexis put on the cloak and stepped into the fire. Almost immediately, there was a huge explosion and everything in ¼ of a mile was destroyed by the shock wave. Inside the fire, he took the magic necklace out of his pocket and placed it on Jessica's neck. There was another explosion and Jessica sat up in the fire. She knew that they were telepathically linked, so she asked "What is happening to me?" Alexis replied "You are getting all of your powers to become the Keeper." She touched the necklace and another explosion happened, this time making her more intellectual about how to use her powers and also making her more beautiful. It was 30 more minutes when the fire stopped and she fell unconscious.

After that, she was taken to the hospital in town where she would spend the next 4 weeks. Alexis would see her everyday and talk. Even though Alexis was 15, he became very attached to her, and vice versa. Every day, she would always have ice cream and chocolate chips and pancakes for breakfast, a turkey wrap for lunch and meatloaf and gravy for dinner. At the end of the four weeks, she returned home. While she was gone, her parents had built a little house with a kitchen, two bedrooms and a living room for her to live in. Jessica was happy and content, as this was what she had wanted all of her life. She went inside and made sure it had all of the amenities. She invited Alexis over and they talked for the rest of the day until nighttime. When Alexis was about to leave, he gave her a kiss and then left. She had dinner with Alexis, which consisted of spaghetti and homemade meatballs and pie, of course. They did this until the night of April 3rd, 2011. Jessica was having dinner with Alexis when she started to fidget. They looked at the necklace and saw that it was…purple and red. He said that they had to leave very quickly, or else she might be killed. They left in five minutes on the two Arabian horses she had.


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