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Dungeons and Dragons: The Northern Winds

Book By: jonb22

This is the conversion of a dungeons and dragons campaign. This story follows four epic heroes on what begins a simple ship wreck, but turns to the discovery of ancient gods, magic, and treasure...

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Chapter One: Alduins Introductions

Alduin, a tall dark skinned Eladrin sat on the edge of his cot, long ebony hair flowed down across his shoulders. A superbly crafted silk robe stretched across his powerful build. In his right hand he held a long Oaken wood staff, at the tip encased by extended wooden appendages was a terrific sparkling gem emanating a mysterious blue aura. The aura danced to the words of power Alduin muttered while he quietly flipped through a small journal compiled of different spells and incantations. A loud clang reverberated around the small cramped cabin of the ship. In the door way stood, no taller than 4'5", a hunched over dwarf. His hazel eyes stared off into space above a long ember beard. Frothing forth from his bottom lip was a bubbling gurgle of fluid and mutton. Inside his surprisingly well groomed beard was the remnants of an earlier meal caught like an insect in a web. His bulky scale mail clinked across his shoulders as he viciously shook his head back and forth. The act was an attempt to stay awake, yet it only succeeded in making him look like a fool. The confused and angry look on his face along with his constant swaying was obviously the result of countless pints of ale fermenting in the bowels of his stomach. He let out a low guttural choke as he hiccupped his way to his cot. Step by step he second guessed his way towards the western end of the room, collapsing about a foot away he endeavored to regain his footing. Awkwardly twisting his body he glared at Alduin, and with a hazy scowl his brow furrowed as he muttered some form of common at him. "Whats...farz you starins...ats? You...you pointy fleared freak..." he then turned back and passed out on his cot.

"What a drunk." said a voice superficially from nowhere. An even smaller shape stepped out from the shadows. The shine of polished metal caught Alduins eye. This new arrival wore a stained set of shadowy leather armor. Numerous tanned hide belts were laced across his arms, chest, and legs. All of which detained prudently sharpened and lethal daggers. His knee high boots made no sound as he crossed the room to an unoccupied cot. He then laid down and began tossing around one of his daggers. Alduin took in a deep yawn and slowly blinking his eyes he realized he was tremendously tired. Gazing back down at the book he studied the intricately engraved runes. He didn't know very many spells now but he was determined to learn them all. Satisfied with what he had completed today, he leaned back against the scraggly hide cot. His head resting on one of his spare tunics, and just begun to close his eyes when he heard someone else enter the room. He looked over to the entrance to see a towering human walking through the cabin. Bulky chain mail hung from his well-developed chest. His forearm rested on a battered steel mace, while the other hand held a beaten helmet. He bore a deep crimson cross stitched proficiently over a white tunic. His long golden hair was resting just below his shoulder blades carelessly dancing to the rhythm of his steps. The clank of his greaves ceased as he laid down in the last cot. Alduins attention drew weary as his body longed for rest, slowly the room grew dark and sleep took over him.

Chapter Two: The Ship

"Wake up damn you!" Shouted Rogvir. Alduin sat up quickly, Standing over him was the massive body of the dwarf with his hand halfway raised into the air. Alduin glared angrily, and as he opened his mouth to speak a searing pain erupted from his cheek. Instead he cried out in pain and said. "What did you do to me?!" Softly rubbing his aching jaw.

"Uhhh…Nothing." said Rogvir as he slowly slipped his hand behind his back. "Anyways finally your awake, we have to go." As Rogvir stepped away from the cot Alduin realized the cabin was quickly filling with water. Shouting to Rogvir across the room was the human chest high in water. Next to him was the Halfling struggling to swim. Alduin reached over and grabbed his book placing it inside a small bag. He then grabbed his staff and slid off his cot into the water. The icy water speared at his skin sending small almost electrical jolts into his body. "Damn, its cold." Said Alduin Shivering violently. Rogvir with water up to his beard chuckled and replied, "Kid you wouldn't last a day where I'm from." They met up with the human and the Halfling. At that moment a young boy no older than 17 ran into the room shouting "Quickly you have to leave the boat is going to sink." He then carried on down the hall to warn others. "You heard the boy." Said the Halfling "Let's go." Nodding in agreement they waded through the water into the hallway. "The water is rising too fast, we will never make it to the life boats." Said Alduin quickly scanning the hall. "No, we can make it." Argued Rogvir. "No he is right." Said the human. "We will have to go up to the deck if we want to survive." The Halfling began to swim down the northern hall. The human and Alduin followed. Rogvir turned south and waited for a moment and then turned back north. "Damn..." he whispered "Wait for me!" shouted Rogvir as he swam towards the group. They managed to find the stair case before the water got too high. Following it up they opened to the ruined remains of the top deck. Swirling winds and violent waves bombarded the ship's hull ripping apart the wood. Dark storm clouds blocked out the sun leaving the sky a dark shadow. "By Kord!" said Rogvir. "I've never seen a storm this bad." A huge flash of lighting struck the ships mast sending it tumbling down onto the deck. The human tackled Alduin shouting "Move!" as the mast came toppling down. It crashed through the ships floor, just barely missing them by mere inches. "Thanks." Said Alduin. Standing and retreating from the new hole, the screams of terrified passengers filled the air. The boat smashed into a rock bank sending them flying sideways. The party was tossed into the air, as Alduin flew forward everything seemed to slow down. He knew they were going to fall in the water, there was no doubt there. He also knew he had to think and to think fast. While the party was falling Alduin saw the human headed towards the rocks. Quickly thinking back to the runes on his journal, he muttered words of power under his breath. His staff began to glow and a metal disk manifested under the human sending him away from the rocks into the water. Alduin smiled as he saw his spell had worked. Then suddenly all went black as he crashed head first into the waves. His body spun beneath the surface. His arms and legs thrashed vigorously trying to regain control. He tried to swim above the surface, but the current held him under. The mangled body of the Halfling was thrown past him but disappeared into the murky depths. His lungs began to ache and burn, Alduin panicked only strengthening the burning sensation in his chest. Just when all seemed lost a familiar hand grabbed him by his collar and yanked him above water. Immediately as his head emerged from the waves he gagged and coughed up sea water and other sorts of vile things. Drawing in a deep breath it relinquished the fire in his chest. Slowly his breath began to steady and with a sigh of relief he saw Rogvir, the human, and the Halfling all survived the crash. While they sat there straddling the ships remains there was little talk. Although, Alduin did learn the humans name was Hennet and the Halflings name was Artenamis. The seas natural current pulled them far away from the ship wreck, after introductions nothing new happened, besides the occasional hallucination from Rogvir of shore, ships, and once women… They sat and floated for maybe hours, maybe days, none of them really knew. The mind tends to wander when you have nothing to drink nor anything to do. Sometimes to dark places, and sometimes to warm places like summers day back at your home village. To Hennet it seemed a millennia had passed before he had seen shore. He had to grow up quickly he thought, having to assert himself as a man from the age of 13. His father sent him to a cathedral where he learned his holy ways, becoming a much respected priest. Although that was short lived when he was called by his god to take upon a quest in which he did not understand. He remembers it clearly as if it was happening right now. Of course that could be because of the sea water, but regardless of why he remembers that she stood, or rather levitated, before him and told him to get on to this ship. Her motives where unknown, but he did not question, he simply did just as he was taught, and followed his destiny. The following morning he was on a ship, and now he's here. "On a bogged plank…" He thought "In the middle of nowhere…in the ocean… maybe if i… The thought was interrupted by Rogvir pointing south and shouting "By Kord thank you, look everyone a harbor!" They looked south with somewhat annoyance but where surprised to see a bright light at the tip of a tower. "A light house." Said Hennet with excitement.

"Finally he wasn't hallucinating this time." Added Artenamis turning towards the light slowly kicking the water beneath him.


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