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Dark Phantom Unit

Book By: JonathonLeeSingh

The mysterious lord has returned to earth he wants answers and he has big plans first he needs to reunite with his ruthless team "The Dark Phantom Unit"

the plan is to stop them.......if they can!

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The Phantom Unit

Chapter One: Finding Draygo

The police surround The lord all shouting different demands to him "get down on the floor, put your hands up now" The lord smiles and puts the woman down he was holding over the side of a building and says "am i arrested now" they put The Lord in a car and take him to the station.

Officer O'Neil walks into the room where the lord is being held ill take it from here he says he looks at The Lord with a strange look why you dressed like that he asks? The Lord says is it a problem? O'Neill laughs "now what might you be here for i don't know say attempted murder what where you doing on that building you nearly killed her The lord says shes still alive isn't she? O'Neil looks at him with anger what's your name? another Officer walks into the holding room and looks at The Lord with fear in his eyes sir this prisoner is to be transferred to Arizona state prison O'Neil starts laughing take him down.

The Lord enters the prison all the other inmates are shouting the most disgusting words they could think off. Two guards take The lord to his cell "here you go your going to love it here" one of the guard says they both start laughing as they walk off The Lord gets up and goes into the cell next door "ahh Draygo here you are its ben a while" Draygo this big huge beast of a man with enormous arms scars all over his body turns around and bows to The Lord How is this possible you.....you died he says The lord says please rise Draygo what are you doing here you can leave anytime there is nothing out there for me anymore im better off in this place The lord says we have to work to do Draygo starts laughing hahaha when are we leaving? Right now is your friend coming with us says the lord says Draygos cell mate on the top bunk off his bed scared to death shaking with fear after you says The Lord.

Draygo smashes the wall with his bare hands punching through all the prison guards come running out to Draygo "just calm down" Draygo picks up the guards and throws them through the wall and punches there heads and smashes them into the ground another gaurd with full riot gear starts hitting Draygo with a baton which has no affect Draygo turns around picks him up and rips him in half he then punches through to more walls with the Lord slowly walking behind him Draygo enters a room with weapons kept he sees his hammer a big silver half hammer half axe this is mine he says he then he smashes through the last wall which leads outside the guards then surround the lord "get down now or we will kill you" The Lord says be my guest" they open fire unloading round after round as The Lord slowly walks out of the hole with no bullet even touching him they escape into a forest near by the prison.

Chapter 2: Rose pain

we must find Rose Draygo she is important to our unit we must get to her before they do shes being held at Athens lunatic asylum after they reopened this place she was the first to be put in there.

The FBI turn up at the prison break out "15 guards dead 67 inmates escaped and these two maniacs" sir calm down i am agent Ryan this is agent Chris you say these two maniacs did all this one guard says sir he was like god agent chris says ill show him god when i see him both of the agents leave the prison agent Ryan makes a call "sir its him hes back"

The Lord enters Athens asylum Draygo wait here he walks inside the receptionist says excuse me can i help you The lord smiles and says im here to see rose she looks up rose when she turns back to The lord he has gone.

The Lord enters a room breaks the door open the alarm goes off "Rose pain ive returned" rose pain is lying on the floor she gets up is it really you Lord? she bows down please let us leave to abilities you posses are most important to me.

outside Draygo is stood with his hammer blood all over him workers from the asylum are all gathered around him "sir are you ok" police and FBI all turn up aiming their weapons helicopters are circling the asylum agent Ryan steps out Draygo looks at him and laughs are you the one to stop us he says agent Ryan says put it down Draygo your all coming with us a big tank then comes around the corner Draygo looks at Ryan he says im going to be the one who ends your life the police then all fire on Draygo who jumps up into the air smashes his hammer on the police the tank then fires which hits the asylum bringing part of the building down and bricks landing on Draygo trapping him. The lord then walks out of the asylum "Dont do this your coming with us" says agent Ryan i don't think so says The lord Rose pain? she walks out and picks up all the cars and the tank with her powers throwing them into walls agent Ryan and agent Chris run out of danger as Rose pain destroys everything in sight and lifts Draygo up and says "oh its Draygo ive missed the unit" she pulls one of the helicopters out of the sky the pilot jumps out the three of them enter the chopper and rose pain flys them out of there.

Chapter 3:Electric and Fire

Rose pain turns to the lord how are you here she says you died "do you believe everything you see" he replies with a smile she says whats next where is the rest of the unit i cant find them they have the information they took from me i know they have it" Rose pain smiles its in a place called Area 51 its a facility if you enter you die! but that shouldn't be a problem with you Lord.

The FBI agents in a chopper tracking the unit "oh my god they heading for Area 51" call them now let them know.

they reach Area 51 a missile launcher fires at the chopper for entering the air space rose pain lean out of the chopper fly this lord she stops the missile in the air and drops it on the missile launcher the alarm sounds agents and soldiers all fire at the chopper as it hovers over the facility agent Chris and Ryan turn up in their chopper next to the units "you got to stop this now" agent Ryan shouts out of the speakerphone then Draygo jumps out of the chopper and on to the agents! Draygo throws Agent Chris out who falls to his death and agent Ryan then trying to fight off Draygo by tilting the chopper but Draygo says i told you i would kill you Draygo punches the controls on chopper jumps off and agent Ryan flys the chopper into the military and agents which explodes.

Rose pain opens up the ceiling creating a big hole and puts the chopper down on the roof "wait here" says The lord who jumps down into the hole he slowly walks into a room with chaos outside he starts going through the computer systems and he finds what he looking for and takes the hard drive as The lord is walking out back to the chopper he sees a room which says "do not enter"

while Draygo is fighting all the army and FBI agents and rose pain is helping him The lord smashes the door open walks in and someone says "are my eyes deceiving me is it you" The Lord Turns around shocked Volka i never knew you was here. Draygo picks up a tank and throws it into the chopper, "what was that" says Volka Its the Dark Phantom Unit we have returned! The Lord looks into the cell next to Volka's to see a man leaning against the wall Volka says take him with us hes powerful why what can you do says The Lord "they call me Fire Flames x i like that name im the one who burnt all those people with my flame gun after they screwed me over i wanted revenge you see this facility and this world has a lot to answer ive been thinking the same thing says The Lord lets go "first i need my flame gun"

Chapter 4: The Great Pyramid

So much chaos says Draygo as everything is burning around him then Rose Pain says "look there is more of them coming" Draygo looks to see a big army approaching he spins his hammer axe around im ready for this he says The lord then walks out we must leave Draygo get another chopper Volka walks up to Draygo and Rose pain my friends i have returned i missed you says Rose Pain Draygo looks at Volka he laughs holds his axe up and shouts out good you have returned Volka and who is that This is Fire Flames he charges his flame gun and stares at the place all in flames and laughs lets go says The Lord.

The Lord says to Rose pain i have always told you to be calm and never worry about something you can handle i know i just didnt want to fight on my own all the time they did experiments on me they wanted to know everything after i stopped doing what they asked they put me in the asylum i guess i just had nothing to live or fight for "rose pain don't worry anymore" where are we going now Lord we are going to Egypt to The Great pyramid. Volka and Draygo both stand up and look down at Fire Flames do you have a name says Draygo he responds with its Nick but Fire Flames sounds better don't you agree Draygo laughs so Hes smart right Volka? Draygo he was treated just like them he helped them with inventions and spat it back in his face so his flame gun was called upon to take vengeance Fire Flames stands up "i dont know what you are all doing but if its not the right thing im with you Draygo smiles.

They arrive in Egypt lord walks out and says "the great pyramid" They all watch as lord puts his hands up and bricks off the pyramid start flyings everywhere the ground begins to shake a door appears hidden beneath the bricks. That was amazing says Fire Flames Rose bud looks at him and smiles and says you haven't seen anything yet!

they enter the Great Pyramid its a dark room volka would you please? Volka steps into the pyramid puts his hands on the ground and electricity lights the place up they all walk in Fire Flames looks at the lord and says "hold on you see people always said Aliens came down to help build these places and shit like that now what is this place" The Lord looks at him and says its mine.

they walk into a room deep under the pyramid they you all take a rest rose pain come with me says the Lord he then pulls out a hard drive he took from Area 51 get me all the information on this please rose pain what do you seek to find she says The lord says if you look you will find out.

Volka picks up old weapons from Egyptian times so whats the deal here says fire flames are you fucking aliens man "Draygo looks at him we are not what you think, Aliens may be what you call us but what do we call you people Fire Flames laughs im not sure Volka then turns around you are now apart of us we are "The Dark Phantom Unit" our people created this universe in that room is The Lord he is The Creator Fire Flames stands up you guys aint joking either.

Did you find anything Lord says to rose pain did you find the ships They are keeping them are different locations i guess they didn't want anyone to leave the planet The Lord stands up "dont you mean our planet" Rose pain looks at the lord their here they have come for us.

Chapter 5: Leaving

The army surround the pyramid helicopters everywhere tanks and soldiers all ready and waiting for the Phantom Unit to come out. The lord says to the Unit "today we must leave we must find a ship we have to let our home planet know what has happened down here.

The Dark Phantom unit walks out they fire but rose pain stops all of their missiles and bullets they all walk to their chopper and the army fire all they have at them but its like an invisible force field is protecting them. Volka and fire flames fire back with electricity and fire seriously injuring the military they get into the chopper "hit the chopper" but no bullets will even go near it they all enter the helicopter.

A milarty general steps out of his jeep are they leaving "sir we cant hit them" ok he says then open the door quick show him!!! two soldiers then open the back of his jeep and pull a man out The lord looks down at and fire flames says whos that they have got? The Lord looks down and says............ "its my brother"

The End

By Jonathon Lee Singh


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